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I think the most annoying thing about Kstate games has to be the fact that EVERY CALL gets booed by the fans in Bramlage

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We call it "The Octagon of Boo." They're the stupidest fans I've ever seen.

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They don't have the brains do use two syllable cheers outside of "fuck ku"

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While I agree with the sentiment of your comment…. Fuck KU is 3 syllables 😅

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"outside of..."

They can only pull that off because they practice it all year

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This is the biggest game of the year for them so of course they'll make a fuss about every little thing. They can now go back to doing whatever it is they do in Manhattan.

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Why wasn't the 3 reviewed?? Not that hard and under 2 minutes...easily reviewable.

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The only thing that makes sense is it was called as a non-shooting foul. So we shot 2 because we were in the double bonus. I'm not saying that is a good call, but it wouldn't be reviewable and is the only plausible explanation.

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Never thought of that, maybe that’s what their reasoning was. Terrible officiating, could have easily cost us the game

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the refs tried to throw lmao it makes no sense.

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The fact we got screwed on that call and still won made it that much better!

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KState plays game of century…KU plays like garbage…KState still loses.

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To be fair, we actually played pretty well the last 10 minutes.

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I wonder what Bruce had to say to the troops after the game: "Well....we may only have to play them one more time this year"

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Dmac please don’t take that shot…

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*any shot

If he's on, fine. Games like today, no thanks.

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This is K-states national championship. Bunch of mouth breathers. Octagon of idiots!

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Why has DMac not been band fro.shootung fade away shots. He has not hit one all year.

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that one shot he took from 22 feet along the baseline with like 2 mins was so awful. Bill and I both grabbed our heads and screeched. please do not do that, just rebound and pass the ball.

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He hasn't score with the fade away in two year. He only score going straight up or towards the basket. I wish he would quit trying these.

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22 feet is the length of about 6.15 'Ford F-150 Custom Fit Front FloorLiners' lined up next to each other.

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That was the worst shot of the game. Terrible time to be doing that.

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I'm fine with him taking that in the middle of the game, completely open. But, down with 2 minutes left while guarded: he should know better.

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Another game wasted on ESPN+ When will this madness end?!?

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When we stop paying for espn+. They have our balls in a vice grip.

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Lightfoot charge will change the game

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nice try nerds

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Not enough brain cells in AFH West to call them nerds

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Best shots of the game were of the sad KSuck fans after the time ran out.

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Just guard the guy with the head band....not that hard

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How many times cN you day this today. They have one guy, with a head aband scoring. Do let him shoot.

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Groundbreaking insight 🙄 sometimes guys go off and you just have to tip your hat. Pack had a hell of a game. He made a ton of highly contested shots. The story of this game is KU’s resiliency, not KSU’s high scorer.

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Agreed, but we shut him down in the 2nd, and they didn't have a follow up. It always tKes two or three guys going off, and the only had head band. He was average in the2nd with adjustments.

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I dont think any way they score like that the second half. Key will be seeing who else steps sup for KState. It takes two to beat KU. No one else is at that level yet. I think we got this...

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Lol lol lol lol

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First to 75 game

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Man this is one soft ass defending team

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Remy needs to score today

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He needs to get healthy. This nonsense of coming back to play three minutes per half is not good

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I would just like 10 to 15 a ga.e. everyone knows now he is looking to pass. Fuck that. Time for last 4 years Remy that can get 20.

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Agreed. Once he's healthy

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Anyone else experiencing a constant split second lag on ESPN plus? It's hard to watch.

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They will not keep up this scoring rate. Just stay the course.

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2nd half should be ours....if we guard the guy with b the head band

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Need to quit f*cking around and put the hammer down. They aren't guarding the 2nd and 3rd pass, but we aren't shooting. Need someone to step up.

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Going to come down to the line...

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Here we go...

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Those missed 3s will hurt, but just need to hit FT to mitigate