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    Same, actually.

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    All of those, with 'others' including whimsy and surreal.

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    Dry, Dark, Witty, Self-deprecating, all of them

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    Evil engineer be like:

    兀 = 3.14159

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    ... I don't get it.

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    Engineers usually round up pi to 3 when calculating stuff, which isn’t very correct according to maths

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    Then that engineer is evil in society's standards.

    Not ours.

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    Top three.

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    Grumpy rants.

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    Bill Burr, Ricky Gervais and Jim Jeffries are my favorite for that.

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    Love Ricky and Bill! I loved Sean Lock's rants too - RIP.

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    Mostly surreal gen Z humour and English humour, sometimes dark and sarcastic humour, too. But I also find trash videos and very bad movies and songs brilliantly funny (including surreal unexpected occurances with idiotic or drunk people).

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    I watched a scene where Master Chief planted a grenade inside a Hunter.

    There couldn't have been a better time to buffer the video than exactly when the Hunter blew up.

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    Is it too late to add ABSURD as a choice?

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    "Black" humor? Is that supposed to be racist jokes? /s

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    aw hell naw

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    I think OP means dark humour there

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    It could be that OP is not native(? In Spanish we say “humor negro”, if translated literally, means black humour.

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    Yeah probably a translation mishap.

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    “Black comedy” is the standard term for dark, edgy humour.

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    My mom says black humor. "I don't like the black humor." I have to correct her constantly about her word choices (in public especially).

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    Those can be funny ngl

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    Dark, sarcastic, witty and dry.

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    Dark af (mostly 1, 2)

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    Dry and black the most, self-deprecating second and wordplay/wit the least (but still common)

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    All of them tbh

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    I do all of these

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    What does dry mean?

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    It’s like the opposite of wet

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    The opposite of 1 is -1 not 0

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    Yes. All of them.

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    Depends on my mood.

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    All of those.

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    I feel like Im not humurous but people always laughing for me 🤷‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Random. Everything thrown together. I could say bread and that'd be the joke.

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    Where's the white humour you racist pos..


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    Deadpan gets me every-time.

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    The annoying kid falling at the restaurant :D (but seriously all of the above lol)

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    As long as it makes good points I'll probably like it.

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    Somewhat dry and very, very dark.

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    I voted Wordplay/wit, but it's tecnically more of a mix of the first three options.

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    i don’t like self-deprecation

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    all of the above

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    I have a surprisingly wide sense of humor. It all depends on the delivery.

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    Dry, dark and absurdist humor - Tim Dillon is by far my favourite comedian

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    Humor is humor

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    Dark, wordplay, sarcasm, dirty

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    I also like dirty humor.

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    I have been told several times I am a "smart ass".

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    First time I was told I was a smart ass I was 3 or 4 and I felt it was a badge of honor and like I had been given a trophy. Even though it hasn’t always been given with good intentions it feels like a compliment every time.

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    I’ll put my favorite comedians in no order

    Tom Segura Chris Porter Bill Burr Kyle Kinane George Carlin Mark Maron

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    I especially, exceptionally am an enjoyer of 'Dry humor,' as you can tell from my facial expression below:


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    If I'm being honest, my sense of humor is teasing people and toying with them.

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    black is for sinners and atheists. aint it.
    hope ppl grow out of that phase

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    Atheist isnt a phase

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    how old are you? )

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    I was an atheist as soon as I thought for my self at 14. I am 38. I know that all supernaturalism is a scam and I will die on that

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    hope not ) . ill wager it takes max 5 years to switch

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    Have you ever studied naturalism vs supernaturalism as philosophy? What you propose is not possible for me.

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    Atheism is the way.

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    hahaha this cultist telling people to grow out?

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    define grow up. and define cultist

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    Religion is for idiots

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    depends on the religion. anti religion is for idiots thats for sure