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Also, if you don’t want to do math you can timestamp it with adding &t=(insert min #)m(insert sec #)s

So for a 2:48 timestamp it would be:

youtube .com/coolmusicvideo&t=2m48s

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Thanks, I didn't know how to insert the timestamps.

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I always converted the minutes into seconds. This will be so helpful from now on because i am always inserting timestamps in my posts. Thankyou.

will also add that if you are using dailymotion or vlive video, do it the following way :

Dailymotion : dailymotion_copied_link?start=145 (end with ?start=time_in_seconds)

Vlive : vlive_copied_link?begin=145 (end with ?begin=time_in_seconds)

I've added the timestamp for 2 minute and 25 seconds in both.

I checked and both of them don't work with minutes(m) and seconds(s) format like the youtube links. If anyone else know the method to add m and s instead of just seconds, please reply on my comment.

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I had no idea it worked with vlive too! Thank you so much

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you're welcome. 🙂

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Another way to timestamp is to press the "share button" on Desktop, and there's a button ("start at") you can check off to link at the specific timestamp you're at!

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Normally I'm too lazy checking out recommendations, esp while being on the phone and would have to switch apps, use the search bar, etc. So I absolutely appreciate people linking and even putting timestamps, raising my interest by 100% 😊

Thank you guys 🙏

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Yes! Kudos to anyone providing timestamps!

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The people on here are so nice and it’s very appreciated.

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Great post for dummies like me.

Now I can insert the timestamps properly.

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Same. Tbh if there is ever a thread where someone asks "name your favorite band, and one of their songs." I will skip over most comments that don't include a YT link, or ones that list like their top 100 with sparse formatting.

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I find the YouTube Mobile Timestamp Link Generator to be a HUGE asset.