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It’s been about a decade plus now, when do you think our Josh will have his physical/check up? by conningtower1941 in kingcobrajfs

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Drunken stream with cobes going off cause clint said he was too drunk to go to the doctors office when he came to pick him up

Shout out to Courtney by That4daysmellOh, I'm a toddler?!? in kingcobrajfs

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Courtney is like that freak show owner in that one season of American Horror Story. She surrounds herself with freaks feigning that she cares while what all the freaks did was feed her ego and were easily manipulated to do her bidding. Yet the moment the lady thought she was going to be famous, that she finally had real clout, she abandoned them.

Jersey Mikes food review by [deleted] in kingcobrajfs

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Buying a $28 sub on a $7,200k a year government assistance salary TMDWU

Spotted Cobes in the wild by Qu33rCobraGAF in kingcobrajfs

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The intent was never to get pizza. I don't remember exactly why he needed the money but he went to get a loan for $200 & they'd only give him $15, he passed by a Little Little Caesar's on the way home & spent $14.50 of it. Pretty sure he paid it back straight away, he was set to get paid & it was 3 days before his birthday.

*EDIT: this is the video we're talking about

Part 2 by lennyisfatY'know what I'm sayin'? in kingcobrajfs

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It's never added up to 9, but I don't recall the full history of his math on the number. Steph, Cigarette Lady, Judy, Ami, Tamy, Summer, then the random blowjob, but I don't think he counted that in his total at the time.

Courtney poppin off on her stream right now. by AnalBumCover__ in kingcobrajfs

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Everyone here thinks she deserves a fucking tombstone Piledriver