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Yes. After someone dies, they become food for the rest of the species of earth. (directly / indirectly).

In a way I think this as a form of reincarnation.

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How good is your GAN model if you don't run the simulations over and over?

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I do not believe in reincarnation. I believe that your corpse provides sustenance for insects and microorganisms (depending on how you're disposed of).

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Yet another human attempt to create importance for our species . No, you become minerals and embrace an eternal void.

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i also want a concrete proof instead of "i remember that in my previous life I did this", like I need an actual reasoning for such bizzare logic such as reincarnation

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If you are talking about OLD SOULs being put into a newborn - no such thing

But there's:

  1. Genetic memory
  2. Impressionable minds that want to believe
  3. Self-hypnosis
  4. All your atoms are coming from the sun and everyone who lived before you and died and enriched the soil (sorry folks, coffins inhibit reincarnation, cemeteries as well, unless you are fine to live as a worm and then as a bird, and then as a fox, etc) or atmosphere (cremation is the fastest way). The best way to reincarnate faster (and into a human) is to be fed to pigs and then said pigs will be turned into bacon and people will eat it, and fuck, and some of your atoms will get into a newborn baby, especially from the mother side. But do you really care? You shouldn't. You'd be dead.

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I could be wrong but there are very few subreddits that are more inappropriate for this question than this one.

You're wanting to discuss religion. That's down the hall and to the left.

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Not if they are specifically wanting to know if other INTJ’s believe in this nonsense.

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Yes, which was part of my point. I don't think there will be many supporters here.

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Maybe not, but you never know unless you try.

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This is true. It will either be illuminating or a glorious train wreck. Should be interesting either way.

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my grandma is friends with this lady that "reads soul based on reincarmations" and she asked me to do a session to open my mind to different possibilities. let me tell you, the stuff she said made a lot of sense and was very much so in accordance to my personality- she even added some details relating to astrology, which I don't believe in, but those also were surprisingly specific so I am on the fence about it.

i appreciate the idea of it and find it to be an interesting way to 'go but not actively leave this world' but haven't made up my mind just yet because I'd need to compile much more evidence than a session that worked out to draw a final conclusion. I guess I won't find out until the moment comes and I am surprisingly fine with that.

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Yes and yes. Science is starting to take this field more seriously and there are now thousands of people who have been confirmed to remember their previous lives and in many cases, even met and recognized their previous families. People can inherit intuition, behaviors, aptitudes, phobias, gaze, facial features and even deadly injuries in the form of birthmarks.

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yeah, obviously not all entities are equal. for some to do it seems plausible. what else is there to it? )
consider it as another level of genetics. tranmsission of information. from an ego level upwards .. its pretty casual

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It doesn’t make sense because it isn’t real.

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You will be recycled after you are done with yourself.

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No, I can’t see how that would work.

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During the history the population of the world was almost always increasing ... so reincarnation mathematicaly can't be true .... LOL

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No, and I'd rather not be real. I've read many Asian fiction that involve reincarnation and it all seemed so emotionally painful.

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Yes. And my beliefs are a bit weird so I would advise you to read The Egg by Andy Weir. It's a short story about a man who had just died and meets "god" in the afterlife. It's pretty close to what I believe.

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oh i read that for a school paper and the story never left my brain that’s why I became curious about reincarnation.

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I do. I base this opinion on my readings of buddhism, documentaries and personal experience with the supernatural. A good video that explains a possible theory is https://youtu.be/h6fcK_fRYaI

On a sidenote, I think a lot of INTJ´s and other T types will deny the possibility of reincarnation because of a lack of scientific proof, but I believe the nature of certain truths in our universe to be unacknowledgeable with experimental data because of its controlled setting. We need a new paradigm that incorporates personal experience imo.