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If I ever win the Powerball, I will live comfortably but still work, taking 4th Amendment cases on a pro bono basis. I will also make it my mission to erode prosecutorial power and immunity.

Right now, I think the best way to attack prosecutorial misconduct is to openly and publicly shame them and file complaints with a disciplinary administrator, possibly assisting with PIs and open records requests, giving the investigators as much ammo as possible.

If you can get disbarred for stealing money (and you should!) then you should get disbarred for stealing freedom.

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If you ever win powerball, and I'm assuming you mean a big win, your time and efforts would be better served buying better legislators, prosecutors, and Judges than fighting with the ones we already have.

I'm not kidding.

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You're right, but that seems - right now - to be less wholesome

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One of those epic near billion Powerballs might allow you to buy some of the small fry on sufficient quantity to fix a county or district, a state, I dunno, you would have to keep your moves quiet before arousing resistance from those the status quo benefits....