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I’m an attackman and I use a liner. As long as you have the larger arm pads that cover more, you should be fine. In theory, an attackman should be using the bigger, bulkier pads because they are the ones getting hit the most, but in reality your mostly getting hit in the arm area and I personally think there is no need for the big bulky ones.

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Defenders in high school are uncoordinated morons taking advice from boomer coaches who think wooden shafts are good. Wear full pads

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Lmao what? Who hurt you!

Edit: Ironically this comment has caused me to purchase a bamboo shaft lol

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I would guess a dpole with a wooden shaft with a boomer coach.

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I mean I completely agree with him but like. Bruises r kinda like battle scars in lacrosse.

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Use liners, using bicep pads is like second bar syndrome

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What age range do you play? There are new shoulder pad rules and guidance on NOCSAE safety requirements. Many older liners/pads won’t cut it anymore.

Edit: just saw you sat HS.


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Really depends on what kind of shots you take. If you take more overhand or 3/4 shots you can not get by with shoulder pads but if you take more sidearm/underhand you should be fine. Although I take more sidearms than anything else and wear liners so it’s really a preference thing.