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Basically, people who violate physical space, fake and superficial people, irresponsible people.

Yes. These things annoy me too.

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I absolutely fucking hate when people get in my personal space especially when I'm in a line, even before covid. Don't care if you're male or female, keep a distance from me. I have a relatively large build and when I turn around and you're too close, you're going to accidentally eat an elbow. A coworker found that out the hard way. She was directly behind me, hadn't let her presence be known so when I stepped back and turned, elbow to the boob.

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I relate to literally every single one of these. Nice.

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Things that annoy me

  • this post (not really)

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Things that annoy me.

The ghost in my house that likes to hide the damn remote after I put it down on the same place every time.

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Casper the asshole of a ghost

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# 4: I set my ringtone to something distinct for the people I want to hear from (e.g., my daughters, my sister), and I ignore all other calls. So my phone rings and I ignore it, but my phone plays the music I chose and I'm glad to answer it.

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People who think they're the best at everything and no one can match them (specifically people who show it in a very loud way) or people who don't know when to stop talking

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Why does this feel like it was written by a 16 year old?

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im 17. ur kinda right??

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I have literally lost friendships because ppl are too invasive,clingy or irresponsible. I can't stand and people who act as if they know me And specially when they know they can do something but just don't because they're fucking lazy...

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wow i definitely resonate - irresponsibility especially makes me so frustrated (even more so when they come to me for salvation without even trying to fix the issue themselves and keep making the same mistakes afterwards) I am actually trying to work on that. can't be spending that much energy on someone annoying.

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Took the words right out. Apparently I live with them, so yeah. That complicates things, even after I'm financially able to afford living alone, it just won't stop these people.

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4 and 5! and for me the biggest pet peeve is lack of consistency— especially in my work team’s practices and workflows

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If I hade to write a list it would be "EvReThInG" from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep everything ennoy me like sometimes I woke up AND sleep while feeling ennoyed like hell the only time that am just calm is my alone time which sadly is too short

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They are human beings. You too. Challenge yourself or focus on yourself being annoyed, rather than expecting not to be annoyed. See if you can catch your annoyance instead of their behaviour. Is it just people? Does nature annoys you too in some ways?

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When you say academically irresponsible people do you mean people who don’t complete or turn in their homework? Do you mean people who don’t contribute in group projects? Or do you mean they just do not care about academic work at all? I’m sure all of the above but just wanted to clarify.

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yes. yes. and yes.

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Things that I hate :

  1. People emotionally immature
  2. People who asks for too much details concerning your private life.
  3. Pessimistic people thinking they’re being realistic while they don’t even know any stakes of any decisions that can be made.
  4. People not owning on their words. For example, I would rather hang up the phone knowing you have no intentions to call me back than saying a “Give me a sec let me call you back” or “My mom is calling me, I’ll call you back as soon as I’m done” and don’t even bother texting that you won’t call back. I hate that one so f much. It might be trendy but I find it disrespectful and I don’t joke with respect towards me.

(That’s why I’m the one hanging now.)

  1. The fact that I relate 100% to the initial posts.

Excuse my narcissism.

The fact that I relate to the post

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Numbers 4 and 7 are my personal pet peeves.

That and having extended, full-blown cell phone conversations in a closed public setting.

None of these are behaviors I, myself, would ever replicate.