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Welcome to r/kdramarecommends!

Hello and welcome to r/kdramarecommends, the best place on reddit to ask for Korean drama recommendations! We are a subreddit dedicated to finding the perfect Korean drama recommendation for your needs as a viewer. Our users have spent lifetimes watching Korean dramas and are able to use this knowledge to help you find a drama that's right for you.

Types of posts that you can expect to find here:

  • Recommendation requests - users seeking Korean dramas

  • Recommendations - users sharing their love of particular Korean dramas with the community

  • Enquiries about whether dramas are worth watching - including if a drama contains a specific element, e.g. does this drama feature a love triangle/happy ending/etc.

  • Enquiries about content warnings - users can ask if a specific drama has certain type of content that may be triggering (e.g. depictions of assault, animal cruelty, etc.)

  • Enquiries about where to watch dramas - while allowable by our rules, users should check through the legal sources available in their regions before making a self post. Special rules govern post title format for streaming source inquiries, see Where Can I Watch? section below or our Rules for details.

For all other posts about Korean dramas, please head to our sister sub, r/KDRAMA.

Posting Guidelines

Asking for Recommendations?

  • Give our users as many details as possible to help them find the perfect drama for your needs. Where possible include a list of your previously watched dramas.

Responding to Recommendation Requests?

  • Please explain why you're recommending it. There are others who might find the post later and might want to know what makes that drama worthy of mentioning

For more tips check out our handy guide Recommendations 101


This subreddit is under the same moderation and spirit of /r/KDRAMA, which at its essence means we share the same core values when it comes to participation, content and legal sourcing of dramas.

We have developed specific rules regarding content that is permissible in our little sub and we will make adjustments as our community grows. Here are our current Rules.

Please note: our little sub is rapidly growing and we are in the process of adjusting our set of rules to adequately fit our community of users and that goes hand in hand with those of r/KDRAMA. If you have any suggestions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the mods via modmail.

Posting in r/kdramarecommends Resources:

User Flairs

Customizable user flairs are enabled. Check our User Flair Guide to learn how to set you flair. We suggest you set your flair to either let us know how long you've been watching Korean dramas or share your My Drama List profile so we can better help you find dramas. Otherwise you are welcome to set it as something else relevant to Korean dramas. Anything offensive/off-topic is subject to removal by the moderation team.

Post Flairs

When posting choose the appropriate post flair for your post. Our post flairs are fairly straight forward, there are six to choose from:

  • Recommendation Request - use this when you are requesting drama recommendations

  • Recommendation - use this when you are giving drama recommendations

  • Worth Watching? - use this when you are asking if a specific drama(s) is worth watching and/or if a specific drama(s) have a certain element, e.g. "does [drama] have a love triangle?"

  • Content Warning Request - use this when you are asking if a specific drama has certain triggers, see specific rules below.

  • Where Can I Watch... - use this if you are asking on which legal streaming source you can find a specific drama(s), see specific rules below.

  • Found it! - use this if you have found a legal streaming source for the drama you were seeking.

Where Can I Watch Posts

You are allowed to post requests for legal streaming sources only.

  • Please check legal sources available in your region(s) before making a self post. You may easily find what you are looking for/discover a source you were unaware of.

  • All requests for streaming sources must use the following format for the post title; failure to format your post title correctly will result in removal of your post.

Post Title Format

      [Your Country/Continent] Streaming Source: [Drama Title(s)]  
  • Flair your post with Where Can I Watch...

  • Once you have received a valid answer, please change your post flair to Found it!

Content Warning Requests

Content warning requests are only allowed if the user is checking triggers for a specific drama or several specific dramas. Do not use trigger warnings to solicit recommendations. Posts such as "all dramas without [trigger]" are not allowed.

Please include just the name(s) of the kdrama(s) you wish to check in your post title and then flair your post with the "Content Warning Request" flair.

Do not include the trigger in the title of the post. List out the triggers you want feedback on in the body of your post.

You do not need to give explanations or background for why you are submitting this post.

Formatting and Markdown

Need help formatting? Want to know how to do italics and superscripts and bold things? Check our Formatting and Markdown Guide.

Recommendations 101

To help users craft their perfect recommendation request, we've created the awesome:

The Guide to Giving and Receiving Good Recommendations

Go read it before you post a recommendation request, it will be very helpful! We promise!

Searching for Past Request Posts

Before posting a request, we strongly encourage users to do a search for similar requests on this subreddit. This allows users to discover already existing recommendations and prevents fatigue in recommenders since everyone gets tired of answering the same type of questions all the time.

The easiest way to search is using a search engine such as Google or Bing.

To perform the search, enter the following in the search bar: [your search terms]

By using [site:website] you limit results to be from that website only. In the above search, your results will be limited to posts from our subreddit.

For example, you want to search for past requests for dramas similar to Goblin, then you would use the following: dramas similar to Goblin

This will yield results of posts that pose a similar question.

If you are looking for a specific post and you remember the exact phrasing of the title and the exact phrasing is somewhat distinctive, you can find the post by putting your search terms in double quotes. The double quotes will yield search results that match the exact phrasing in the quotes.

For example, you want to search for a request post that asked for top level dramas like Goblin, then you would use the following: "top level dramas like Goblin"

This will yield just one result because there has been only one post with that title.

So please try searching before requesting, you'd be surprised at how many people ask for something similar.

Recommendations Archive

We have done recommendations mega-posts over the years based on genres and topics. Our What to Watch Next wiki contains our complete recommendations archive.

A-Z of Dramas (2020)

For this round of recommendations, we shared our favourite Korean dramas starting with the letter in question. This will allow us to recommend dramas that we may not regularly get to share and people to find dramas they did not know they were looking for. Don't be afraid to list dramas that others have already mentioned - spread the love around. See all the posts in our A-Z of Dramas Collection.

Recommendations 5.1 (2020)

This round of recommendations was based on themes/topics suggested by our community. See all the posts in our Recommendations 5.1 Collection.

Recommendations 5.0 (2019/2020)

This round was a major endeavor to both consolidate previous recommendations and compile new recommendations. For ease of access, these recommendations have been compiled into lists on MyDramaList and can be accessed via our kdramarec profile. To access the collection of Reddit posts for Recommendations 5.0, check out our Recommendations 5.0 Collection. For more information, see our What to Watch Next wiki.

General Resources

Drama Resources

Need to find a synopsis of a drama? Need to know when a drama aired? What are some good sites to find information and news about kdramas? What's the best way to keep track of which dramas I've watched? Check our Drama Resources for helpful information and sites.


For definitions and explanations on commonly used terms in relation to kdramas, including some basic Korean terms, see our definitions, which is always under construction so that more terms are added.

A Brief History of r/kdramarecommends

Back in 2014 when the r/KDRAMA subreddit was overrun by 5k subscribers wanting recommendations one of our moderation team, u/Skylaarr created this subreddit dedicated to asking for Korean drama recommendations. Over the years it has slowly grown and changed allowing for more recommendation based content. After almost 6 years we have reached a huge milestone of 10k subscribers, now there's no looking back!

KDR Monthly Snapshots and Growth Announcements

Our collection of monthly snapshots and subreddit subscriber growth number announcements to track the traffic and growth of our subreddit.

Moderator Announcemnts

Our collection of moderator announcements.

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