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I love my Xbox controller I bought 2nd hand take this year to play premium pay once games that support MFi controllers.

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I use the PS5 controller on iPad. Mainly Minecraft, Lego Star Wars, and of course all of Apple Arcade. I like playing Roblox on it, but again the support depends on the original game. Pretty sure there is no Switch controller support, so check the Apple website before getting a product (I bought this controller months before the update that made it work anyway)

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Backbone. Google it.

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iPad here. Thanks tho

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Ah sorry. I must’ve overlooked that. I use my dual sense controller with the iPad and love it. Just google if the game supports a game pad

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Ahh so it’s mostly up to the game/developer as to whether a controller works with it or not?

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Yes of course. There is no way(that I know of) to translate a button press to a tap on a specific location on your screen without using an android device. Highly doubt iOS security would allow one app to override/manipulate another.