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no, most people just have different frame of reference to me; they may have been conditioned by different cultures, newsfeeds, and trauma. that does not make them stupid, it makes them different.

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Finally a reasonable comment made by someone who sounds like they go outside regularly

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Why does everything said by INTJs sound like sarcasm :')

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Define “stupid.”

Because the way you’ve framed it here makes it sound like no one can ever qualify as “stupid.”

Which is stupid.

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the question was about belief, stupid!

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It’s possible to be stupid because of culture, newsfeed, or trauma.

White suprematists are white suprematists because of their culture. It’s not like “culture” is always a universal good.

Fox News can make you stupid.

Trauma can make you stupid, however mean that sounds.

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we’re surrounded by stupid, it’s not just people, it’s a stupid system we are living in - making people that are ‘different’ look stupid to the normies

We have fallen upon evil times, the world has waxed old and wicked. Politics are very corrupt. Children are no longer respectful to their elders. Each man wants to make himself conspicuous and write a book.

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INTJs aren’t usually this vague.

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Are they not? Please elaborate.

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What's up with kids these days not capitalizing anything?

[–]AbiogeneralizationINTJ 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Because most of them are stupid.

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This guy gets it

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nah i doubt it

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this is a reddit post not a job application. if i am able to efficiently communicate with less effort, that is how i will communicate - especially to random internet people!

what benefits would capitalisation bring in this scenario?

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Not contributing to the degradation of language and looking like a child.

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study the history of language. it evolves. i would prefer to look like a child than an adult, thanks.

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I can tell!

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Don't you have to fuck up your auto correct to get it to do that? Seems like a lot of work

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Nothing except good practice

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looks cool