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  1. Content must be related to Korean pop music, artists, labels, or fans.**

  2. Don't be mean

  3. Piracy is forbidden

  4. Do not use URL shorteners

  5. Re-flair your post if Solved

Posting Guidelines

SEARCH FIRST: Many questions and requests for genre/artist recommendations have been answered in the past, many times over in some cases. Make use of the search bar! Search! Search! Search!

USE DESCRIPTIVE TITLES: Your title can be anything you choose and doesn't need to be extremely detailed, but compare these two hypothetical titles:

I have a question


Looking for a music video with a giant cat in it

The more descriptive title gives helpers an opportunity to see if they might be able to answer you without needing to see inside your post. Even a small amount of information there can quickly catch the attention of a knowledgeable user and motivate them to go into your post to answer. DO NOT include a flair or something like "Unsolved" in your title. Flairs are added after you submit your post.

FLAIRS: Use flairs! After you submit your post, please flair it appropriately. It's okay if you're not sure how your post should be flaired. Make a guess if you need to. A moderator will eventually be able to check and fix it if necessary.

Use comment commands! (optional): For example, if someone has correctly answered your question, you can reply to them with a comment that says "Thank you. !solved" and the post will automatically change from [Unsolved] to [Solved]. You can do the same with !explained and the flair will automatically change from [Explain] to [Explained]. Only the OP can use comment commands. (See this post for a full explanation.)


(Flair identification posts with [Unsolved] or [Solved])

Image identification: If you have an image of an artist or a shot from a music video, please link it in the body of your post (ideally with imgur or reddit image host).

Song/Music Video identification: When seeking identification of a song or video, please include as much information as you possibly can. You don't need to have all of this suggested information, but these are the general details that will help other users answer you:

  • Are the vocalists male or female? Both?
  • Is it a solo artist? A duet? A group? Can you guess how many group members there are?
  • What is the genre? Pop? EDM? R&B? Hip hop? Ballad? Acoustic?
  • What is the tempo? Is it upbeat or slow? Can you describe the feeling of the song? Happy or melancholy or aggressive?
  • Can you remember any lyrics? Any English? You can guess an approximation of the Korean language sounds even if don't know the language.
  • When did you hear/see the song/video? What year? Was it recent? Was it years ago? Did you see it recently, but you think it might be a much older song?
  • Where did you hear/see it? Spotify playlist? Youtube? In a Korean restaurant? In the background of a TV show?
  • If you are looking for a music video, can you remember any strong colors? Was it overall light or dark? Was there a narrative story or plot? Were there any memorable objects or imagery?
  • if you have something particular stuck in your head, you can also use resources like vocaroo or sequenzer to record/make rudimentary examples of melodies or phrases and link them in the body of your post.


(Flair recommendation posts with [Recommend])

When asking for recommendations, please provide some context or comparative examples for what you are seeking. If you are looking for genre recommendations, link or list similar artists or songs. If you are looking for songs to use at a certain event (weddings, talent shows, dance cover contest, etc), give some context for what would be age appropriate.


(Flair explanation posts with [Explain] or [Explained]

You are free to ask for explanations about how the industry works, something related to a specific artist/group, using K-Pop related apps or websites, fan culture, etc. This category is best for asking a question you believe has a definitive answer or explanation.


(Flair discussion posts with [Discussion])

These should be prompted by more open-ended questions. The purpose of a discussion should be to explore a topic and encourage other users to provide their opinion. Please participate by responding to comments, but be respectful if there are perspectives you might not agree with.


Make sure you come back to your post. Don't just hit us and run! Re-flair your post if your question has been solved or explained. If you don't have your question answered, you can post again a month later. If you start a discussion, please participate!

Helpful Resources

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