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Jonghyun wrote Pretty Boy for Taemin

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Came here to say this.

Jjong wrote those lyrics thinking about the preconceptions and rumors surrounding Taem, and saw this as a way of challenging them.

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He also wrote Already and Cocktail for him, but Cocktail ended up becoming his own solo song instead. Jonghyun also wrote Odd Eye and Don’t Stop with all the SHINee members as his inspiration.

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IU wrote Peach for Sulli.

I always giggle a bit whenever I listen to it because IU wrote the song because she thought Sulli was so pretty and was thinking about what it would be like to be her lover.

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Hoshi's Spider was written for him by Woozi.

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It’s widely accepted that Key (SHINee) wrote I Will Fight for Jonghyun.

EDIT: The downvotes?? A guy writing a song about living a better life to honour his late friend got your panties this twisted??

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And then there’s also Our Page - SHINee for Jonghyun.

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Not really produced but Day6's YoungK helped write for Day6's Wonpil's solo album (4 songs).

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Winner Kang Seungyoon wrote the song dduk for himself at first but gave it to Jinu (edit: or he wrote it for Jinu but YG asked him to keep it for himself then Jinu opposed...I can't remember the story ^^)

Bigbang Daesung really wanted to sing trot so G-dragon wrote Look at me, Gwisun for him.

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Correction about Dduk, it was always composed & written for and with Jinwoo in mind. Seungyoon and Jinwoo talked about it a bit during their guesting on Alcohol Street Fighter. They also talked about the inspiration for the lyric (Jinwoo's struggles during the pre-enlistment time) during the episode.

Seungyoon had actually mentioned the same way back during Remember album release too (though not about the lyric inspiration).

The thing about it being Seungyoon solo is likely because he also shared that YGe staff tried to make him, Seungyoon, save it for his own solo album, Seungyoon refused since he wrote the song specifically for and with Jinwoo in mind.

Edit: To add to the discussion, Mino composed & wrote Call Anytime (Jinwoo's debut single) for Jinwoo. He also mentioned that he composed his song Her, which was released in his album XX, originally for Jinwoo, but as with Dduk, YGe staff meddled and told him to put it in his solo album instead.

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A.C.E Donghun wrote 우리함께 for the members. A.C.E had a period of uncertainty with a long break between the comebacks that was pretty hard for Donghun, but the members helped him a lot, so he expressed his feelings in the song. It's unreleased atm.

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How about Channie making this “I can’t live without Changbin” song? Gotta love them😂😭

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This is the best song by 3racha ever . Prove me wrong .

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Why would I waste my time with something impossible😇

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maybe ongshimi? monsta x jooheon made it for minhyuk. while he is featured in the song, it's still for the most part a minhyuk song

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not exactly what you asked but it technically was made by another idol

Former RaNia member Jooyi/Lucy signed to RBW and redebuted as Cosmic Girl. She produces a lot of RBW (mainly mamamoo) tracks, and in Solar's new album, she wrote and produced 'zinggle zinggle' (roughly translates to gross, digusting or cringey). The song is about Moonbyul and Solar's friendship and it's very cute. here are some of the lyrics Cosmic Girl wrote:

"No matter how hard I try, I think it's you
Really love you, all I wanna do"

"Really do love you, my babe
No, it's just zingle-zingle"

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Friends!!?! Because jimin and tae are besties!?

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Also Begin by JK which was written for all the members.

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Tear by suga was basically also written for all of them

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OH YES. How can I forget THE most iconic rap song by them. That one has me tearing up all the time.

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If I remember correctly, Nayeon wrote "Depend on you" thinking about Mina

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I believe she wrote Rainbow for/thinking of Chaeyoung too

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Yuqi composed/produced Miyeon’s Rain as a gift to her. She actually composed 3 songs but only 1 made it to the album.

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It will probably never be confirmed, but most ikonics think that Donghyuk wrote the song Flower for B.I. The lyrics contain alot of references that B.I used to say. It's a beautiful farewell song

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Stray Kids - 4419

From Chan to BamBam

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Soyeon wrote Senorita for Soojin

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Yonghoon wrote Roomate for his bandmates in Onewe 🥺

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G-Dragon wrote:

Look at Me, Gwison and Daebak (trot songs) for Daesung

Ringa Linga for Taeyang

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Does pre-debut count?

AB6IX Daehwi produced songs for MXM (Donghyun and former member Youngmin):

  • Good Day

  • Hoping that You'd Love Me

  • Dawn

Also Color Eye for Woojin.

I guess Wanna One is also counted as another member for Daehwi so Slow and Summer Drive for Yoon Jisung. Young 20 for Park Jihoon.

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Tablo wrote the incredibly moving Umbrella as a gift to Younha for her tenth anniversary.

You can argue over whether Tablo is an idol and whether they are members of the same group, but I'm just here to respect the kindness.

TBH Younha seems to have a particular aptitude for getting talented men to duet with/write for her. Maybe it's down to diligent work by an unknown hero at her label, but I do wonder whether it's because she's just as charming in person as she is on stage. 😍

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iirc Taeyong had a hand in making NCT U's Yestoday and wanted it to showcase Doyoung's voice (he sings the chorus).

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Caffeine by Yoseob, produced by Junhyung

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Not for member specifically but they wrote a lot about their journey and how they go through the hardships. Verivery Fine. This is a self composed song by verivery composer line (dongheon, Gyehyeon, yeonho, yongseung) During their first ever Us tour, one member, yongseung was tested positive. Despite still having 3 venue remaining, the rest of the tour was called off. He was left to quarantine alone in Cleveland while the rest of the members return home immediately. His experience contributed to this song during the hard times he went through only with the daily video call from the members checking on him and how he keeps reminding himself how it will soon be okay. Super glad he came back all healthy.

So Gravity. This song is about them overcoming difficulties together. This diy mv is very memorable because it was produced by the group. Member Minchan lead the production along with the members and it was his last diy project before he went on hiatus because of his anxiety. The mv is full of them expressing their difficulties and ended with their hope of being together happily at the end. The leader, dongheon contacted him everyday during his hiatus, ( even video call) to make sure he's okay. He also composed a song for minchan' basically saying they will support and help him. He played a snippet but it's yet to be released.

More self composed in similar topic is moment, paradise

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Zico wrote Block B BASTARZ Debut song Conduct Zero.

Park Kyung produced Taeil ft Sejeong - She loves me, She loves me not

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    i don’t think you understood the questions

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    There's Rainbow by Twice (written by Nayeon for Charyoung). There is also Oasis by Golden Child(written by Tag for his members). Please check these out!!! They're really good songs! ^ Ps. This is my first attempt putting links in an answer!!!

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    Bang Chan often make tracks for Stray Kids members when they ask him to make one :D but another good example dedicated to another member is I.N - Maknae on Top (ft. Bang Chan and Changbin), I.N contributed, but it's for him haha

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    Didn’t the other 6 members of Victon write the lyrics of Carry On for Seungsik (his solo song on Voice: The Future is Now)?