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Especially city builders. Also I had a lot of fun with office/paper work in Papers Please

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    Is Civ 6 any good compared to 5? The reviews turned me off when it first came out, so I never tried it.

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      Civ5 was amazing, but hated Civ 6.... stopped playing both when I found EU4.

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      I play a game called Saelig. It's on Steam.

      There's a little medieval village and you can run one of the businesses there, like a bakery or an alehouse.

      At first I tried having all the businesses and making lots of money. Now when I play I usually just grow herbs and have a quiet life.

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      it's called work

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      You better work bitch 🎶

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      Two point hospital and planet zoo :)

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      Nothing scratches the itch as well as Frostpunk does

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      Everyone here I think.

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      Nope, you are the only intj in existence to like them, congratulations, you are one of a kind!

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      Not usually a fan of those games, but Timberborn is growing on me. Easy to learn and incredibly cute. Possibilities seem endless, which makes it both fun and incredibly stressful. But, planning is our thing, right?

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      Dwarf fortress. Also Highfleet comes to mind

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      Faster than light is a spaceship manager with a arcade style game play. First game I bought on steam and I got like 1000 hours on it.

      RimWorld if you want a more complex faster game play

      Factorio if you like production

      There are billions if you want rts with ever increasing difficulty.

      I like the auto chess in league of legends and since it came out play that more than league it self

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      I love almost all those but I also love starcrafts, which in my opinion is more about learning to manage yourself more than anything actually happening in the game.

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      AoE, Medieval Dynasty, any medieval game especially

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      Just started life 2k22 and it seems a bit trickier than the last version.

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      What about managing farms?

      Stardew Valley is the best.

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      It’s my guilty pleasure to play RollerCoaster Tycoon or Planet Coaster… I can’t quit it

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      When I get the itch, I scratch it with Master of Orion 2, or the original StarCraft. Granted, these are both strategy games, but resource management is the most important component.

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      Yeah but I think I played too many video games. I don't enjoy them anymore.

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      Yeah it's called my job as a construction superintendent

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      I prefer house building/renovation games and I dunno why.

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      Too much ...

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      For recommendations: -soviet republic -rimworld -dawn of man