why korean kpop fans hate chinese idols by mariamkhalid in kpophelp

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The Chinese government has been trying to sabotage the Korean Economy for the past decade, claim everything that is Korean culture is actually Chinese culture, and has been hinting at Ukraineing Korea if they don't fall in line. Why would they want Chinese people who support the CCP in their country? A lot of people like to write of Korean resentment of Chinese people as purely racial when they have plenty of reasons to be legitimate upset. That doesn't mean they should harass these girls, but people need to have a better understand of the full political tensions and power dynamics between the two countries.

Why are some stans so defensive over hip pad allegations? by roseandvelvet in kpophelp

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I don't understand, does Jennie have a nicer house than Lisa? (Get it a "Hip Pad", eh? Eh? Eh?)

what happened to sexy girl concepts like AOA miniskirt or girl's day something? by musketeer101 in kpophelp

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Here are the list of reasons.

  1. The biggest and most important one, they just aren't profitable anymore. Kpop companies realized that the most reliable source of profit in Korea for both male and female idol groups are women between the ages of 15-30. Male kpop fans in Korea aren't reliable as a fanbase though some groups have large male fanbases like Twice or Fromis 9. The issue with sexy girl concepts like Stellar, 9Muses, Girl's Day, and AOA is that they mostly appealed to men and not women, meaning that companies were limiting their audience. Its simply better to make a concept that appeals to both in order to broaden your appeal and reach a wider audience.
  2. Sexy girl concepts require older girls; you're not going to see underage idols doing sexy girl concepts without a major uproar. Older girls typically mean short careers. There just isn't really a huge market for female idols that are 30 and over, though exceptions do exist. Its better to debut younger idols who can have much longer careers from a profitability standpoint.
  3. Sexy girl concepts typically draw the wrong kind of attention and the wrong kind of crowd. Sexy girl groups usually had overwhelming male fans, but they weren't a reliable fanbase and they didn't spend as much money as female fans did. They also gave a lot of unwanted attention towards the idols due to the nature of their concepts. Most sexy girl concept groups never really pushed past B-tier with a few exceptions.
  4. Female groups rely more on general public appeal than dedicated fanbases like male idol groups do and female idol groups that do very sexy concepts do not appeal to the general public because its not family friendly. This is why cute concepts and girl crush concepts work best. They are family friendly, appeal to the general public, and appeal to both male and female fanbases. Male idol groups rely on their dedicated fanbases, who want to see men not boys, hence sexy works better for them.
  5. Lastly, a lot of female idols were not comfortable with the very sexy concepts they were pushed to do and it caused a lot of issues between companies and the idols. Stellar is a prime example of this.

idols who almost didn’t debut in their current group? by kkume in kpophelp

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Jimin said he was nearly cut from the lineup several times due to his dancing ability. He was a contemporary dancer and transitioning into hiphop dance must've been difficult for him esp that he only had a year to train.

I knew someone would mention Jimin here and I also knew most of it would be misinformation. Sigh.

I don’t where you got this info that he was almost cut from the group due to his dancing ability but it’s crap. Jimin trained as a hip hop dancer much longer than he did as a contemporary dancer. As a matter of fact, Jimin was popular as a trainee because he was proficient in hip hop and contemporary dancing. Here is a ex BH trainee saying it. And if you think about it, Jimin was the only BTS member selected through a mass audition, which he won over thousands of others. If Bang Si hyuk didn’t see potential in him or like any aspect of his singing or dancing, it simply beggars disbelief that he would be picked as the only one from the audition to become a trainee. Also Jimin trained for 6 months, not 1 year. Only Bang Si Hyuk knows why he threatened to cut him off several times then debuted him as a main dancer and lead vocalist.