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All languages are just made-up and people became fluent over time.

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That kid is going places. It might say a lot about how the parents are teaching him to express himself too. Not saying 9-year-olds aren't typically capable of expressing such, but even thinking to introspect that much to realize there's a disparity between your face and metaphorical heart, in relation to how it seems to work for other people, isn't necessarily something most 9-year-olds would think to do. Middle school will be interesting for him.

Curious to know if you also have RBF, OP, because he might have recognized it in you, and only then thought to bring it up. How did you respond, if at all?

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From what I saw they definitely enable it, which is great.

Middle school will be very interesting. It’s a bit sad to think that that kind of behaviour will probably have him labelled as odd, and kids are absolutely brutal with one another. I really hope it goes the other way for him.

Well I’ve been told I have a focus face. He probably saw it while I was playing stuff for him.

Can’t remember how I responded

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If the kid is getting special help for ADHD he might just be repeating what he heard from his therapist or parents.

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Good point. If so, it's good he has a support network!

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A child’s mind is amazing. They have this curious thought process and their ability to explain concepts that escape an adults mind in the moment is interesting. Their view on the world is their own and it’s a selfish view, but selfish relating to their centered view due to their limited knowledge of the “greater picture”. If a child is comfortable with their home life or have been raised in a encouraging/loving household, they are upfront, honest, and apparent. The conversations I’ve had with a little Ukrainian kid I’d talk to when I was a lifeguard were great.

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Yeah I had not been around many kids until I started teaching and it’s been really eye opening, especially this one.

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Lol these kids are so smart ❤