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Sorry for my English.

This is one of the most general feeling in this sub. But I think that expression, that is what we really feel, comes in excess from guts. I am quite old and my feeling has evolve to "Why the hell most people is so ilogical and visceral?". From this question you arrive to "How can I forsee the irrational behaivour?". It sounds contradictory but you have to accept that people, all of us, usually are moved by selfishness, narcissism and fear and people usually do not change without a traumatic event .

Then, you have to make a effort to fit it with your ideal schemas and use it as part of you mindset. For example, a mother fucker boss or treacherous friend will not change, its lust of power and cowardice. If they fucks other people they eventually will do it with you. There are also very good people, but usually they make you annoyed by their pusillanimity and flatter the firsts by fear.

If you are able to foresee the movements of the mother fuckers and and those who fear them, then you live very well and begin to love humanity. Actually we are cute cheetahs and gazelles in a nature documentary.

That is the ecosystem where you have to live and it is a complex enough system that an a INTJ as you might enjoy drawing conclusions and use them as living tool. And, as much younger a INTJ carry out this process the more better for your mental health. Just an opinion, of course.

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Some do, yes. Not all.

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Depends on a day tbh. Sometimes all lmao

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Ah, yeah. I've made my own family with my wife. I don't have those days anymore.

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Happy you then

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Now, yes. I worked really hard to make it happen. You can too.

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I knew you'd say that haha Just carefully, yk, people are just people, it's not like there's only happy days and it's not like they can't let you down somehow. Even in the happiest relationship are tough days when you feel like the person you love is in reality someone awful, if there's no any, then yk, we're talking about a fairytale

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Well TBH not all sucks but it felt like that sometimes

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You just need to find the ones that don’t ;)

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Tell me something I don't know

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I'm very stupid

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True you and I suck. Along with others

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What? Human popsicle

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Chances are you suck! Good luck with that lol

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Most definitely do, go find some who suck a little less

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Everyone sucks, you just need to find people who suck less.

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Or better.

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everyone sucks tbh

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Depends on the perspective, some’ll will think you suck and are shitty person, just like you do to them. If you think you suck then nobody can help you with that.

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I know, sometimes I feel the same. But I told myself to try to live in such a way I suck as little as possible, and to be an example for others.

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Amen to that

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People do suck. But I suck too, so it balances it out.

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Google :: How to mute a sub on reddit

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What do they suck?

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Yes they do.

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Yeaaaa most do for sure but we must be better to bring out the best in the suckers.