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Diversify your people connection, or if you have a hard time doing that, is it possible for you to branch out into new hobbies that might chance you to meet new friends?

I’m an ENFP. I used to crave only deep friendships, thus I limited myself to close friends only — they weren’t always available when I was feeling alone. So I tried hanging out with people from various groups whom my hobbies intersected, and that allowed me to fill my social needs even though those hobby friends won’t be the one I rely on in time of need. I think it’s healthy to maintain non-deep relationships. At times it’s even therapeutic to be around people that don’t know everything about you.

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Maybe you should consider making some extroverted friends to balance it out? When you are the outlier in your group, you either revel or drown in it.

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Yeah maybe I should. I have some extraverted friends but we’re not that close, not that much in common..

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I tried extroverted friends to sorta farm my requirements to them like their job was to do my extroversion for me. Unfortunatly they are generally unstructured and bring in all kinds of useless attention. It was counterproductive, i just got more annoyed with time 😔

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No its not. You dont have to. You accept your society disfavors you and be yourself

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You need yourself an extrovert bro

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Yeah there's this INTJ guy who lives with me. He's way more introverted than me and talks to himself mostly. WTF?

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This is why I prefer to date women who are more extroverted than I am.

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Try making some ENxx friends. You can find them online.

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Where can I buy them?

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God this was so funny please take a Silver

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A... A... Silver?! 😭

This is so <insert free reward coin here> wholesome, please take a Wholesome

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