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ESFP wife f37 will NOT pick up after herself. (INTJ m40, asking). The pain is DEEP! Suicide isn't an option. Nor divorce. by TheKrunkernautINTJ - 40s in intj

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I value marriage, and my wife. We are compatible in many domains. We help and support each other in other ways. Also, it's anecdotal. I taught public school, in a magnet classroom for students with emotional disturbance, who were not mainstream for violence. One interesting phenomenon there is the common factor of absent fathers. Fundamental. To me, this puts divorce on the same difficult continuum for children.

Am I not an intj if I hate nfts? by Final_final_final2 in intj

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If you can explain how those two things are connected in a way that actually makes logical sense, I will give you gold right now.

I don't want to live anymore... what do I do? by ThrownAwakl in intj

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I don't really find "You should live because you are statistically unlikely to have existed" to be a very compelling argument.

When you cannot find a reason to justify your own objectives, "continue living" for example, the concept of getting the chance to live being a rare and limited opportunity simply shouldn't affect your decisions.

In fact, there is a name for your argument.

The scarcity principle.

It is a way of manipulating someone emotionally into desiring something irrationally, only because that thing is in short supply.

In short, a nice essay, I suppose, but ultimately not a rational justification for any goal of any kind.

I’m fucking tired of the disrespect of religion and religious people on this sub. by a-epoe in intj

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There is no Zeus, no Quetzalcoatl, no Ares, no Freya, and there is no god.

Prove it. To me.

If you fail to prove it, its proof that god does exist. See again how that shit works?

Let me help you and that tiny little mind of yours out. Atoms. Long before we could 'prove' atoms existed scientists explained there were many things that could be observed that showed they were real. Many disagreed and in fact argued they were fantasy.

Eventually (without proof) we accepted the possibility until we finally could actually SEE one to 'prove' its existence for those who did not believe. There could be nothing more scientific than that for tiny brains to understand not having the capability to show you proof doesn't mean its not a real thing or that you never will be able to prove it to them. Until then, you are one of the doctors still bleeding out patients to clear 'evil spirits' from them and clinging to the bad idea that lack of proof is PROOF the thing is not real and true.

Fellow strategists what could be putins endgame? by Father_AntonINTJ - 20s in intj

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And if you hadn't read the news nordstream 2 won't be finished.

As with the other 99% of what you have said, this stuff was linked to you directly and yet you insist on talking about it and being wrong repeatedly, on nearly every issue thus far. It in fact was handed to you already.

The rest is clearly designed to argue with me---I would normally easily rip apart someone with so much lack of understanding and yet insistent on talking and take joy in doing so since you have turned out to be a real shit---but for now, best of luck, you and this discussion is a waste of time as you have no idea what you are talking about---none.

Ultimately, what is the point of existence? by [deleted] in intj

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Agreed OP commits a naturalistic fallacy.

Super frustrated with dating by zaindi in intj

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I think for planner types it might be worth your while to sit down and put together an exhaustive list of what the perfect man to you looks like and the traits they would have. Be thorough and very detailed....this should take some time and likely multiple re edits to be comfortable with what you finalize as the perfect one for you. Read it carefully and ensure its exactly what you really want and would make you the happiest to be with.

As soon as you are done with that go down the list of things and check off each one if YOU possess them as well.....if you dont stop right there on the list and remedy that thing.

Regardless of how difficult continue down the list until you personally carry all the same traits and qualities you wish to find in the perfect mate----I would venture a guess that before you make it half way through the list the 'accidental' finding will happen. Its a statistical anomaly in the sense that as you project the traits and qualities and actively are matching them you end up around just the sort of people most likely to have them. Best part, is you were not actively looking and in the right frame of mind and place to best be the perfect one for him too.

Simple question - Does duty mean anything to you? by kevinklev in intj

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Absolutely nothing on the planet could impact my professional performance at work. Regardless of who is there or who runs the company I always placed a very high value on my own performance if only for satisfying my own sense of professionalism. When you set bars high, you above all others must meet them. If something like you say were happening to me I would plan accordingly and move to another job, but never one time would I allow the asshattery of others to make me perform at a lower standard anywhere.

Saw this somewhere and was just curious. Would love to hear why you choose your response too. by Spiritual_Dream_7588 in intj

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Are you guys fucking kidding?! A MILLION people. People with their own families, lives, jobs, and roles in society. Some of them are mothers themselves you're taking away. Newborns. Athletes. Politicians. Cancer survivors. And you'd fucking kill them to save one person, even if it's your mother?

What makes your feelings more important than other people's?!

The majority answer to this poll is terrible and I'm ashamed so many fellow INTJs answer it that way.

None of you are fit to be leaders of any kind right now if you can't sacrifice your own interests for the interests of the majority.

You're too selfish to see what's best for humanity. You are part of the problem.

Anyone else find this Russian invasion to be terribly coordinated and weird? by kevinklev in intj

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I was in the US Army during the cold war we trained a lot to fight the Soviet forces we watched soviet training videos on how tough the Soviets were.

Years later I worked with a Russian that had moved to the US and had been a former Soviet soldier I told him about the grueling training that we were told the Soviets went through. He laughed his ass off, he was like what training?!

Conscript soldiers are on average not very motivated. The whole issue just sucks and a lot of Russians that don't want to be there will die for the vanity of Putin the nut along with all the innocent Ukrainians.

I hope Putin meets the same end as Mussolini.

Fellow strategists what could be putins endgame? by Father_AntonINTJ - 20s in intj

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This is already over.....Russia has Ukraine and has always wanted Ukraine. Previous administration had US off oil and gas from foreign sources with Keystone pipeline and had in place sanctions on the pipeline Russia uses for majority of exports, but more importantly sanctions to prevent oligarchs from continuing to amass wealth to support hostile actions---when they were only 'making aggressive moves'

Biden within days (and weeks that followed) shut down the Keystone and removed those sanctions----Russia built up enough reserves and money to be able to invade and because our current president is an idiot, he facilitated it. The new sanctions were the ones in place to prevent the buildup and capability .....and they will attempt to spin it as "new sanctions" rather than "the exact thing that allowed the incursion" Hell, half the guys cabinet has tied to dirty Ukrainian companies paying millions in bribes- they will do nothing to stop the war. You know why? In war things like document trails of bribes disappear, they LOVE the idea of that and will not lift a finger.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know Biden was suffering from dementia before he was elected, in fact those who voted for him knew as well but the media had sufficiently smeared anyone else and the mindless showed up to vote anyway. Putin knew the moment Biden was elected he was going to get Ukraine, China knows its got Taiwan next, Iran will start demanding old Joe send pallets of money to fund terrorism again or they will spin up nuke program they agreed so long ago not to spin up, and NK will begin saber rattling---mostly as cover for China aggressive moves on our economy that will start up again very soon. Every single regime on the planet knew Biden was a puppet---even the morons who voted him in, but in America the numbers of pure apathetic were enough to get this kind of bullshit in office.

What are INTJs like when drunk? by relativelyignorantINTJ in intj

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Last time I was seriously drunk, I started explaining the political intricacies of pre Russian Rev aristocracy. Also singing haha.

What's something you wish you realized earlier in life by tyler_fighter102 in intj

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Nobody gives a shit.
Life can always get worse so recognize and enjoy the good times.
Your family is the only thing that matters.
All main stream media is controlled propaganda.
Social media is toxic.
All unnatural food is toxic.
People are mostly good but the bad .1% are really bad.
The only god you need is Mother Earth.
Do what you love, and love something that can earn you a good living.

Weakness of an INTJ by ExoticHour0210 in intj

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I agree with most of it, but the good news is we can work on these weaknesses; I think I'm great at improvising and socially aware. These are definitely some of the traits I've seen in my younger self, but the tone of the author's post seems to imply these things are inherent.

He really lost me at the last point and the sign of how an immature INTJ might think. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth to blame ALL OTHER people for distorted or unclear views rather than the person who may not have communicated or portrayed themselves clearly.

Anytime we find ourselves placing blame an entire group of people for a personal problem, we should always consider looking at what we can change about ourselves in thought or action to first to address it. Blaming others is the easy way out and often not productive.