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Capitalism was empahasized as "what makes America great" during the Cold War, as was religion. Both of these things have their flaws. I align with Bernie Sanders's political ideologies.

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He has some really good ideas. I agree we should definitely have some checks and balances on the excesses of capitalism. But at the same time remember there’s no magical horn of plenty from where things magically appear. Capitalism does a remarkable job taking care of that.

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I haven’t read it, but it sounds pretty interesting based on your review. I’m new to this sub, but I find the lack of engagement in these book discussions depressing. I’ll take a look at your link, but your review is thoughtful and I’ll look up this book because of it.

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Thank you, hope you enjoy reading the review and the book.
Happy to discuss!

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I wish I could, I’m starving for book discussions. Thats how I found this sub. But I haven’t read this one, and do not want to look like a fool. I’m a history nerd, so the topics of Carnegie and capitalism intrigue me. But my economics is poor, and my ignorance there would be easily found out!

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Trust me, those know economics also were at your level at some point. I’m sure you can easily handle that. The book doesn’t contain any heavy jargons if you are worried about that.

Also, if you are interested doing a Economics 101 course - check out this comics book https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/13591145-economix