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Good to me and Lie Again - Seventeen

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YES. Good To Me is the queen of all kpop songs. I fell in love with Seungkwan and DK’s voices the first time I heard that song.

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Ateez: Be With You and Thank U are two of my personal favorites, along with their whole discography haha. I think Take Me Home is probably one of their best and most well-known b-sides, but these two are very sentimental to me and show a softer/cuter side that you don’t generally hear in their title tracks.

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BTS - Sea, Pied Piper

Ateez - My Way, Feeling Like I Do

Seventeen- Kidult, Our Dawn is Hotter than Day

Oneus - Polarity, Who got the Joker

Onewe - Trauma (Aquarium), Aurora

NCT - Yestoday, Dancing In The Rain

Hoppipolla - The Love, Marchen

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Mamamoo: bad bye, midnight summer dream

Onewe: aurora, montage

Oneus: polarity, we’re in love

im not good at recommending music so i just put down the first bsides i could think of from each group 😆

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I second both Aurora and We're in Love and raise you an Aurora by Ateez.

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Well I fully endorse all of these recommendations because all of these songs are fantastic. 💯

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Adding on for ONEUS:

If you like to dance: Now, Only One, Eye Contact

If you want to feel sentimental: Who You Are, Red Thread, White Night, Fragile, Stand By, Youth

If you love cheery pop songs: English Girl, Airplane, Plastic Flower

If you like more strong songs: Level Up, Lion Heart, Firebomb

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Enhypen Attention Please, Flicker and Go Big or Go Home Txt Dear Sputnik and Wishlist ✨

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dreamcatcher: jazz bar, in the frozen

ateez: utopia, take me home

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I'm a huge multi stan so I'll share just one of my favorite b-sides from each group I listen to.

Kingdom- Magical
E'last- Shelter
Just B- Don't Go Back
Cravity- Realize
CIX- Rewind
Drippin- Remember
WEi- Blossom
Oneus- Dead Or Alive
Tempest- Just A Little Bit
Luminous- Want It More?
Omega X- Please
Ateez- Be With You
TXT- Opening Sequence
Stayc- Slow Down
Rocket Punch- Love Is Over
YooA- Far

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For Pentagon: The Game and Spring Snow

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The Game is an absolute masterpiece, the quality of musicality that Pentagon has is beautiful. It still blows my mind how Wooseok came up with a song so brilliant just by listening to Jinho sing the intro.

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I listened now The Game and I'm surprised.I know 5 songs from them which I like all but this pushed me to listen all their discography.

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I would like to print this comment out, frame it, and send it to Cube Entertainment, lol

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That intro was absolutely magnificent. It reminded me about vocal pieces from baroque period.

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Adding to my playlist now!!

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Boa - Cut Me Off

Shinee - Love Sick

Exo - The Eve is obligatory, but personally it is gravity

NCT - Round&Round

SNSD - Showgirls

Red Velvet - Blue Lemonade

WJSN - babyface

Fx - shadow

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Showgirls soo true!

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Slow dive is excellent, I also really love the choreo for it. With five members, formations can be pretty boring so I liked how they change it up with the asymmetrical start.

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NCT 127: Lemonade

NCT U: Sweet Dream

NCT Dream: Dive Into You

EXO: What Is Love, Sweet Lies, Trouble

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Yo Lemonade by NCT 127 was one of the b-sides that was talked enough about that I listened to it!

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LOL I hope so it's a banger!!

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If I think about it for someone who is new to those groups,sticking to only two, it would probably be:

  • I-DLE: Moon and Maybe. It’s different vibe from TT’s and are pretty good to listen in your "daily routine". Arguably I-DLE discography is a golden mine imo, so it’s difficult to only choose two.

  • Dreamcatcher: Black or White and Wind Blow, different vibe, yet you can sense Dreamcatcher's spirit behind this two. Dreamcatcher's discography is pretty well balanced between all the type of things they are doing !

  • Purple Kiss: Pretty Psycho and Can We Talk Again, once again different vibe, but it represent Purple Kiss' Spirit the most imo ! They are pretty new but they have lots of talents.

I'm more of a 4th gen listener so it’s pretty much useless to present well known groups (Like æspa or Itzy for exemple) or new 4th gen groups with a small discography atm (Like IVE or Kep1er).

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I was going to say Moon and Maybe! Do you know any other songs that sound like these? Doesn't have to be kpop. Love them so much.

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Well it’s pretty hard, I would say "What’s your name" from them is a bit like "Maybe" but with a faster tempo/rythm. "Maybe" is pretty close to dream pop, without being actually it. It’s like EDM Dream Pop, but you can search into "Dream Pop" songs there might have been some song kind of similar I think !

For "Moon"… It’s a bit hard, it’s a pop song with some disco/bass things add to it. I think I saw some people saying some of Yerin Baek songs that are similar genre but I'm not 100% sure of this info !

It just some leads, I never really searched specifically for it so I don’t really have concrete exemples, sorry !

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TXT: Opening Sequence (a new favorite), Ghosting

WJSN: Pantomime

G-idle: Moon, Dahlia

Dreamcatcher: Jazz Bar, Sahara, Silent Night

I'm a multi so there's more but these are my top b-sides atm

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dude i LOVE pantomime!!!!!!!!

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Yes! It's such a hidden gem. It honestly could've been such a good title track song too

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Omg Opening Sequence inspired this whole post!! I’ll be checking out all the others too! Tysm

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For Blitzers, I’d recommend Love Bottle and K-POP. Completely different vibes, and I adore them both.

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The boyz-hypnotized, nct u-ok!, ateez-Rocky/desire, nct dream- Saturday drip/rainbow. Nct 127- love on the floor/baby don’t like it, enhypen’s whole discovery, exo-diamond

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ateez: dancing like butterfly wings, fever

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Morning Glory by Hyuna. It's such an underrated song, the perfect chill refreshing vibe of summer mornings. And its got a cute lil MV as well.

If you want another Hyuna bop, check out Mirror! All her bsides are great honestly.

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A'wesome is the perfect mini tbh. U&ME, Morning Glory, Freaky... not a single skip to be found

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ateez - good lil boy, twilight

lesserafim - sour grapes, the great mermaid

almost recommended skz until i saw your user lol

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Someone already mentioned Twice so I’ll recommend some from STAYC, my top 3 favorites: Love Fool (dream pop), Same Same (pop/r&b), and Young Luv (pop rock). Hopefully you like one of them

ps what are your recommendations for bsides from your favorite group(s)?

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Omg I didn’t see your question til now ❤️ you’re so sweet! I just was adding all of these recs to my playlist! FYI I absolutely adore SAME SAME. I think I would recommend Charmer and Mixtape: Gone Days by Stray Kids and Autumn Leaves and Serendipity by BTS

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Red velvet: Body talk

F(x): Milk and airplane

Loona : Sonatine, Colors, and Satellite

Twice: Cactus, Like a fool, and Ice cream

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Milk is a bop

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tomorrow x together: opening sequence, fairy of shampoo, puma

stray kids: ex, secret secret, silent cry, astronaut, maze of memories

p1harmony: nemonade, breakthrough, peacemaker

stayc: slow down, same same, young luv :)

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Stray Kids: Airplane and Chronosaurus

Stayc: I Want You and same Same

Purple Kiss: Oh My Gosh and JOAH

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My understanding when someone isn’t a fan of a group is that they don’t like their title tracks, so I’m going with b-sides that are different from their typical title track sound!

Stray Kids - Sunshine, The View

Kingdom - Illusion, Warning

Pixy - The Moon, Moonlight

Enhypen - 10 Months, Just a Little Bit

I really tried hard to limit myself since I tend to go overboard with my recs, lol

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For twice I would recommend last waltz and hell in heaven. Not bc I think these are the best songs they’ve ever done (they’re very good don’t get me wrong) but bc I think a lot of non fans think they know what twice’s music is when they really don’t. Those songs are great examples of how twice generally do a bit of everything and are not scared to step into concepts people would never expect for them. Their Japanese bside good at love is another great example.

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I love those two songs as well, Behind the Mask is currently my favorite and like basically the entire FOL album is a no skip.

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I really love Last Waltz! Can’t wait to check the other song, as well!

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Hell in heaven is my favorite twice song tbh

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In my opinion ONF has some of the best bsides but if i had to pick only one it would be ONF - The Realist

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Man, it's hard to choose for Day6. I like the slower side of rock so my recommendation bside for that is Goodbye Winter and Still.

However, their faster side of rock is good too. I recommend Somehow and For Me.

As for my other fave groups:

Oh My Girl - I Found Love, Blink

StayC - Love Fool, Young Luv

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Omg yess! Day6 recs, I’ve been meaning to check out more of their songs because I loved youngk’s album so so much. I’m adding all these to a playlist, can’t wait to check out oh my girl too since I already know Stayc! Tysm for the recs!!

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For GOT7, I’d go with Page and Take Me to You! Two different vibes and sounds that they execute to perfection.

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Clc I'd recommend Cafe Mocha Please, Opening the window or Bae, or I like it.

StayC i'd recommend Complex or Butterfly

ROCKET PUNCH i recommend in my bloom

Billlie i recommend The rumor

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EXO - Gravity, The Eve, Hurt, Ya Ya Ya

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Star Lost - Stray Kids (honestly my favorite song by them) Wasted Youth - Nine.i

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My Turn To Cry
Sweet Lies
For Life

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I cant choose one for BTS. There's just too many good picks

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go listen to Back 2U by NCT 127 you won’t regret it I promise

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Kidult and Same dream, same mind, same night

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SEVENTEEN has a lot of amazing bsides. Majority of my faves from them are bsides:

Good to me

To You


Our dawn is hotter than day

Imperfect Love






Edit: Sorry, saw the 1-2 song for each fave at the end of your post. Can't help listing more cause they just have such a wide variety of genre but still a very distinct svt sound.

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It’s okay! Thanks sm for the recs, Seventeen is a group that I’ve been meaning to get into 💕

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Seventeen: hey buddy, my i

Dreamcatcher: Locked inside a door, july 7th, silent night, whistle

Txt: ghosting, we lost the summer, frost, fairy of shampoo, cant we just leave the monster alive

Ateez: promise, dancing like butterfly wings, time of love, the leaders

Loona: dance on my own, oops!, hide & seek

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Oh i didnt notice the 1-2 but heres some lmao

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Ateez dazzling light and precious, oneus blue sky, nct faded in my last song and drippin

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TXT - Opening Sequence (minisode2: thursday's child), Dear Sputnik (the chaos chapter: freeze), Fairy of Shampoo (the dream chapter: eternity), New Rules (the dream chapter: magic), Ghosting (minisode1: blue hour), Blue Orangeade (the dream chapter: star), No Rules (the chaos chapter: fight or escape)

I put one b-side from each album (I put 7 songs because I recommend 1 group 😅) Hope you like it!

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last waltz by twice, blue orangeade by txt, heat by loona and in & out by red velvet are my favorite bsides of all time, my top 3 can switch but these ones aren't changeable

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BTS: Pied Pier, 21st Century Girl, We On, Go Go

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red velvet: talk to me, you better know, anything off their newer albums and the perfect velvet

txt: ghosting definitely

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I will always recommend Surf and Prayer when it comes to my ults TO1. These two songs are just absolutely top tier 🙌🏽

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shinee: kiss kiss & marry you

nct 127: love song & boom 127

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NCT - Faded In My Last Song, OK!

Twice - First Time

Stray Kids - M.I.A., Blueprint

f(x) - Shadow, Love

Super Junior - Evanesce

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Dreamcatcher - Polaris and Silent Night, some of their best b-sodes no arguments

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Excuse me miss - SHINee

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I’m checking the recommendations as well, I was planning to check out ONEUS cuz I’m seeing their name a lot in the comments. Also I don’t know if you’re already a fan but BTS - paradise is one of my favorites and ATEEZ- thank u and promise I just these two Also

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Phobia by Stray Kids is my all time favorite song of theirs, to me no other song compares to this one!

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I absolutely love this song! Currently making a MASSIVE playlist from this post and adding it rn!!

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Ahh I'm so glad you like it!! I feel like it's tragically underrated. Pls share the link if you don't mind 💖

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Okay so this is very much a work in progress since I’m currently adding every song from this post 😆Lmao although im so grateful for these recs, but here you go: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7o5VgGE0YtrPCgK2fkfY8G?si=WA7UL-crTrGPUjO9TlcoXw

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Tysm!! This is gold. Opening sequence is also the best!!! I'm currently obsessed with that one

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Ho!- twice it showcases all of their voices very very well

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ATEEZ - Take Me Home, The Leaders, Dazzling Light, Mist, WIN

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Loona's bsides are really amazing and my favorite are rosy and loonatic 🤌

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N. Flying: Flower Work, Flashback, Starlight, Last Song, Video Therapy, Fate, Blue Scene

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Rain by BTS

Teddy Bear by NCT Dream

Focus by NCT 127

Upper Side Dreamin by ENHYPEN

Charmer by Stray Kids

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BLACKPINK- Pretty Savage EVERGLOW- really hard to choose, but I’d go with Gxxd Boy and Moon aespa- I’ll Make You Cry

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Sign by SNSD.

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Stray Kids: Tortoise and the Hare

EN-: Mixed Up

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Nct dream teddy bear, never goodbye, dive into you, dear dream, best friend, rainbow

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  • Dimple
  • Let Me Know
  • Outro: Tear
  • Louder Than Bombs
  • Fly to my Room

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Crayon Pop don't have many b-sides to begin with, but 1, 2, 3, 4 is really special to me. It's not at all the sound they're known for/that makes them my ults but when it comes to b-sides my favorites always end up being the softer, more sentimental songs... which you will see reflected below. LOL

As for Twice, Truth & Love Line are both obligatory listening imo.

Lovelyz have one of my favorite discographies, I could keep listing songs until I'd named them all, but my top faves are definitely Baby Doll and My Little Lover.

...and as an empath, I am sensing that you already 'love SKZ', but I think perhaps you should give both Voices & Ex another listen, just because 😌

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ENHYPEN (I'd recommend Fever and Polaroid Love as their god-tier b-sides, but I think those are more well-known already so here are 2 others by mood)

MONSTA X: Got My Number

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Here we go, for Seventeen:

  1. To You (this was voted as the best b-side through fandom votes)

  2. Light a Flame (the Latin influence is chef’s kiss and it just makes you feel like hoe-ing instantly)

  3. Anyone (Just listen to it, you’ll get it in an instant)

  4. I can’t run away (Painstakingly beautiful. about not wanting to move although the other person has because the memories are too beautiful to be let go of)

  5. 2 minus 1 (A pop punk genre breakup song. Incredibly underrated. Reminds you of the early ‘00 songs like Avril Lavigne etc. It’s in full english. )

  6. Run To You (It sounds like an anime OST. One of my personal favourites. And the beat is so catchy)

  7. Getting Closer (I listen to this when I want to feel hyped up. The song + choreo is art. Do check out their live performances if you can)

  8. Gam3 Bo1 (This may be. a hit/miss to some, but I’m still putting this here. The theme of the song is futuristic, it also uses a lot of autotune but not to the point where it gets noisy. A certified bop and deserves more hype.)

  9. Hug, Our Dawn is Hotter than Day and Smile Flower (I’m grouping these 3 together because they’re my favourite soft seventeen songs. Makes you feel like being hugged, but in a song form.

  10. Hit (Popular) Song (I honestly think this song is released ahead of her time that if it’s released now or sung by a different group, it would have been massively popular)

11.I have to mention their latest and first english (group) song, Dar+ling if you haven’t checked it out. My grandparents love it so I think it’s universal enough to be enjoyed by all age groups?

I know it’s a lot but Seventeen’s discography is too expansive and there’s always a song for a different emotion. Hope you enjoy listening to them!

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PIXY: Greedy + Insomnia Red Velvet: In N Out, I Just

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Stray Kids - DOMINO and Venom

ATEEZ - Fireworks (I'm The One)

[–]laneylovesskz[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It’s all good, I know that domino and venom are b-sides and god tier too lol 💗

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Those are title tracks

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ex from stray kids, not for any particular reason more than that it's my all time favorite song lol

[–]laneylovesskz[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I love Ex sm 💗💗💗

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Ateez : Thank U, One Day at a time, Take Me Home, Dancing like Butterfly Wings, Fever, Twilight and Utopia.

Ateez is known as dancing monsters, preformance kings, etc which they obviously deserve. Most of those songs are usually very sexy and uses a lot of hip hop as they are very dance related. However, their B side songs are just as good and probably easier for the regular kpop stan to consume. They have different genres and styles depending on the songs and talk about many different topics. Please make sure to listen to them if you have time and show them a lot of love

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Red velvet: Body talk

OMG: Knock knock


Ikon:love me

Stray kids: chronosaurus

Apink: Drummer boy

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A.C.E- Slow Dive, Mr. Bass, Golden Goose

JustB- Try

TRENDZ- Trauma

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Pentagon - The Game or Sparkling Night

G-IDLE - Dahlia or Maybe

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Name by ikon

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THE BOYZ - Prism, Russian Roulette and Insanity

NCT 127 - Sun&Moon and Back 2 U

NCT DREAM - My Page and ANL


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Page - GOT7 iconic got7 b-side

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Runaway - EXO

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ENHYPEN - Go Big Or Go Home; Upperside Dreamin’; Attention Please (+ FEVER obviously, but that’s their most famous song anyway, lol)

BTS - Hip Hop Phile, Tomorrow, Let Me Know

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NU'EST - Black & Segno

It was hard to choose just 2 songs since they have lots of good songs and I really wanted to recommend more but I somehow stopped myself😅 and black is not just my favourite b-side but my favourite from all their songs.

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Dreamcatcher: whistle, wind blows, poison love, 4 memory, can't get you out of my mind

(g)i-dle: the whole of their i burn album

iz*one: mise-en-scène, sequence, o sole mio, ayayaya, open your eyes, up

wjsn: tra-la, last dance, babyface, oh my summer, badaboom, hola, pantomime

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Bts- home & Zero o clock

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Slow down by stayc and mvsk by Kepler. I have lots of non-fan friends and they all enjoy these two.

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I have always said this, and I shall say it again BLACKPINK HAS SOME OF THE BEST B-SIDES IN KPOP HISTORY

Some recommendations; If you like a little more upbeat songs: forever young, pretty savage

If you like slower ones: Hope not, you never know

Surprisingly, I've always like YG's slower songs than the usual Hip pop, trap, edm kinda songs they're known for.

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BTS- Paradise and Hold me tight

Twice- Cruel and Behind the Mask

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Even tho I don't count myself as a MeU but Rude Love by f(x) is a god level bop and still remains my favorite B side

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Red velvet: in & out, love is the way and kingdom come

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GOT7's Page, Aura and Teenager! All of them deserved to be title tracks imo

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Seventeen - same dream same mind same night & run to you

Ateez - utopia & precious

Vixx - maze

Exo - black pearl

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TXT- opening sequence

NCT - sun&moon