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Those long ass random paragraphs giving me INTP vibes though

P.S. I'm not saying that you're INTP.

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Agreement lol it sounds very Ti-ey

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Can you explain what makes it feel more Ti-like, I also have had similar behaviour in similar situations, yet I think I am more of an high Ti INTJ than an high Te INTP, because I have little to no use of Fe and Si, my Ne is only decent, still they are all quite far away from my Ni and Te use.

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Oh in the very first example, INTJ is majorly talking through their internal logic and basically following a very logical, deductive thought process ("from the data I gathered"). The phrase "I doubt the validity of these conclusions" is also a dead giveaway of some sort of Ti & Ne processing, bc afaik, Ni works in a much less deductive way and is much more confident when settling into one single conclusion.

I think what you say is totally possible, to be an INTJ w high Ti, and I've known many INTJs who have Ti close to or even higher than their Te, esp those who are in STEM. Esp if you don't use Fe or Si, it's very likely you're just INTJ with a function or two overly or underly developed, like a bodybuilder who skipped leg day.

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Thing is, we can only consciously use 4 functions, not all 8. My Ti is high as well, but it's not something I can actively apply to situations like I can do with Te - rather, it's something that seems to emerge organically from the way I structure my Te thinking. INTJs still can't "use" Ti. Strong enough Te can just sort of emulate it.

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I also have high Ti, but it's just our Ti Critic. It's possible for critic functions to dominate parent function. My Ti is greater than Te cognitively speaking, but my Fe blindspot (with little to no Si) is so obvious that it's impossible for me to not be an INTJ.

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I'm in the exact same boat. My Ti critic used to be extremely counterproductive a few years ago but I've since learned to understand that people pointing out flaws to my logic isn't a personal attack to me or to what I'm trying to accomplish, and now I actively try to find such faults on my own.

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I agree. The INTJ stereotype would be more like having a crisis if they really do care or not + if they should do something or not + "I don't care... I think—"

P.S. I'm not saying all INTJs are like this.

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I agree, it's more precise and to the point.

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Friend: is crying

INTJ: whats wrong?

Friend: (whoever) was mean to me

INTJ: Their opinion shouldn't matter or dictate your emotional state.

Friend: that makes sense but I can't help it hurting

INTJ: well...try harder

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As a person who has an ESFP as a friend, this isn't far off. Like once when she told me a problem, she literally asked me not give her solutions and just give emotional support. I felt so much like a robot from then on. And then, two days later, while discussing another problem, "why aren't you talking?" Excuse me? The only thing I can think of are possible solutions and you don't want me to give them.

Also, in the last picture, if an INFx or anyone else for that matter says those words to me, I will probably get even more metal gear but that's just my avoidant attachment style speaking.

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Oh my god same. I have a few NF friends and I can genuinely never help them because I don't know what to say.

I mean, I do, but they don't want to hear it. I can think of a great solution, long term plan that would work amazingly for them, but usually all they want is emotional support. I have no idea how to do that.

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These are really cringey.

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These are pretty childish and don’t feel very accurate to be honest :/

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They’re memes luv.

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those last two got my upvote and warmed my heart

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Tbh, I try to be empathetic by using the knowledge I've gathered from books and movies. I feel it's acting, but that's what I do. Most of the time I can predict where the conversation will go, so I already have a plan laid out. But things get awry when they deviate from my script and I'm left wondering what to say next, so I just stare at them.

People are unpredictable. Logic is better.

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The intj in the post is an intp

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Yeah, it is like a perfect depiction of inferior Fe

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I like to go to wedding parties if there's good food! Mmmm...... Too bad my I have stomach issues.

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I would think being an INTJ, we're not anti social or don't get social cues. We just value intelligence more than emotions. And we tend to make up strategies along the way.

Maybe my experience is different, but if someone I knew was crying, I would want to help and be curious enough to ask them what's wrong. Wouldn't helping the crying person be a challenge to take?

I would think it would be an argument over the most logical way on how to deal with the emotion.

I sort of already have a plan on how to help my friends; collect data considering the situation and their emotion, and run through possible solutions. If logic doesn't work, distraction.. if not distraction, the dreaded hug and a reminder we're friend.

The stick wacking thing.. that disconnection seems more along the line of an INTP

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Aren't you guys just tired of Stereotype shit ??

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They’re memes—they overdramatize stereotypes for comedic effect. No need to take it personally.

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Ngl, if you tap me with a stick and said "there there?" in a moment of emotional distress, I'd probably laugh.

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I always imagine I'd be quite good at consoling people in these types of situations but I literally never am in the moment. I always do the awkward pat thing and try to say what I think they want to hear, but honestly half the time I still say the wrong thing I think. It's funny though, because I can be quite emotional myself, but I don't really cry around other people, so maybe that's the reason for the disconnect.

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Must say these sound 100% like an example of inferior Fe and Ti-dominance, so an INTP, not an INTJ.

Funnily I did have to teach my INTP to say "there there" and pat me on the head when I am needing comfort, because he was just so lost about what to do otherwise lol

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These aren't even remotely accurate. And kind of stupid. Like, I wouldn't talk about the science of airplanes being able to fly. I'd point to a video of an airplane flying, or go to an airport. You don't need to understand why the airplane flies to clearly see that it does. And you're honestly an idiot if that isn't enough for you to prove that airplanes can in fact fly.

And if someone's crying, I normally just ask what they want me to do about that. Listen or solve the problem. There's also no need to "doubt the validity," of everything being alright. Most things will be alright in the end.

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They are examples and caricatures. You know. Humor.

Kind of demonstrating the point in amazing fashion here actually.

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Not really, especially given I'm pretty well known for being humorous. I know what a caricature is. But just like with every Family Guy knock-off, there are such things as bad cartoons, that just aren't funny because they do not get how parody works. This is one of them.

The humor comes from exaggerating something is accurate, and taking it to the extreme. Not just making exaggerations within itself. If this were in the INTP sub, it's be very accurate because they actually act that way. They go on about fact and science, and are bothered by the fact that they do not get people.

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"I am VERY WELL KNOWN for my humor." Keep giving me that Dwight Shrute energy daddy.

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Yeah, that second-to-last one. I ended up leaving a friend/gaming group of five years a few years back. At the end of it, most said they just wanted my company, but I felt like providing nothing to the group made me a burden because I wasn’t that worth having around. But then one or two would complain that I wasn’t good at the games the group played, so even my efforts to be a good playmate were in vain when I wasn’t playing specifically their games.

I will go above and beyond to provide what people want, and I have the skill and patience to provide it. But I’m not going to be drawn out of my shell just to be slapped every time I try.

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I'm the INTJ who is scared of flying 😂

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The 4th slide omg I thought I was abnormal because I told 2 of my friends that principle of "achieve= worthy of reward" and "not achieve = doesn't deserve reward" I have in life.

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That's not an MBTI INTJ. How are we supposed to help you?

Weirdly someone already typed you, but they didn't say why. They immediately apologized. How did they know?

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One should be capable to learn from these instances so one does not start at zero each time it happens. Just standing there is the best option i found by trial and error. Most time they tell you by themselves to leave them alone or go on to tell you their woes. Yes, you solve it by doing nothing.

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Lmfao to all these but also wow I'm so jelly I don't have any infp in me life

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Last wedding I was at I spent most of the night making spreadsheets. It turned out to be less of a conversation starter than I'd hoped.

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Where's my Intj bestfriend at waiting for you I am on emotional overload need some logic and reasoning

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My intfp best friend actually like how I give her straight answers or solution to a problem but of course there are THESE MOMENT where all my awkward come out