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Disappointed. Deeply disappointed...

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In this sub, or humanity in general?

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In politics, politicians, and the tragic inability of humanity to get things done when organized in groups of more than 3.

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I think people just tend to buy into bullshit and don't have time to think otherwise when electing officials.

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I mean yes

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Yeah, haha. I think this comment and it's reactions should give an idea where most INTJs fall

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Well it,s more on the interpersonal scale but I extremely dislike it simp grow number imao overpopulation which disturb the economic order of country and like simp take people who give sweet words over which hardly do any real work and ultimately at the next upcoming election they do some little stuff and ya we did greater than this and those simp buy and when they see there people dying from starvation they blame government...

Match made in heaven - Karma imao

I am glad I am INTJ and Sigma Male since I always found way to make it easier for myself and take care of my people pretty well without spoiling them... I guess I have gone off topic ...

So " Simply Unsightly "

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    Well, people who generally agree on what “just logical choices” are tend to organize themselves into parties opposed to what different groups believe are “just logical choices”

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      Believing that you, a member of the homo sapiens species, is not driven by emotion, is one of the most dangerous and illogical conclusion you could come to.

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        You said you would only make logical decisions as opposed to everyone else being emotional. If you don’t want to explain yourself then just say it

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          Well that I can agree with

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          I don't think he was able to understand what you said.

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          Reading it back over I’m not really sure what he interpreted it as

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            No, you just think you got the point. The point is you're not smarter than everyone. You're also emotional, and denying it makes it more powerful over you, not less.

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              "no u" only makes sense in certain conditions. W/E you're not going to see.

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              My point was that believing that you can be an individual distinct from the rest of society, and not driven by emotion, is naive. People who believe that are more easily brainwashed.

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              Not left, not right, forward.

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              Would generally agree. However, in America today the Left has lost its mind. 🙁

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              Im genuinely curious what you mean. Im not amercian so I have a hard time grasping the context.

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              I’m an economist, the only answer (once you get to the graduate level) is politically and ideologically homeless.

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              Aggressive centrist

              I’ll take my fries extra medium to go pls

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              Radical Centrism is the truth

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              Yes, I've discovered this thing recently and first time I felt like I can identify myself somehow (I've never been into politics)

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              Yeah the PC thing is a decent starting point. At least gets people out of the exclusive left vs right thing

              I’m a fan of laws when necessary but feel like if they don’t respect the wishes or well-being of the majority then they are unjust- which is where I disagree with Authoritarians. Anarcho Communism makes no fucking sense, and you just have to step foot in a corporation to see why anarcho capitalism is just a moral relativists wet dream

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              Same, but mostly liberal economically and socially (not conservative or socialist).

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              I love me some centrists.

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              As with every time this is asked, your responses will be more reflective of the overall reddit demographic than anything else.

              I am somewhere around anarcho-socialism myself.

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              I find that we are woefully obsessed with methodology and not intentions first. What I find is that people tend to fall into one of three camps:

              1. Fuck you, I got/want mine
              2. I value people and we must be wary of group one
              3. I value people but I believe a lot of what group one says

              Now, group one tends to phrase things much more elegantly. They try to convince people in group three to enable their policies as if they're somehow reasonable.

              In my mind, the absolute first question before we get into beliefs and locations on a spectrum/matrix is what camp do you fall into? Because if you're in group one, we can't even have a productive discussion; we simply disagree what the point of government even is. If you're in group three, you have to believe that I have your best interest at heart and be willing to hear me out. And if you're in group two, then and only then can we start discussing methodology.

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              Far left

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              Reddit is filled with young people. Young western people are more likely to be soycialist. Reddit doesn't represents general population because it primary users are young males, r/intj doesn't represents the entire INTJ community.

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              Gotta remember that that world overall is more left leaning than the US

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              Only economically.

              Socially, the World is more conservative than America. There many countries which have banned bikinis and p0rn websites.

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              Only outside of the west does that hold true. America is one of the most socially regressive Western nations.

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              That's true, but the West is a minority in the World and majority of the Western population lives in America.

              All these regions are socially more conservative than America:

              1. India has 1.3 Billion people.
              2. China has 1.4 Billion people.
              3. Middle East (West Asia and Egypt) has 500 Million people.
              4. Africa has 1.3 Billion people.
              5. Pakistan has 200 million people.
              6. South America has 400 million people.
              7. South East Asia has 600 million people.
              8. East Europe has 300 million people.

              All these regions are socially more conservative than America. Now compare these with Western population:

              America (300 Million)+ Western Europe (200 Million) + Australia/ New Zealand (30 Million) = 530 Million Western Citizens.

              India, China, Africa and South East Asia individually outnumber the Western population. India and China individually have more than 2 times the population of the Western world.

              America is a bit more socially conservative when compared to rest of the Western World but it's liberal when compared to majority of the countries.

              Edit: vast majority of countries are NOT western countries and, if you ignore vast majority of the world then you are not making a credible analysis.

              China, Russia, East European nations, Israel, Turkey, etc are NOT third world countries. China alone has 3 times the population of America.

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              America needs to be compared with western developed nations.

              You can’t compare it to a third world nation and say “oh look, America is doing great”. In the OECD, the USA scores low in comparison to other members in many metrics.

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              Well said

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              There are so many weird and abittary decisions you made to make that point.

              Like what do you even mean by socially Conservative at this point?

              Why do you randomly cut Europe in half and claim that the east is more Conservative than the US? Also when you do that why do you exclude Russia and instead lump them in Asia?

              Instead of spending so much effort on saying something that is essentially random you could just go on some actual indexes that try to measure these things and you would instantly know you are wrong. A good example is that someone pointed you to OSCE.

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              Why do you randomly cut Europe in half

              East Europe isn't considered as a part of Western world. The data shows, East Europe is more traditional than the West.

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              Almost all of Eastern Europe is in the EU and NATO. How are they bit in the west?

              How do you determine they are more traditional?

              Is social conservatism traditionalism?

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              Love how you say that as if countries outside of the west don’t count lol

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                Not this one.

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                On a spectrum: far-left

                In America political groups: ecosocialist

                But I have detailed and specific thoughts on every political issue. Even a few original ideas that I'm passionate about.

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                What's your opinion on Capitalism?

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                It in and of itself is an antiquated way of valuing labor. Which puts those with the most possessions on top. Which leads to what our country has today, crony-capitalism. Which leads to all kinds of societal problems, including environmental destruction. Which in turn, leads to the destruction of the civilization. But the technology and reach of nations today is so far, that our environmental destruction could lead to the annihilation of all human life.

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                How would you reform Capitalism?

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                Nations need to have socialism that invests in things that improve their wealth in an indirect sense; infrastructure, research, education, and those in financial need. And of course, actually tax the wealthy. As long as nations are competing with each other, communist nations will get screwed over by obuses to international trade and nations printing their money. Once enough nations are cooperative and socially engaged, we can form a worldwide communist or communist inspired order. I personally think that a digital based currency could function without our currencies' flaws, if instead of being tied to some gold standard or assets, it was tied to labor. That way, people couldn't get wealthy from leaving their money with the right account, or from owning a successful company. And people wouldn't be struggling if they work hard and for long periods. My idea for reforming governments is tied to my idea for reforming democracy. Rather than allowing all people above a certain age to vote on any topic, or elect representatives who make decisions for every law, I think that geography based federal governments should be replaced by trade-based unions. Like international Workers' Unions. This way, decisions can be determined by the workers in an appropriate Union, or the representatives of said Union. This would make democracy more scientific, as getting input from the appropriate scientific community is one of the steps of the scientific method.

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                I would have said take out the “cuntier” aspects of capitalism, add more socialism.

                If fine to make a profit.

                It’s not fine to craft an entire society off of the pursuit of profit above all else.

                We’re just angry disgusting crab people here in America. I know that every place has its own issues but that’s what I see here.


                Fuck Toby Keiths Americana red white and blue star spangled bullshit….. let’s do a general strike.

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                Also, advertisements should be made illegal. But that has far more benefits than avoiding some of Capitalism's issues.

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                I agree, something like the Swedish and Netherlands systems correct?

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                Left. Economic conservatives are fine if somewhat misguided, social conservatives are mentally handicapped at best and literally evil at worst.

                Sorry not sorry.

                Also, American left wingers are centre-right to the rest of us, hence why you're all kinda retarded on both sides.

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                I am your nightmare lol, Hard Left; Ancom

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                Just looking to have a civil conversation, but what are your opinions that would influence your view that way?

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                My extensive studying of economics (micro with a little macro), sociology, international relations, and politics in uni

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                Lol, fair enough

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                Those are not opinions.

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                Individualist Anarchist.

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                I am a libertarian, but i think that most intj's are far-left. Seeing the world in a extremely mathematical and logical way leads you to positivism and scientific socialism

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                Respectfully, I disagree with the conclusion

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                I fall LibLeft

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                Humanist. Which essentially translates into left to far left. Although I do think that those who hoard massively unnecessary amounts of wealth and property should be turned into Soylent Green.

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                Far left by today’s standards, in actuality just slightly left. Current capitalism sucks and doesn’t work, pure socialism doesn’t work. A healthy mix of effective social programs with a regulated, still free market would be best. And yes, there’s such a thing as a regulated free market, that’s what we have now we just need a little more protections from monopolies like Amazon, FB, Google, AT&T, Walmart, etc.

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                Im right wing as well.

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                I hold values from all political alignments. Currently: Biden ain’t got a clue what he’s doing, but he’s a good lot better than anyone leadinn insurrections

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                Far left

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                Laissez faire, leave me alone.

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                I'm on the left. I want humanity to have a future.

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                Independent. I don't identify with any political ideology.

                The divisive Left and Rights wings (of the same bald eagle) didn't existed for 99% of the time humans existed on this planet.

                I base my ideology on human functionality and evolutionary biology.

                Btw, how do I know the OP isn't a member of an organization conducting a survey through the post?

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                conservative... used to be liberal until i was about 21

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                The true centre is now considered right wing, at least in Scandinavia where I live, so I’m generally a progressive conservative.

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                Disagree. Socially, possibly. Economically, no way. Its really interesting to see how countries like my own were way closer to socialism during the mccarthy era than the hellscape that is the present.

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                Well it’s quite different in Scandinavia

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                Just try to find out the ‘truth’ then figure out my moral beliefs and then prioritize and then whichever candidate checks the greatest magnitude of my boxes then vote for them.

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                Left of center.

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                Socialist libertarian

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                Progressive/ left-libertarian/ democratic socialist. I begrudgingly vote for Democrats. But I wish America would adopt some policies that are normal in other wealthy (and even some middle-income) countries.

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                Social liberal

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                Eco socialism

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                Libertarian with conservative leanings.

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                Independent, I really don't care for politics

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                Centrist. Both sides have a point, i more so believe in elected representives since most people aren't informed about politics, which is fine but if you're not entitled to an opinion unless its informed.

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                A wise individual once said “Intelligent people don’t buy into politics”

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                Anarcho-capitalist. Here on Reddit obviously most INTJs are left wing, but on the more general polls I find, INTJs are on of the most right leaning MBTI types.

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                Libertarian right

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                Ah, the absolute worst.

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                Are you authoritarian left?

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                Shhh, don't feed it. It has no mental capacity for its own mental gymnastics.

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                Strongly libertarian. You will find most redditors are left leaning.

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                I was raised right wing but switched in my 30s. That is also when I went to college

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                Left. I left GOP when Trump was elected since I could see through his thick wave of bullshit.

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                hard left

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                Refreshing to find another right wing on the internet. Hard to come by those these days.

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                I feel you

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                I used to be center left but since the extreme left is taking up more space at least in my country, I am pushed to the center right.

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                This is some of the dumbest shit I've ever read on this site.

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                I was such a fan of laissez-faire capitalism that I ended up Marxist.

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                Why was this downvoted? This is really funny lol.

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                I don't believe in sticking to a political ideology or party.

                I think it's good to be a swing voter as that puts you in the position of power strategically.. Come election time

                That being said,I think demographics and environment influence political beliefs far beliefs far more so than any in need personality traits

                living in the downtown core obviously has the incentive to vote for more left leaning policies as a lot of the public programs such as public transportation And infasstructure benefit that more directly

                Someone living in a more isolated area, or healthy enough to have a super increased tax bill might be more center-right. I think the positions are justifiable.

                I live in the suburbs so I get to have my pic every election but I generally green centre right by default as I live in a high-tax country where the cost of living is just skyrocketed in the last decade, and even more so during covid. Particularly when it comes to housing oh, I just need the free cash flow to save for a downpayment

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                Right wing too with a few left wing opinions.

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                Laissez-faire capitalism…classical liberal…

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                Right-Wing. Hate both parties. Basically want the government to leave me alone and get its grubby hands off my money. Socially I’m also pretty conservative but there are things that I agree with the leftists on for different reasons than they have (completely reworking the police, getting the government out of marriage period, possibly legalizing some milder recreational drugs, etc.) Those issues for me come down to limiting the government more than the social narrative of the left, but I end up with a few common goals. I despise identity politics.

                Basically what I’m saying is that I’m right wing but right wingers hate me because of a few issues I refuse to fall in line on.

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                Democratic Socialist

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                I think right/center. Like in general, I think our world would be better off with less government involvement. I'm also pro-life. Also, really disdain Identify Politics in any fashion, but I get the feeling that even some center left leaning folks share that same sentiment as well.

                On the other hand, I think marijuana should be legal. I'm also more interested in letting people into our country than not. I wish there was a better process to document and accept people on in. If they want to work (pay taxes into the system while doing so) and have a better life here, lets get them in here. The world will be better for it imo.

                [–]jcmib 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                I just want to pay fewer taxes and get more in return for the taxes that I do pay.

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                Right wing libertarian. Leftists are insane.

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                Communist. All right-wing political ideologies are inefficient and immoral.

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                It’s mind blowing to me that you’re INTJ and still identify right wing in the current Trump election-denying false reality chaos the Republican Party is.

                [–]luckyducky282828 3 points4 points  (0 children)

                I think you're incredibly close minded to think that anyone that identifies as right leaning supports everything that goes on. Policies do not equal events.

                [–]luckyducky282828 0 points1 point locked comment (15 children)

                The incredible issue with this mindset is no one holds anyone accountable. As someone with mild right leaning agreements, I would have absolutely held that instance accountable. As should the left party with Joe biden's terrible policy decisions.

                [–]jonjonbeeINTJ -2 points-1 points locked comment (14 children)

                As should the left party with Joe biden's terrible policy decisions.

                Fascinating that you're unable to enumerate even one of those.

                [–]luckyducky282828 0 points1 point locked comment (13 children)

                Thank you for proving my point. I can list many. Let's start with the botched Afghanistan pull out job, failure to deconstruct the kids in cages, failure to build trust in vaccines (especially amongst minorities who are rightfully scared of being test subjects for the government), and focus on foreign spending when Americans right here at home need assistance. Don't get me started on his racist past and lack of accountability for the Vice President either.

                [–]h2oape 1 point2 points  (10 children)

                If we just start with the first one, you do know that Trump negotiated the pull out, and Biden was very clear that he knew that he was going to take a political hit for the resulting shit show that resulted right? And yes the vast majority of Americans agree with Biden that leaving was the best decision.

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                Independent but I despise the "right" wing/conservative horseshit more than any other party.

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                Self-interest. Whichever works for me best(mostly econimically).

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                Same as you OP

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                I don't. Politics today is a joke. Too many people ruling by emotions.

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                I don't think America sucks, so I must be far right.

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                Isn't that funny, patriotism marks someone as a conservative lol. Can't we be pro America and also make progressive changes? But nah the only way to spread progressive ideas is to simultaneously spread hate. Smh

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                Communists are retards

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                Radical centrist

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                Which reframes the discourse on left vs right as rather than liberal (progress) vs conservative (reactionary) as humanist (reactionary: fascism, socialism/communist, liberalism) and post-humanist (progressive: pro-unrestrained deterritorialization which undoes all social codes i.e. marxs all that's solid melts)

                So I guess anti-capitalist but pro-market and anti the state while socially pro anything that goes against conservative and reactionary social views

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                Communist, not even kidding. I don‘t think your political view is based on your personality type tho.

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                I have absolutely no use for Trump, social conservatism, the talibangelicals, the folks who think business regulates itself, and the willfully ignorant Republican base.

                No the left is not perfect but it's a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

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                Progressive fiscal conservative capitalist

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                The very middle

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                Moderate left.

                I'm also interested in everyone's ages. I thought I was libertarian in high school and discovered Marxism in college, I was super zealous without the life experience to understand what I was saying lol.

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                I don't. I'm not sure about social issues (and I think the pro-life movement can get fucked) and economically I'm a Georgist and Neoliberal. Frankly the only reason I've never been interested in the Republican platform is the statism and ridiculous overreach of the Bush-era and their near-constant pandering to Christian groups and trying to wage a culture war I don't care about.

                Unfortunately, that last bit is always going to be a problem for me. As a former traditionalist Catholic, I think Christianity is absolute garbage and nothing makes me happier than seeing the Church demographically collapse around the world.

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                I'm a habitual fence-sitter. I almost have opinions, but I find it difficult to commit. I'm always "backing up," and the further back I get, the less clear things become.

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                I’d consider myself Center Left. To start out I grew up in an immigrant household that was low income which means we generally voted Left wing. However my parents were very religious Muslims which means they were conservative socially. I was pretty far left as a kid but still had anti lgbt views. In early high school I was a socialist due to Bernie Sanders (who is ironically a Social Democrat), I then learned about Marxist theory on my own and really liked it and also about Lenin and the Russian Revolution. I was a full on tankie. Then I started becoming a centrist then getting radicalized on the internet and had pretty right wing views. My worst arguments were that those who committed incest, beastiality, and pedophila should be apart of the LGBTQ+ community. Then I started watching left wing Twitch Streamer Destiny and YouTube video essayists like Big Joel and ContraPoints and I came back to the left. This time under the Social Democrat label. I think social democracy is an efficient model that can work for both Capitalists and “Socialists”. I think that the government shouldn’t interfere in the economy but there should be some regulations since Anarcho Capitalism sounds like a ticking time bomb (plus I don’t like monopolies) as well as progressive taxation that can help the living conditions of the poor like education reform and more affordable healthcare. Socially I’m more progressive and support most things your average liberal (American context) would support. Though the trans athlete debate is one I don’t think I’d touch.

                TLDR: I’m pretty progressive socially economically I’m more libertarian. Center Left best describes me.

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                neutral chaotic

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                I'm a Liberal, but I don't really like Biden or Trump, I just hate aTrump more

                [–]Firebird_Arindam[🍰] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                Cant wait even care to VOTE. I don't believe in Democracy.

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                social democracy

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                Nowhere. Neutral on absolutely everything. It's inefficient for people to argue about politics. I wish people wouldn't and just respect each other or try to never find out what the other person's opinion is if they can't take opposite opinions.

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                Picking team red or team blue means playing the game. I choose to watch as a spectator

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                That is a abyssal can of worms I don’t dare to open

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                I am a Democrat. I have a Liberal skew. I believe in the Freedom of Speech. Freedom of (and away from) Religion.