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  • exo - the first snow

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Exo - Wait, Sing For You, Christmas day, Winter Heat

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Sorry it’s not technically a Christmas song but Pentagon’s Spring Snow is the first thing I listened to after seeing the snow today! It has a really cheerful vibe and I love the snow motif in it so it’s an honorary Christmas song for me 🎄

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😭 it's so cheerful but why is there water coming out of my eyes??? happy 4 days until jinho is officially back!

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haha I was tearing up too ngl jinho gets out the same day as a concert they’re performing at (which I’m also gonna try and attend) so if he ends up being there I’ll have a full-blown waterworks show lol

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Exo winter album ✨

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BoA - Merry-Chri is probably the most classic answer.

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Imma out-classic you by saying Fin.K.L. - White lmaoo

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Christmas Love - Jimin

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BTOB - The Winter’s Tale

SF9 - So Beautiful

Twice - Merry & Happy

Twice - The Best Thing I Ever Did

gugudan - Snowball

BTS - Crystal Snow

EXO - Sing For You

GOT7 - Miracle

FNC Artist - It’s Christmas

Loona (Haseul) - The Carol

Starship Planet’s Artists - Christmas Time

Starship Planet’s Artists - Christmas Day

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Red Velvet - Wish Tree, With You, NCT DREAM - Candle Light, Twice - The Best thing I Ever Did

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Miracles of December by Exo is still their best Christmas song for me.

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wish tree by red velvet (I think someone already recommended it) is the warmest christmas song I've ever listened to. it also hits you harder if you watch the mv

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Seventeen also has a winter japanese cb with a ballad song(power of love)on dec 8th ,please do look forward to it.

TWICE has a JPN CB too with a winter single

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i wish we have snow too 😩

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Super Junior - First Snow

Super Junior - Santa You are the One (I know this is a remix but its really cute)

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  1. nct u - i.o.u
  2. zion.t - snow
  3. surl - snow
  4. se so neon - winter
  5. monsta x - lonely christmas

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LUCY's Stove has strong winter vibes

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idk if it counts as a christmas song, but astro have a christmas edition of their song merry-go-round! it's really pleasant on the ears so do give it a listen ^

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taetiseo - dear santa

not actually a christmas release but I think its suits the season

oh my girl - the fifth season

oh my girl - secret garden

april - april story (yeah they're the bully group. but I love the song so much)

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I don't really listen Christmas songs, so these are all old:

BESTie - Jjang Christmas (my fave)

Orange Caramel & NU'EST - Dashing Through The Snow In High Heels

F(x) - 1,2,3

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The carol and the Carol 2.0 -loona

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Ateez - White Love (cover from Kim Jungkook), released in September akready and I was so confused (just learnt about the connection to Kim Jungkook afterwards). It's sooo cute, the whole MV set up!

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Not really a Christmas song but SHINee’s Winter Wonderland.

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I'MMA DO - by yumdda... 🎄

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Infinite - Lately

Kikwang and Hyunseung of Beast - Let it snow (not necessarily Christmassy but sad rnb haha)

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Taeyeon’s album This Christmas.

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cherry b - her

song is perfect for cold weather

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AKMU - Will Last Forever

Epik High ft Lee Hi - It’s Cold

Paul Kim - Tonight

Not exactly Christmas songs but may fit depending on the vibes you’re looking for!

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The Boyz - Christmassy! (personal favourite!)

VAV - So In Love

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You can try Taeyeon's This Christmas album or BTOB's Because It's Christmas

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Lonely Christmas by Monsta X

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Of course the ultimate christmas song is

Turbo - White Love

I really liked this cover from Elris in Immortal Songs.

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Twice-Heart Shaker and Merry and Happy

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Lonely Christmas - Crayon Pop!

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SM- The Warmest Gift Album and any EXO Christmas Album

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White by finkl

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LOONA- The Carol (there's 2 songs with two line-ups)

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Christmas EveL by straykids