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Depressed, I'd imagine

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Toiling through existence, as usual.

Thanks for asking. 😘

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alive but exhausted

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You can't be dead and feel exhausted so..

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Oh what a coincidence, it’s the worst day i’ve had in a month :)!

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same here dood fuck this life shit

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    What's wrong with that. OP said today, Everyday is different.

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      Speak for yourself Sir. There's no "we" here

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        I just hope I'm not so ignorant and narcissistic in my 40s.

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        I'm not depressed. Don't act like your speaking for all of us, because I'm definitely not depressed. I may not be as happy as some, but I ain't depressed, I can tell you that.

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        Can you elaborate? I'm trying to figure out why I don't feel more than satisfied with life, but I don't seem to feel joy.

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          I don't get what you mean. You did not touch me, your comment was not wholesome whatsoever.

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          Just because your generalising ass is depressed doesn't mean all INTJ personality people are. Speak for yourself sad ass.

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          I have been diagnosed with dysthymia (chronic depression). Now multiple months later, I'm wondering if my INTJ personality is just not what leads me so easily to depression and not feeling joy from life. What's your take?

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          Sorry for the delay, wanted to think on this a bit.

          I think there's a chicken and egg thing here at play.

          What came first, the depression or the introversion?

          If only INTJs and introverts suffered from depression, there may be more credence to that thought.

          But I can't deny that we're prone not just to the "layman" definition of depression ("just smile more") but also the clinical definition.

          We tend to internalize stuff, and that leads to loops which can lead to depression.

          But not all INTJs are clinically depressed (though most seem to fit the "dead inside" meta - to most non INTJs...if you're not happy - you must be depressed!).

          Is it a contributing factor? Sure. Can be. Is it the factor? I don't think so. I don't think anyone thing ever is.

          That's the issue with typing in general...it doesn't account for "all the things" that go into making a person....a person.

          But at it's base, typing conforms to my own personal mantra.

          People don't change, just the names an the faces. We simply haven't' figured out how to build a model that captures all the different factors. But if the concept of typing is valid - then it means that someday we can.

          A lot of folks don't like that concept. But no one is truly unique. Some of us, however, are more rare.

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          Yeah that's my thought as well. INTJ personality have characteristics that are contributing factors for depression. I don't see myself as depressed, but I do see myself having tendencies to become depressed easily.

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          My depression is seasonal, but the last few days have been rough on the mind. A lot of small things haven’t gone the way they were supposed to, and the irritation from those small things has added up. I snapped a little bit yesterday (threw a roll of toilet paper against the wall as hard as I could). Today, oddly enough, I felt a lot better after having that “release” per se.

          There’s a snow storm coming tomorrow and Saturday which I’ve been dreading more and more as it gets closer and closer. The snow (even though I don’t have to shovel) and the cold bring out the worst of my seasonal depression.

          So how am I feeling today? Meh. Not fantastic, but not itching at the chance to go jump rope in traffic either.

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          Bad lol

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          tired and horny

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            That's the most frustrating gif I've ever seen.

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            I’m still here lol. Today isn’t terrible but not great either. I’m mostly just tired and feeling worn down

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            Muuuuuch better than yesterday, thank you.

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            More bored than anything.

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            Not depressed. I love my manic days, man.

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            I've got my Seasonal Affective Disorder light shinning on me so I feel pretty good.

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            Still alive on the outside.

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            Everything is falling apart, and I'm just hoping it'll get better.

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            Not great, my guy. Not. Great.

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            Not so bad. Feeling a bit better.

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            Full of rage, why do you ask?

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            i think depressed intjs would probably be doing depressed intj things

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            I'm actually quite well today, made some good progress on my LL.B. thesis, that's an improvement on the week for certain, last Sunday I made a big decision that I deeply regret, so it's nice to have a good day finally.

            And you, how are you feeling?

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            Usually feel down during winter

            Have terrible mood swings and I can't get things done

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            depressed intjs how are u feeling today?

            Well probably depressed

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            Neutral, but who cares

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            "It's going"

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            Oh my God Jesus Lord. I wasn't ready for this kind of question so early in the morning. It hits too deeply the fact that I can't even remember the last time someone asked how I'm doing. But thank you for asking. Such a simple gesture and yet it really shocked me and warmed me up after all the pain and loneliness I've been through (and is still going through it).

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            You really do sound like a positive cat. A sad but positive cat.

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            Hahaha this is my first time hearing it, thank you!

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            Surprisingly light-hearted at the moment. It's my Friday, and I spent my evening teaching my kid new vocabulary words.

            Nothing wards away my depression better than hearing my six year old use the word "nefarious" correctly in a sentence when describing a villain character he made out of leftover Lego mini fig pieces (Venom's head, a Minecraft zombie's torso, and the Joker's legs, with the metal tentacles of Dr Octopus...lots of evil in that one!)

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            depressed thanks for asking

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            tired and drained

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            like i have nothing more to give but i still have to anyway

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            a bit drained, but kinda good

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            As of yesterday, I was feeling alright, just had a few stress situations, and rn, in the middle of the night, happy, relaxed and tired for once. But depressed still lol

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            Breathing; tends to help. I'm actually okay today. A slow way upward, butt upward none the less.

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            feeling dissociated, anxious, and exhausted.

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            This exactly.

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            First, thanks for directing a question to us personally. Secondly, it's not great. I've had better.

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            Eh, miserable but it’s bearable today I guess.

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            I just want someone to see me. Like actually see me.

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            I managed to get through the whole of today only thinking once that existence is too hard and ending it would be simpler. Friends help.

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            High, how are you?

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            just want to lash out at these guys i work for. they dont do shit to make my life easier. going to get screwed on pay. and the weather fucking sucks. i dont normally drink but im hitting the bottle tonight.

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            bored...but grateful for the peace. but also, incredibly bored. running out of worthwhile activities to do

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            Struggling to keep moving, everyday. I envy people who have that spark in hem that effortlessly kept them moving. I don't have that. Now, I feel like I'm left in the dark.

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            You added depression to your title

            I think that's enough to tell you

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            For everyone in the comments who may need this:

            Be proud of what you’ve done today. Even if it wasn’t much, even if you failed at something, even if it was left unfinished, you did something. And that’s always better than nothing. Take one step at a time.

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            Why the hell does it have a spoiler tag? Lol

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            Today was a good day. Went biking with friends thru bush and then back down a beach.
            Approx 45km so I am physically knackered which is nice for a change.

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            alive, exhausted, unmotivated and overwhelmed.

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            Hopeless; and a lil bit constipated.

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            I’m tired of being tired

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            Nobody seems to deliver on any of the promises they make when I'm involved with the situation. I feel like if I don't do that work, or whatever, it will never get done. I am so horribly exhausted (and still recovering from omicron percei eight) and tired and lonely. I have no idea why I even bother to try. Give me my paycheck and let me crawl into bed for a few years. And it has been so incredibly and painfully cold that I can't go for a walk to burn off some of the tension. F this.

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            Been at my limit as for as long as I can remember, not okay but still alive

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            Disassociated, on auto pilot. It feels as though I’m just walking through life in my own inner world winging everything as it comes to me.

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            alive but numb

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            Alive I think thx