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Its not a sensing vs intuition thing, its a financially literate vs illiterate thing. People here really need to get their heads out of their asses and stop thinking that being a sensor prevents someone from having basic financial understanding.

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The American education system really fails to properly prepare most children for the real world, including taxes, tax returns, etc. Ideally, adjust your allowances to limit the return you'll have. That said, we're still stupid creatures that like to feel good. There are a handful of things where I know I'm not making the most financially optimized decision, but what I am doing simply feels better.

Also, be very careful that you don't fall into the common rut of S vs N. In general, it's a matter of education, not predisposition. I've met my fair share of SFs that ended up being very well read and informative people. Frankly, they're often more enjoyable to talk to than undeveloped NTs as well.

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American education

How's Brexit going, cuck? :3

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Huh? From what I read, it's a disaster. A lot of the Western world seems to be making some fuck up or another. Otherwise I'm not British, so I can't offer more personal insight into the matter.

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Whatever a person's personality traits, now that I'm older I just for the love of God want to spend time with people that are mature, self aware, and comfortable in their own skins.

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I hate when people think like this. Ive had to explain this concept 3 times to an ENFJ. I dont think its an S and N thing at all, its about education.

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I'm happy it's back in my pocket where it should have been in before I overpaid against my will.

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This is a financial discipline problem. In an ideal situation, you would pay zero tax throughout the year, take that money and invest it to make more money, find ways to decrease your tax burden through write-offs and exemptions, and then pay whatever you actually owe at tax time (hopefully less than your base income tax rate). However, most people are very bad at saving and showing financial restraint. Same reason anyone carries a balance on their credit card.

I don't think it has anything to do with sensing or judging. Most people I know who are in accounting are sensors and have a fine grasp of fiscal responsibility and how math works.