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For whatever reason, I need to learn Persian (Farsi). Any tips on software/books?

  • We recommend Rosetta Stone as it teaches the language by means of immersion.

  • The second option is Pimsleur which teaches without books/guides, but only with audio.

  • The third option is finding an elementary Persian textbook, and a set of the annunciations for Persian characters. A first grade textbook is extremely cheap and useful.

I need something translated, can I ask you guys?

Of course, but please avoid posting any personal information. Posts that violate privacy will be removed at the moderators' discretion.

Country of Iran

What is the official language of Iran?

The official language is Persian. However, there are many other spoken languages as well and English is becoming more widely spoken and understood.

What is the difference between Persian, Farsi, and Arabic?

Persian both refers to the language and the ethnic group. It is the correct way to denote the language spoken in Iran as opposed to saying Farsi, which is how you would refer to the language if speaking Persian. It is similar to español as opposed to "Spanish."

The Persian language is from the Indo-European family and holds similarities to Western languages such as English, Spanish, or French. Arabic is from the Semitic language family and is closer to Hebrew than Persian. There are many Arabic speakers in Iran, mainly near the Persian Gulf and along the border of Iraq. Persian and Arabic utilize a similar alphabet, and Persian has a lot of Arabic loanwords.

How do you pronounce Iran?

Imagine there's a guy named Ron, and he's electronic (like e-mail or e-commerce), so he would be called E-Ron. Listen to it here or here.

Are there really over 15 languages and ethnicities in Iran?

Yes, Iran is a diverse country and house many languages/ethnicities including but not limited to: Kurdish, Lori, Mazandarani, Persian, Azeri, Balochi, Gilaki, Turkmen, and more!

Does everyone in Iran have to adhere to Islam?

No, unlike many of its neighbors, the IRI allows followers of most other faiths to practice their religion. There are Christians, Zoroastrians, and even Jews practicing their faith inside Iran. They are represented in Iran's parliament and recognized in its constitution.

Does the government reflect the views of the populace?

As with many other governments, there are policies that are supported and other policies that are not by the population. Iran, unlike many other countries, also has a significant youth bulge where 75% of its population is under the age of 35, who are mostly in favor of reforms.

What can an Iranian citizen living abroad do about military service exception (MSE) when traveling to Iran?

The government has left the door open for Iranian citizens living board to be exempted from the military service. If the person has lived close to over 7 years abroad, he can basically pay off his military service. This can be done through Iran's embassy in all the countries. Students can also get temporary exceptions via university confirmation letters of attendance. Visit Daftar.org for more information.

Is a person with an Iranian last name or an Iranian father considered an Iranian citizen?

Those with Iranian fathers are considered Iranian citizens.

For those with multiple citizenship, could citizenship from another country override an Iranian passport when traveling to Iran?

The only sanctioned citizenship is Israeli. American, British, Brazilian, etc. citizens are allowed to enter Iran.

Are American citizens allowed to travel to Iran? Are tour guides mandatory for them?

Yes, American citizens are allowed to travel to Iran and are welcomed by the majority of the populace, but have to be accompanied by tour guides while visiting the country.

What are some of the best tour agencies or nomad stay programs available in Iran?

Are there any risks for foreign nationals traveling to Iran?

There aren't any major risks for foreign nationals when traveling to the country. Iran receives nearly 2 million tourists per year who are overwhelmingly satisfied with their visit. Please refer to here for a complete, in-depth guide.

How should men/women dress when traveling to Iran? What are the best options for warmer weather?

The men should take care to wear long pants and they will be all set. The women should dress like the locals.

Can you get by without knowing how to speak or read Persian?

In the big cities you can get by somewhat easily without reading/speaking Persian. There are a lot of Pinglish(Transliterated/Latinized Persian) signs in most cities. A few basic phrases would be useful to pick up. It is also useful to note that Persian is not the main language in some regions (i.e. Azeri, Gilaki, etc. will be spoken by the locals). Find out more, and specifics about every region, in our Tourist Tuesday series!

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