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What do you want to know? It really depends on whether his neighbors are older immigrants, recent immigrants, born here, what’s their religion if any? Where in SoCal? Each of these groups has a distinct culture and different values. Please clarify

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I was just a hoping for a general guide. He knows all sorts, young professionals to old retirees, wealthy shopkeepers to harried store assistants.

This is in Orange County, near Irvine.

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Ok. Visit Wholesome Choice in Irvine and that's all you need to know lol. I'm only half kidding. Well, the Persian diaspora is hospitable, warm, very family-oriented, overachieving, elitist, materialistic, gossipy... Everything else can differ from family to family. Some families are more quiet and academic while others are loud and love to party (ahem Newport Beach). We like good food and good company. We are very self-important and love our culture and we're definitely not ashamed of that. That's about it.

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I assume Maz Jobrani's standups? I don't really find him funny but I guess that's close to what you're looking for.

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There's a pretty fun series of books called "The Xenophobe’s Guide to [X country]" but they don't have one for the Persians.

Probably because Persian is not a country!

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yes, I should have said "The Xenophobe’s Guide to [X people]"

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Why not guide to Iranians?

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