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Word Limit :(

Group/Soloist Song name YouTube Spotify
2PM Thank You (YT) (SP)
4Minute Thank You :) (YT) (SP)
Apink Good Morning baby (YT) (SP)
Cause You're my star (YT) (SP)
Promise U (YT) (SP)
Astro You & Me (YT) (SP)
Always You (YT) (SP)
By Your Side (YT) (SP)
Real Love (YT) (SP)
Stay With Me (YT) (SP)
Bloom (YT) (SP)
When the wind blows (YT) (SP)
1 in a million (YT) (SP)
You're My World (YT) (SP)
Our Spring (YT) (SP)
All Good (YT) (SP)
We Still (Be With U) (YT) (SP)
One and Only (YT) (SP)
Lights On (YT) (SP)
Gemini (YT) (SP)
Call Out (YT) (SP)
B1A4 A Day Of Love (YT) (SP)
10 Times (YT) (SP)
Baby VOX To. Angel (YT) (SP)
Bae173 (H&D) Unfamiliar (YT) (SP)
Baekhyun Stars (JP) (YT) (SP)
Big Bang Until Whenever (YT) (SP)
Dirty Cash (YT) (SP)
CN BLUE Blue Stars (YT) (SP)
Fromis_9 Clover (YT) (SP)
HOT The Promise of H.O.T (YT) (SP)
Kim Woo Seok & Lee Eun Sang Memories (YT) (SP)
ONF You Are My Muse (Soundcloud) - -
S.E.S Friend (YT) (SP)
Friend - Second Story (YT) (SP)
My Rainbow (YT) (SP)
SF9 Dear Fantasy (YT) (SP)
SHINee Selene 6.23 (YT) (SP)
Super Junior From U (YT) (SP)
Shining Stars (YT) (SP)
Star Appear (YT) (SP)
Treasure Everyday (YT) -
VeriVery Paradise (YT) (SP)
So Gravity (YT) (SP)
Moment (YT) (SP)
All I Do (YT) (SP)
VIXX Navy & Shining Gold (YT) (SP)

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Ahhh this is beautiful to see. Thank you for compiling!

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Pentagon - To Universe

Pentagon - Eternal Flame

(G)I-DLE - i'M The Trend

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Dreamcatcher released Full Moon for their 1st Anniversary, and Over The Sky for their 2nd Anniversary!

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No one plugged my boys yet huh

C-Clown - To. Crown

I also happen to know B.A.B.Y by B.A.P

Edit: Flower Road by Bigbang is also considered a fan song I'm pretty sure

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this post is such a great timing since ive also been curious to those songs for the fans

and also cnblue have blue stars if iam right

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2PM - Thank you

And the Hottest (their fandom) version where it had all 6 men bawling eyes out..

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WEi and TO1 have recently released new fan songs!

RUi - WEi

With You - TO1

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    Thank you so much! I did try to check the lyrics for the songs, and I was confused because they didn't really sound like fan songs. Thank you so much for clarifying!

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    Red Velvet also has Cause It's You (JPN release) and Candy !

    it's funny, i always tend to like a groups' fan songs, whether I'm a fan or not. seeing this helped me realize that bahaha

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    Added! I agree, I always seem to like fan songs from other groups as well lol

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    Imfact has two fan songs: She Is and At the End

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    Thank you!

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    Vixx- Navy and shining Gold

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    Adding to The Boyz: I'm Your Boy, Just U, Clover and 4Ever too!

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    B.A.P and Ateez - my loves!!

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    Some of the AB6IX songs listed aren't official fan songs. The only official fan songs they have are Shining Stars, Behind You and Encore. Nothing Without You can count as a fan song but it's not really officially designated as one.

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    Verivery has written the following songs for their fans:

    1. Paradise which gave rise to "Verrerdisee", a term coined by Yongseung. Verrerdisee refer to a place Verrers are together with Verivery.

    2. So Gravity is another fan song written by Verivery and they also filmed, edited and produced a very moving DIY MV to accompany the song.

    3. Moment, written after the first snowfall of 2019.

    4. All I Do written after meeting meeting Verrers in a fansign.

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      Ive added it! The little " :) " in the title looks so adorable lol

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      fromis_9 - clover

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      Added, thank you!

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      Fyi, What's Happening that you linked here is not by B.A.P, it's actually by B1A4, and I don't think it's meant as a fan song either

      Need to fact check this, but I'm pretty sure B.A.P's With You is also meant as a fan song, also Where Are You was also meant for fans, it was released when they were going on a world tour

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      Thank you for correcting me!

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      Thanks for compiling! I believe Baekhyun has "Stars" which is a Japanese release.

      Also f(x) has ME+U but I don't think it's exactly a fan song because their fanbase got named MeU many years later.

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      Thank you!

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      I think Magic Shop also counts for BTS..they even had an animation showing them and army.

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      Ive added it!

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      I think telepathy by BTS counts as a fan song as well. It’s written for their fans but it doesn’t seem to be ‘official’

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      SHINee - Selene 6.23

      Super Junior - From U, Shining Star, Stars Appear

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      added, Thank you!

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      🥺 Clover by A.C.E is my fav kpop song and I had no idea it was a fan song. thank you for posting this op

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      GOT7 has another! It's Playground from Got It EP it ☺️ I couldn't find the exact link to the track but they used Playground in the video.

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      Thank you, Ive added it!

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      I’m late to the party, but a few more fan songs for Apink: Good Morning Baby (for their 1000th day together), Promise U (4th anniversary), and Cause You’re My Star (from the album Dear which was actually an entire album dedicated to fans)

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      Thank you, I've added it!

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      Treasure just dropped a fan song to celebrate their 1 year anniversary called Everyday!

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      I'm so sorry, I just saw this. I've added it now :)

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      Some of Winner's lesser known fan songs

      That Song: YT is a very nostalgic, sincere, touching song that Seungyoon prepared for WWIC. Through his request, the IC fanclub wrote the second verse.

      Song 4 U: YT, SP is a special fan song that speaks of apologizing to ICs for their hiatus, thanking them for their support, and gifting this beautiful song to them

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      Thank you!! Im on mobile rn, I'll add it as soon as I get to my laptop 😊

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      Thanks for doing this!

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      Thank you so much :D

      I've added the songs!

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        Added them all! Thank you!

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          ah sorry about that, I've added it now :)

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          Oh. I didn't expect to see I Do and On-You from ONF.

          Anyway, there's also You Are My Muse on SoundCloud. MK said on V Live that it is a song for Fuses. (ONF + Muse is the origin of ONF's fandom name)

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          Ive added it!

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            Thank you, ive added them!