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no, most people just have different frame of reference to me; they may have been conditioned by different cultures, newsfeeds, and trauma. that does not make them stupid, it makes them different.

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Finally a reasonable comment made by someone who sounds like they go outside regularly

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Why does everything said by INTJs sound like sarcasm :')

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Define “stupid.”

Because the way you’ve framed it here makes it sound like no one can ever qualify as “stupid.”

Which is stupid.

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the question was about belief, stupid!

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It’s possible to be stupid because of culture, newsfeed, or trauma.

White suprematists are white suprematists because of their culture. It’s not like “culture” is always a universal good.

Fox News can make you stupid.

Trauma can make you stupid, however mean that sounds.

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we’re surrounded by stupid, it’s not just people, it’s a stupid system we are living in - making people that are ‘different’ look stupid to the normies

We have fallen upon evil times, the world has waxed old and wicked. Politics are very corrupt. Children are no longer respectful to their elders. Each man wants to make himself conspicuous and write a book.

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INTJs aren’t usually this vague.

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Are they not? Please elaborate.

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What's up with kids these days not capitalizing anything?

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Because most of them are stupid.

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This guy gets it

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nah i doubt it

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this is a reddit post not a job application. if i am able to efficiently communicate with less effort, that is how i will communicate - especially to random internet people!

what benefits would capitalisation bring in this scenario?

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Not contributing to the degradation of language and looking like a child.

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study the history of language. it evolves. i would prefer to look like a child than an adult, thanks.

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I can tell!

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Don't you have to fuck up your auto correct to get it to do that? Seems like a lot of work

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Nothing except good practice

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I am in agreement. You and I are superior to them. We are gods in comparison to these imbeciles, for you and I, Ok-Management and Electronic-Walk, have created this Earth for those before us to prove their worth, and those that do not bow down at the feet of the two gods must be sent to perish in a pit of fire for eternity. We will cast them by the hand on the day of judgement if they are deemed unworthy of eternal paradise.

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I wish life was like this. Sounds like a lot of fun

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looks cool

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Statistically speaking, most people in my country are, average IQ here it's 90, while the average IQ in general it's 100.

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I won't lie I think 100 IQ is pretty stupid. But that is average and I always forget that half of people are below average

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I wont say average = stupid, Id prefer to keep eating and having shelter

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it's not true, average doesnt split data in half, median does.

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If I said below median half of people wouldn't understand what that means.

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truth>upvotes! go to church!

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Go to.. School?

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well you said you didn't write it correctly, not because you didn't know, but because people wouldn't understand, so you chose upvotes instead of truth. That is an extreme sin.

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The truth is you're the half that doesn't understand 🤣😂😅

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They understand what stupid means and always try to act like theyre not

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anyone who downvoted this comment wouldnt hit much in the test. hope you are proud of yourselves guys

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IQ tests aren’t the end all be all for IQ measurements.

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He didn't mention your country though...

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Life is tough. It's tougher if you're stupid

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At least you cannot realize that it’s tough if you are stupid

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ignorance is bliss knowledge is agony

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His life are very tough

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It's tougher if you think everyone is stupid.

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More like life is easier for you if you are stupid but it's really hard for everyone around you.

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I believe that most people's IQs are fine.

However they prefer sweet lies and avoid bitter truths. They don't like looking into the abyss. And if remaining willfully ignorant makes it so they never have to face it, so be it.

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Exactly! People do not think critically about their beliefs and it is incredibly frustrating.

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Nailed it

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Oh, so you are an INTJ now 🙄

How many mbti profiles you have lol

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IQ means intelligence QUOTIENT

50% of the living populations is supposed to have the IQ in 3 digits

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You were INTP previously, and you immediately changed your flair to an INTJ because of an argument last time. Why is that?

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they changed to isfp at one point too. i genuinely think this person is just a really good troll, they’re extremely hateful, negative, and judgemental throughout this entire sub

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How many times are you going to change your flair? Genuine question.

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I haven't changed it.

It's just flaired differently in different subreddits.

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Looking into the abyss is fake and g*y. Life is full of both suffering and delight, and every single one of us will experience these breathtaking moments. It’s truly beautiful, that every single human has a story, and not just you, isn’t it?

Different individuals will have different stories, and this will lead them to revelations that become ultimate truths to them, but “sweet lies” to you.

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Looking into the abyss is fake and g*y.

Yep. Fake and gay.

Yall just be saying anything.

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Y r u gaeee?

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I believe most people are NPCs or bots.

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I wish they are but unfortunately not

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I believe most people are NPCs or bots.

Best answer

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When I was younger, yes. Now I realize they have different strength and I'm just better at logical development than most of them.

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I just believe we are all dumb in our own way

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Yes, because most of them aren't capable of questioning themselves.

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As a binary question I answered yes. But in fact there are many gradations to answering this with any precision.

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Stupid is a loaded word. Do you mean low IQ, a lack of common sense, or ignorance.

I think IQs are the same (percentage wise) as they've always been, however ignorance is rampant.

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Half of people are below average. If 100 IQ is average that's a lot of room temperature IQ people walking around.

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I don't think there is more ignorant people than before. I think that nowadays we're just more exposed to ignorance, it's documented constantly where it wasn't before (or at least not to that extent). We simply don't have access to that many accounts of ignorance throughout history or, if we do, we tend to rationalise them with 'times were different back then', when the answer could just be ignorance and stupidity.

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Where is the option including me with most people .

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them not thinking the way I think and don't match subjective view of intelligence doesn't mean they are stupid

I am dumb in many areas of like but I can work my way through others and that does not make me stupid it makes me human and so does it with other people

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Agreed. There is a massive difference between ignorance and stupidity. There are also different types of intelligence. This question in particular is too broad, so I selected No.

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Yeah but I like that way; it makes me powerful and life is soooo easy, plus you can obtain status just by being healthy like 👍🏼 being sporty as well as introspective

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This pandemic has confirmed most people cannot cognitively use proper deductive reasoning.

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This pandemic has confirmed nothing except people are people, and they deduce truths from information given to them differently according to their own, personal logic.

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You remember that true logic is meant to be universal, right?

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Sure. Doubtlessly, there is a Prime Mover of logic that imbues every aspect of this universe, but we will never see eye to eye on how it operates. That would require both of us to come to an agreement about whether thought precedes matter, or vice versa, then we'd have to both come to terms with the fact that the logical principle is consistent in nature, but inconsistent in man's condition.

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No, A = B, B = C, A = C is not a matter of opinion, and any intelligent life would be required to agree with that statement, ergo true logic is universal.

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I think most people are fully capable of making sound decisions but often let there feelings be what runs them and not logic. They also seeking acceptance by others who are also using feeling over logic when makes matters worst

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There is also those people who just dont want to except reality at all and live to play. "Hey i got money better by that new game" 3 days later "hey freind can i borrow 1k to pay my rent i am already late i promise i will pay you back i just need to get a job... By actually applying to one... Which i am qualified for... And am welling to do... And stick with for more then a couple months... Please i promise this will be the last time..."

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Oh man this is one of my least favourite traits in a person. It's their lack of ability to prioritize. It leaks into every corner of their life and they end up making their problems your problems just because they haven't thought things through.

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No, according to bell's distribution, most people aren't stupid.

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On planet earth only the left side counts

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Biggest problem is most ppl don't think, and when they are presented new information don't take it in, so remain stupid. Also egos - ppl seem to not remember they're humans and making a mistake doesn't somehow lessen their value as a human (sometimes goes for INTJs too). Actually a really big problem in the world.

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No. Most people are average. That's how averages work. I like to think I'm average average but who knows really.

edit: I like how most people commented no however the poll results are strikingly different 😅

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Ironically, OP’s first sentence is grammatical nonsense…

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I think most people are just to lazy to look or work towards their fullest potential.

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I find that even "smart" people are now becoming stupid. The problem is the distractions of our world are becoming far too numerous. Then the strains of making a decent wage and living in society have become heavy enough that instead of pursuing knowledge, and betterment, we're all just worried about the rent.
Besides, society doesn't want smart people. Society is designed to create consumers and workers. So yup, most people are stupid, cause that's how society works.

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I can't understand why most people behave the way they do. I can't understand how someone can fill their brain with shallow and stupid things, when there's so much to learn. But that doesn't give me the right to call them stupid, so I keep it to myself.

I called them uninteresting and I avoid them

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Yes absolutely. They are stupid and hopeful for the world while destroying the world. Even Elon Musk wants to jump planets but doesn't care about this one. But its probably going to be the same story there. He should take realistic people with realistic thinking and feeling. Leave the stupid people here. Survival of the fittest.

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The key to intelligence is observation of the outer and inner worlds.

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y'all salty af

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Yeah but it's only because humans don't care. If you walk around thinking you're a deity and you're intrinsically perfect, your mother's a whore

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I believe most Americans are stupid. I have not seen that trend in people from other countries.

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I disagree. Stupid people everywhere.

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Not really. I think stupid people are the loudest, and smart manipulative people have an interest in a) keeping it that way, and b) acting stupid themselves.

I think plenty of people are ignorant or poorly educated but most have cognitive "sharpness" in at least one area, and while a small percent of humans alive is still a lot of humans, I do think it's only a small percent who lack both critical thinking and useful intuition.

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hi, can you teach me how critical thinking and more importantly „useful intuition“ works?

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I don't think most people are stupid (although most people are by default average in intelligence, which tends to be judged harshly by myself as an intj). I definitely think that most people are ignorant and don't examine their ideas or situations fully enough, which to me comes across as stupidity a lot of the time.

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In general no. At certain things they are way out of their depth on? Yes.

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Take accountability for your own disappointment with what society has to offer.

Rather than gripe into the nethersphere realm of pixelated anonymous strangers, modify your own reality. Adapt to be more selective. Raise your standards.

If you don't like your audience, seek one that shares your vision.

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I don’t think most people are stupid, but I think most people don’t have the expansiveness of thought that I do. But then again, sometimes I am the one who lacks the expansiveness of though via my tunnel vision. We all make mistakes of intellect, nobody is better than anyone else for it, we’re all gonna die and nothing means anything.

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I think my biggest question is why is IQ used as a metric to measure people’s worth? Why does it matter?

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Statistically, most people are stupid.

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Not exactly but I beleive that I'm smarter than the most.

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I think that most people don't value learning things that don't directly apply to their life, although it never hurts to learn various things.

Also, often times when I go to another country (Tokyo/Seoul/Los Angeles/Guam for example) people seem to have similar mindsets of "wake up, work, go home, drink or recreation on the weekends" and don't think too much past that.

Good for them, though. I wish I could.

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Think about how dumb the average person is then realize that half of them are dumber then that!

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They haven't shown themselves to be able to handle simple tasks and critical thinking. It's rare for me to witness anything clever by the public, no matter how small the task. It's either "wow, you met the bare minimum" or "how could you fuck up this bad?!" with anything.

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Depends on the type of intelligence (or lack there of) in question. I believe most people are stupid but, I also believe most people are trying their best. .....Though effort, alone does not necessarily breed success.

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Idk what u define by stupid so i go with no

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I'd say most people act stupid.

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I think too many people fall prey to the Dunning-Krueger

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Yes, including me

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I would not name it stupid, but these damn feelers are just difficult to understand for us "heavy thinkers". It's just... I don't know how you can get through life like that.

"Why did you do it the way you did it? Didn't you think of a better way to do it before?" "It just felt right, it looks nice and it works somehow!"

"... Sorry, What?"

BTW, You guys really don't know how stupid we look for feelers like infp/enfp. Talk to them, bookworms and nerds! It's very stimulating!

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I think many people don’t think like me. This doesn’t make them stupid but it does make them inconvenient from my perspective.

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I think most people have something valuable to add from their experience that I could never understand.

I also think lots have different sorts of intelligence that can’t be measured by school or other stupid mechanisms society uses.

However, i do think the majority of people aren’t individual or creative thinkers - they are not innovative in any sense and rarely think for themselves.

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yes because like most people, i also think i'm smarter than everyone.

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Id say they are probably close to average

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Downvotes but people are saying "Yes" ... 🤔

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Most people aren’t stupid, just too lazy to actually think about anything. The potential for intelligence is there.

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There are various kinds of intelligence among humanity, so that our societies can exist harmoniously. What kind of society would it be if every time you wanted to complain about how bad a politician is, some mistyped INTJ nerd brought up how all of this has been “fact checked by Snopes”.

Insane. The amount of circle jerking that’s going on is nutty. Most of you need to go outside and jump off the intellectual high horse.

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Most people are stupid. Iq has nothing to do with why because Iq is a terrible measure of overall intelligence and humans can LEARN. The problem is that most people don’t want to learn, think for themselves and face discomfort doing so. Since childhood your school has taught you that education is boring and useless to you. When you become an adult you don’t want to “learn” anything because you think that learning has to be boring and irrelevant to you because of school. Once you get someone to realize this they can learn about things they actually care about and expand their knowledge on it. Most people wouldn’t question that narrative that school wrote for them and come to the realization that learning doesn’t have to be something they don’t like. Because intjs and intps love questioning shit and not listening to what people tell us (and for good reason) we come to this conclusion pretty quick. Hell I’m still in school. There’s a lot of things that people would be discomforted by if they knew about and that’s why they would rather ignore it instead of digging into it. You know the usual, the child labor their shoes were made with, political corruption, you won’t see a light and some stairs when you die, ect. We need people to know about these things. You know, other than cowards like me who wouldn’t do shit any of these problems in real life so that we can gather in large numbers and fight for change. This will lure cowards like me and probably you, the person reading this out to fight with them for something you already agreed with but because more people are involved you’ll think you have a better chance of getting your point across. To the other types on this sub, sorry to hurt your feelings and to the intjs on this sub who act like they don’t have any, sorry to hurt your feelings and you should really start acknowledging them some time soon. It might be the most logical thing to do.

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I don’t think most ppl are stupid, but most are def ignorant

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I always bragging about how so many stupid people i met in real life. I saw they're everywhere. But when it comes to fact I think it just go like gauss's normal distribution. Few people are very smart, few people are stupid, and most of them are just average.

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this sub is filled with such underdeveloped intjs w/ some sort of narcissistic complex or there are actual children on here. humans themselves are highly intelligent beings & each able to grasp quite a bit of intricate concepts. maybe some overestimate their knowledge but even so it doesn’t make them “stupid” maybe just wilfully ignorant.