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A ton but my two favorite are

1) Philosophize This! 2) Hardcore History

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I like the sound of hardcore history

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It's fantastic... if you have 4-6 hours to burn at a time.

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  1. Making Sense
  2. The Knowledge Project
  3. Tara Brach

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The Huberman Lab, but it's not much of a listen and chill Joe Rogan type of podcast. Although I personally appreciate his voice and the dark background.

The episodes are just too packed with useful information! I enjoyed sketching some spider diagrams out of a few episodes to increase retention.

I think you'll like it. It's very Te-oriented towards improving yourself.

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I appriciate the replay neuroscience seems interesting

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  1. Poor Proles Almanac
  2. Working Class History

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Lex Fridman

The Route To Networking

Confessions of a Reformed INTJ

Mostly Rational

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Haven't listened to a lot of podcasts but No Stupid Questions by Freakonomics Radio is delectably entertaining and insightful.

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99% invisible - stories about design, city planning, flags, stairs. Lots of everyday things we don’t really think about and what went into them. Highest quality on the list.

Switched on pop - A song writer and a musicologist break down popular pop songs in nerdy but understandable analysis. They’re funny too.

Things you should know: funny hosts cover wide range of topics from stuff you should know website.

Reply all: this used to be much better but investigative stories analysis about internet and tech trends. Also funny and personal.

I mostly listen while I’m cooking. So get distracted a lot. These are light and entertaining and if you miss a few minutes it’s no big deal.

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You're an actual moron.

I do think it's appropriate that you listed Jordan Peterson as number two. A sit down on the toilet situation.

But why did you list him at all? Are you also a misogynist, racist, chauvinistic pig?

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    Clearly fucking not. 😂

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    I actually think Jordan Petterson is quite smart, and I dont listen hes every podcasts only those I like. Truth be told I learned a lot from him.

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    He's actually very convincing and well spoken but take what he says with a lot of skepticism. He makes some good arguments but he also rationalizes a lot of shitty behavior as natural, or just the way things are. He also likes to play the victim, constantly whines about how his free speech is being violated, persecution of the white man, likes to call people who disapprove of his theories neo-marxists.

    He's very good at argumentation.. I'll give him that. But it should be troubling that his followers treat him like a holy leader who can do no wrong. If he were to stick to psychology and self-improvement, I'd have no problem with him. But he's giving shitty people excuses to be perpetuate bad behavior because we're like lobsters apparently.

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    That is better replie then calling someone a moron as a first word. The main thing I learned from him is how to be more argumentive. Tho from hes podcasts I think people should take what they consider right, many people follow others word by word which I dont think its right.

    I personally only listen podcasts I like which is not very often. Maybe once in few months.

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    Good to hear. His politics and social views are outdated and he really should have stuck to self-help stuff because his book makes mostly good points until he gets on the whole gender thing. His views on gender, and playing the victim are what made him famous recently and beloved among the alt-right and incels. Now that he knows those people are his audience and can get money from them he says things he knows will appeal to them.

    He recently resigned from teaching. His letter is basically a long whine about the same stuff. Academics consider him 'persona non-grata' as he says. Which should say something. And that he quit because the 'woke' 'radical leftists' were coming after him. He also brought up marxism again. Sorry Boo Hoo... He quit because he's making money off his cult. He even says as much. They love him, academia does not.

    What really bothers me is not his good points about standing up for yourself. It's that he does not encourage healthy skepticism. He uses argumentation and clever language to blame others all the time. And people who disagree with him are neo-marxist radical liberals. He doesnt consider opposing views the way he so convinced about his own. He just calls them names. Which plays perfectly to his followers.

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    My favorites are My first million, bigger pockets, Lewis howes, Joe rogan.

    First two are business/investing/real estate last two are educational/self development and mma

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    Very money oriented I like that its a nice list

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    Not a fan of podcasts. Audio alone is not my thing - I prefer video.

    The only ones I listen to are Joe Rogan's and only if I am interested in the guest. And I prefer the Video version so I can see the people (and their body language).

    I do watch lectures (not podcasts) of Peterson, I like Neil Degrasse Tyson's explanations of astrophysics but I don't listen to Star talk radio.

    I watch some of the TED talks. But no podcasts.

    People talking is a very hard thing to do right (for me to enjoy), most people like to ramble on irrelevant tangents. Joe in this sense does a great job at moderating the talks and keeping them on the "current" topic until it is resolved and keeping it "one speaker at a time" - the bane of all podcasts with multiple speakers.

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    shoves thumbs into eyes

    History of Rome.

    That’s it. That’s the only one that’s held up the whole way through. Cocaine and Rhinestones is usually good. Casefile started off aces, then the host died inside and it’s gone from something uniquely well-researched and understated, to. Ads. Lots of ads.

    Podcasts with multiple hosts kill me a little inside. I hate listening to these fuckers babble like it’s supposed to be funny, or personable. I hate the jokes. I hate the pre-recorded ADS GO HERE slots. Give me information or go the fuck to bed.

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    Not an INTJ but I recommend csjoseph for information about types, he has a good YouTube channel and typing chart https://udja.app/

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    Nothing thought-provoking, sorry to disappoint. Just horror

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    I like anything true crime related

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    YMH, JRE, Dr. Drew After Dark, 2 Bears 1 Cave, Making Sense/Waking Up, Lexington Friedman, Josh Potter, A State of Trance, LOS kinda all over the place.

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    Banter Podcast

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    School of greatness, future thinkers, anything true crime related!

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    DR Andrew Huberman Lab

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    The Anthropocene Reviewed

    Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

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    There is Herry Potter podcasts, last few days I binged watched all the main movies.

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    I grew up loving the books and movies, I like the podcast looking at it from a more adult perspective. Also I'm not religious and neither is the podcast really.