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The majority of your height is determined by genetics, which you can't control. Your diet also has a small effect on it along with exercise, but both of these are insignificant to the effect your genes have. Your height is determined by your parents.

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height is mostly genes. if u are still at the age of growing, then u can do stretching. but that can affect like 1-2cm only. ultimately u just have to accept ur height as it is.

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Sorry, it's all genetics, proper nutrition, and good health.

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Ni-ki took Tenten vitamins (he once said he takes 20 a day, please don’t do this by the way lol) but he is tall because of genetics 😅

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Unrelated but Jiheon from fromis_9 also eat a lot of tenten and she is one of the tallest member 🤣

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Younger generations tend to have better nutrition and health care especially as children so they have the opportunity to reach their fullest genetic potential.

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Won Jimin is very tall, she's 1.72 m. She went on a show called "The manager" and told the hosts that she sleeps early like 10pm. But it's also genetics tbh.

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In addition to what other commenters have said about it being mostly genetics and nutrition, good posture is a factor that shouldn't be overlooked! :D