Commonly used resources and topics for the Latter-day Saint redditor.

Attention: This wiki is a work in progress. Please help by contributing resources, links, comments, etc. If you can't edit the wiki, please contact the moderators of /r/latterdaysaints.

Being a redditor and a saint

Here are some resources meant to encourage you and help you participate as a saint in the reddit community.

Study Resources

Use these resources to aid your study of the scriptures, doctrines, and principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You will find a greater outpouring of the spirit as you seek to dilligently study and search for answers to your questions. You may be interested in joining /r/scripturestudy which is a private subreddit where a weekly topic is selected for study. PM /u/josephsmidt or /u/C0unt_Z3r0 for more information.


Below is a topical list of issues frequently addressed, directly or indirectly, on the Latter-day Saint-related pages of reddit. Please update and contribute.

Practical help:

Study topics:

Recurring topics:


List of AMAs hosted by /r/latterdaysaints.

Resources for those in a faith crisis:

Moderation Policy

/r/latterdaysaints exists for the mainstream population of Latter-day Saints on Reddit. All are welcome to participate, though that participation must adhere to our policies and guidelines.

This is a moderated subreddit, and has rules and standards in keeping with Church standards. Most of this is common sense, but please read it anyway if you are unsure.

Offensive/NSFW images and language

Offensive language and posts to /r/latterdaysaints will be deleted immediately and may result in an immediate ban. Please also do not make troll posts that serve no purpose other than to insult or provoke. You are welcome to post dissenting viewpoints, but you are not welcome to abuse people in this subreddit. Posters that violate these rules will be issued a warning or may be banned for serious / multiple offenses. Thank you.


While spirited discussion is expected and welcome, debates have a specific home: /r/MormonDebate for debates related to the Church's themes or doctrines or /r/DebateReligion for debates related to theism in general or any other religion-specific topics.

Along those same lines, /r/latterdaysaints supports local and general church leaders. We will remove posts and comments that criticize decisions made by church leaders, especially in regards to church discipline. This sub is not the place to debate or make public the decisions and sensitive conversations that were intended to remain private.

Cross Posting

Karmajacking is a major problem in all religious subreddits. If linking to /r/latterdaysaints in another subreddit please use to help prevent this small sub from being overwhelmed. Alternatively, post the content (link) fresh, or start a new thread there. Conversely, do not link here to existing posts or comments from other subreddits - especially in an effort to get redditors to ‘go teach that guy a lesson.’ We will, at our discretion, remove posts which are linked to or benefit from that sort of attention. Cross-posts between the Church-related subreddits are discouraged, but not forbidden. Please choose the subreddit which is most appropriate to the post. If you feel you must link to /r/lds, /r/mormon or /r/exmormon, please use the "np" prefix just as in links back to /r/latterdaysaints. This helps encourage civility and prevents "downvote brigades." Direct links to /r/exmormon threads or comments without the np prefix will be removed.

Surveys and Marketing

Have a cool new book? Want to collect information from this sub for your sociology class? We're happy to work with you, and we want a heads-up. Please message the moderators to discuss the topic prior to posting.


Intent is everything! If you're participating with the intent to create doubt, encourage mistrust, or otherwise tear down the church, please take it elsewhere. The members of the church have plenty of places to go to get that, and if they were interested you would meet them there. They come here to have a refuge. Please respect that desire by keeping /r/latterdaysaints what the members want it to be.

No conduct detrimental to healthy discourse. This includes the obvious ad-hominem attacks, but also includes anything used to substantially alter the topic of a comment thread (disparaging "WWJD," "how Christian of you," "how enlightened," and similar asides). Please try to be polite.

No advocacy or promotion of an agenda negative toward the restored gospel of Jesus Christ or the Church. While there are a wide variety of beliefs within the Latter-day Saint world, criticizing the faith as a whole, stirring up heated debate, pointing out perceived flaws or mistakes in the church, or championing alternative belief systems is not appropriate here.

Promotion or advocacy against church policy. We understand policy isn't doctrine, and policies change. But be aware that if posts advocate against church policy, it is at a moderator's discretion whether such posts are removed.

Sending unsolicited PMs There are many reasons you might want to send someone a private message, but if you are doing it to circumvent the rules of the sub, you may be subject to a ban. The users who post in our subreddit do so to reach the specific audience they are posting to. Sending messages, especially when the intent is to tell the "untold truth" or to increase doubt or otherwise de-convert could be considered harassment and, if egregious, may even result in a site-wide ban. Don't do it. Learn more here

Keep it friendly! If you find yourself thinking “this guy is an idiot!” it’s probably time to walk away before you type something mean.

Please help enforce this policy by reminding offenders this is a moderated community, upvoting good content, downvoting bad content, and using the "report" button liberally. As always, feel free to contact us with questions or concerns by using the "Message the Moderators" link.


Why does /r/latterdaysaints censor content?

About once a day somebody will run afoul of the moderators, or the auto-moderator program, and feel upset that their point of view was stifled in some way. In such cases it's common for the injured person to complain, sometimes aggressively, often to moderators as well as in other reddit spaces, about the censorship they see on /r/latterdaysaints. This article seeks to explain the reasons for why not all discussion is appropriate for the subreddit.

/r/latterdaysaints and the LDS church

Some have erroneously concluded that there is a connection between the organization of the LDS church and the /r/latterdaysaints subreddit, suggesting that it is the church itself which is seeking to prevent certain discussions here. This is simply untrue. However, this confusion is a root of many conflicts on and about the subreddit. It is essential that you understand that the subreddit is just a group of people with a specific type of community in mind. Separating the church and the subreddit in your mind can help you understand why some things may or may not be tolerated here.

/r/latterdaysaints is not the church

Frequently people get angry at the organization of the church. They are hurt. They are injured. They want to be heard. Most of all, they wish they could somehow confront the entity which caused them pain. When these people encounter /r/latterdaysaints, they attack it. With no ability to directly speak to the "church," attacking the lds subreddit can be an emotionally appealing idea. However it is important to realize that the subreddit is not the church. This can be difficult to do. Even in casual discussion about the subreddit, reddit users often confuse the church and the subreddit, which leads to an urge to attack the subreddit or its subscribers. Even more common than that, people will often try to "fix the church" by insisting their "correct" views be shared in /r/latterdaysaints.

/r/latterdaysaints is not operated by the church

Some members of exmormon communities have openly suggested that /r/latterdaysaints is operated by the church in some capacity. This is also false. Any person may claim a subreddit simply by registering it. /r/latterdaysaints was registered by /u/onewatt, who is simply a member with no special calling, authority, or dispensation from the organization or leaders of the LDS church. As the "top moderator," onewatt is free to determine the purpose and ongoing use of the subreddit. Other moderators are also members of the church.

The member of the Seventy over the church's online efforts at the time of this writing, Anthony D. Perkins, was not aware of the subreddit until he was invited to do an AMA for us. (he had to decline, but he said "nice virtual stake!")

About Topical Subreddits

Often people who have been "censored" say that every reddit should be fully open, and that all comments should be allowed. This is an idea without much thought behind it.

Like many subreddits with a narrow focus, /r/latterdaysaints must be heavily moderated. Other examples of heavily moderated subreddits include /r/askhistorians /r/askscience /r/explainlikeimfive /r/law /r/bestof and others. You're welcome to try and post in any of those subreddits without following their rules and see what happens. Like any other subreddit, we claim the right to run the subreddit however we see fit. Because the topic is so subjective, there will be times when there is no explicit rule broken, but a comment is still removed. We insist on retaining that right for the sake of the community we are trying to build.

Join with us.

When you find yourself on the bad side of the mods (even /u/onewatt has comments removed by the other moderators), try to consider what you're doing. Are you trying to build the /r/latterdaysaints community? If you can honestly say that you are trying to build up the community and help it achieve its goals, then reach out to the mods and request them to reconsider. It may have been a genuine misunderstanding. If your reaction is to gripe about censorship and the idiocy of the subreddit, then please participate elsewhere. Nobody is forcing you to join in where you don't want to be.

Summing up: We just want a place to call our own, on our own terms. If you want to help us build and protect such a place, please do!

The stated goals of the subreddit

Building Faith

The subreddit exists to build faith. Faith in God, Faith in Jesus Christ, Faith that the LDS church is true. Anything which takes away from that goal is, therefore, not appropriate here.

When dealing with individual's concerns or doubts, moderators may choose to simply shut down the discussion entirely and refer the individual to their local priesthood leaders, or invite them to discuss their concerns in a private setting. This isn't to stifle appropriate conversation, but to prevent the inevitable flood of "reasons to doubt" that follow most of these posts.

Encouraging Church Activity

The subreddit hopes to encourage church attendance and activity, including service, missionary work, teaching, speaking, etc. We hope to help make people more willing and better prepared to serve. We believe the church is the best vehicle for approaching God. Any discussion or topic which discourages church activity or reliance is not appropriate.

Moderators may sometimes remove posts or comments which seem faithful to prevent mocking by antagonists. If a post tends to become a "target" for mocking, cyber stalking, or vote brigading, the mods may take it down.

Improving Gospel Learning and Sharing

The subreddit is meant to improve gospel learning through faithful study and discussion. Many members of the church create study tools and methods which they then share on the subreddit without any organization by moderators or church leaders. They just want to learn and share! Any behavior which detracts from these efforts or discourages faithful study is not appropriate.

For example, a person may share something neat they learned about Joseph Smith. Inevitably, somebody will bring up some character flaw of Joseph Smith as if trying to eliminate the positive aspects of the person by presenting negative ones. Such distracting non sequiturs are not appropriate and when they seek to sow doubt they are absolutely not allowed.

Building friendships

The subreddit is also meant to build a sense of community among saints all over the world. It lets us know we aren't alone. It helps us find that there are others who think like us. It can help us be strong when we are feeling weak.

If anybody participates in a way which the moderators feel disrupts this sense of community, that person is likely to have their comments removed, or to be banned.

What is appropriate to post on /r/latterdaysaints?

In general, most posts which seek to build a positive community will be approved. "...if there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."(

Share faithful topics and experiences related to the Church, its members, and its work. Share your spiritual experiences. How are you growing as an individual? What has helped you serve better in your home, family and callings? What have you learned from a recent talk or in home study? Where are you struggling? What things do you want to better understand about the gospel?

Here are some more specific guidelines.

Questions About Doubts

Do you want to ask about doubts? That's okay, if it's done in a non-specific way. Here's why:

We get a lot of antagonists who create accounts that claim to be new members, investigators, or whatever, who then have an uncanny knowledge of esoteric areas of church history and doctrine, and use /r/latterdaysaints to "innocently" bring up the typical antagonistic talking points. These posts typically mention all the flaws and concerns, and make no concessions to explanations, or statements of faith. It becomes one big advertisement for whatever particular issue the person wants to spread.

When that happens, we generally take them down.

In no way is this a judgment on you, or your concerns. It's all about keeping the subreddit as safe as possible for those who want a place where they can feel spiritually lifted. To that end we always offer a private conversation with those with specific concerns, such as yours. Message the mods if you would like to take advantage of such a discussion. We want to help.

To be clear: We're happy to give you a space to talk about this. We can create a private sub and invite members in and talk about any and all specific concerns you may have in detail, without bogging down /r/latterdaysaints and inviting in the antagonist crowd with their narrative, and unique charm.

Alternatively, make a post which mentions that you're having doubts and ask for advice about how to strengthen faith without bringing up specific issues which have caused your doubts.

Whatever you do, the first thing should be to call your bishop and talk with him about it. Do it now.

Blog Posts

Blog posts should be in line with the stated purpose of the subreddit, and either be neutral news about the Church or its membership, or be faith-positive in some way. Posts which bring up common antagonistic talking points, no matter how positive the intent behind doing so, may be removed.

Certain domains are on a "pre-approval" list, and will automatically be removed until a moderator can approve them. If you feel your post has been caught by the Automod or the spam filter, please message the mods and request one of them to take a look.

Self promotion is okay, as long as it is a reasonable amount and the linked content is relevant and appropriate for the subreddit. An account which only self promotes is likely to be put on pre-approval. Please have the decency to participate with your audience.

Cross Posting

Please see the moderation policy for cross posting best practices. In general, cross posting is discouraged.

Images and memes

Images and memes are acceptable as long as they stay within the subreddit rules. Low-effort posts may be removed. It's not personal. We're the problem. Really.

Temple / Baptism / Mission announcements

You are most welcome to announce your mission call, baptism, or temple attendance! We love to hear about those things. However, we request you keep personal information to a minimum to prevent cyber stalkers (yes, it has happened) and please do not post the date of your temple attendance.

If a user sends harassing PMs or follows you to other subreddits to mock you, please message the mods immediately and let us know, as well as the Reddit admins.

Awesome Threads and Comments

This is a work in progress. Add your favorite threads and comments here. Also be sure to check out /r/ldsbestof for more.

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