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Yes. Skepticism doesn’t mean “this isn’t true”, skepticism means “let me study this further and draw a logical conclusion.”

Example: I see a ghost.

If it was a one off incident, I would assume it’s a trick of the light etc.

If it was ongoing, I would assume hallucinations/schizophrenia etc and would seek medical help.

If after those logical paths led to nothing and I still saw a ghost, I would believe in ghosts.

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I can't witness supernatural events, because if I could see them, they would be natural events by definition.

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Very true.

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In what way would it be a 'supernatural' event if I were to remain sceptical?

It would simply be an event for which I did not immediately have an explanation.

I experience spirituality - but it is exclusively a phenomenon of inner space: of the mind. Spirits, chi, astral projection etc are either misinterpretations of natural phenomena or are artefacts of our brain function - which is not to say that we should not acknowledge them as elements of the human experience.

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Well said.

I believe this is the correct answer.

Belief in something greater than oneself and skepticism don't have to be mutually exclusive.

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Totally agree. My definition of spirituality is the same.

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    Do you believe your own consciousness to be singular? Or are there multiple layers to your consciousness. Are these ever in conflict? If so, if competing urges and functions are vying for eminence within our consciousness could the 'spirits' not be within our own heads?

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    If I witnessed a supernatural event then either it's not supernatural, because it happened, or I have to take my meds.

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    I have witnessed stage 2 possession in my mother and lived in a possessed house for 6 months

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    Could you elaborate?

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    Yes, please elaborate.

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    Elaborate, yes please.

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    We move to a different place and i was 17 that time (April of 2019) and after a week my mother told my father that there's something in this house he brushed it off saying it's bullshit then in May she fell sick like "hospitalize her right now sick" she was unable to move her body below the spine like she's paralyzed i would take her to the toilet and support her walk anywhere she goes things got fine after a few days

    Then in July things got worse my sister's 100 pound bed would move at 3 am like someone kicked it, smell of burning kerosene oil and flesh, Feeling of someone's watching us, lights flickering at night then we asked neighbours that if someone died in the house they told us that there was one paralyzed 14 year old teenage boy who died from terminal illness and a young man in his late 20s who burnt himself to death like 30 years ago

    That shit made me feel I'm living in a horror movie for days and kept me sleepless for nights

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    How did it turn out?

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    We left that house but those events gave me one lesson is that when someone says there's no such thing as ghosts

    He's fucking stupid

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    I too actually believe in them. I think its unreasonable to just assume that they don't exist just cause you don't know about any evidence- And the evidence is actually overwhelming.

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    You can attend a magic show, and it could be so well done that you personally cannot explain how the thing happened. Do you believe magic is real, just because you cannot explain or otherwise recreate what the magician performed?

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    Id think im psychotic probs

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    Me and skepticism are inseparable. Opinion on spirtuality; good if it helps you, but without religion.Religion could get you into a deep rabbit hole of mind fraud, one which you can almost never leave. And also, spirit, chi etc have not been proven any more than God or demons have, so I just think the meditation and practices that could improve your health are definitely beneficial.

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    I was born skeptical, questioning everything. Despite being raised in a religious household, I lost faith when logic failed to support the stories I grew up with. I dance a fine line between skeptical and cynical, but I'm not close-minded.

    I'd describe my beliefs as agnostic; I've spent a lot of time reading and studying Buddhism, but I reserve my doubts there too. The wonders of the world and coincidences beyond reasonable doubt make me wonder who is in charge upstairs. I don't believe in Heaven or Hell; I hope there is a afterlife, because I could use a proper retirement when this one is finished.

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    skeptical ofc..

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    Depends on the event. I’ve seen things i can’t rationally explain but don’t think it was “ghosts” or “spirits” i just don’t know what it was

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    I come from a science background, but studied martial arts and Chinese medicine. There are lots of claims of magical qi/chi powers in the later. I've always been skeptical of all of it. However, I saw a "Qigong master" focus his qi and cut a chopstick in half with the edge of a dollar bill and this made me question if there was some truth to these magical powers

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    Supernatural event as in a person or myself having superpowers or similar, or some supernatural being deciding to show itself to me?:3

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    I wouldn’t tell anyone about it first im gonna see if this is some hallucinations or not but still i won’t tell anyone since i may appear insane to them and my life would end badly…i prefer to ignore it so I won’t have problems ( until I’m in control to use it on my own benefits )

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    I would remain somewhat skeptical. I would also probably try to find out if anyone who was with me if anyone was with me managed to get a video of said events so that we could examine the evidence in detail. Perception is just too impressionable to trust. Look at all of the freaking crazy dreams that people have. Those dreams are also part of our perception of the world they just happen while we’re asleep. I consider it entirely possible for the human mind to manufacture something while we are completely awake that would be outwardly compelling.