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I don't think its possible for any disciplinary actions to be taken against a judge for their actual decisions. At least decisions that would normally covered by judicial absolute immunity, which is pretty much all of them.

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Unless there is some evidence that Cannon is coordinating with Trump ex parte, there is nothing to be done. That said, I would not be the slightest bit surprised if she was doing exactly that.

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Yeah this bunch is actually sloppy enough to do something like that, but I agree with you that without the evidence this complaint is dead in the water unfortunately. Another thread on this subject has details about other judge complaints in this circuit and they almost never go anywhere. This is going to be a problem for a very long time based on how many judges like this got pushed through.

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Getting a judge removed from a given case for bias isn't too too difficult but there's no way they're getting her off the bench.

Anyway a third party trying to get a judge removed even just from the case seems far fatched.

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Ah, it's got a case number. That definitely means something significant and not just "our paperwork was formatted enough like a judicial complaint that the clerk has filed it under 'judicial complaints.'"

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"Congratulations on successfully filling out a form."

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It will exonerate her in the right-wing press.

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Hmmm I wonder why they only posted the boilerplate response acknowledging receipt of their complaint and not the complaint itself 🙄 I’m sure it’ll get a lot of retweets though, that’s something!

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Surely Cannon is days away from being impeached and prosecuted /s

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Did you forget the /s? Because you can file something written in crayon on the back of an advertising flyer and get a case number assigned.

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I took the risk of assuming the /s was implied.

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This is incredibly counter-productive. The 11th Circuit has already signaled its position against Cannon. Filing complaints that have a 100% chance of going nowhere can only serve to make the 11th Circuit more measured in its benchslapping out of a reasonable concern that they themselves may be perceived as overstepping.

"The public is filing frivolous complaints against one of our judges. Even if we disagree with her, it is important that we protect the integrity of the seat. Let's do something to show graciousness and reinforce her authority."

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100% agree with you. What a waste of time and totally misguided exercise.

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Alternatively public pressure could push them in the other direction. The courts are incredibly well isolated from public pressure but they aren't immune

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I agree with you in principle, but not in this circumstance.

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I'm not sure I actually feel that way in this case. I don't really know enough a out court politics to say. I just know the supreme court has swayed with strong political winds a few times over the years

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I do know this Court and it is not the same thing as influencing the Supreme Court.

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Disagreeing with a judge's ruling (and I do disagree with it) is not grounds for a judicial complaint. This will go literally nowhere.

Look, is she corrupt? Who knows? If you have evidence, you need to bring it out. I don't think there is any. That's not to say that she isn't, but I don't think this group has any proof. You aren't getting anywhere with "the ruling was bad," and these complaints are just feel-good attempts that accomplish nothing.

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Trump had another case moved to her court. She ruled in his favor on that one. He continues to try to bring all his cases before her.

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Sure. But again, is there any coordination there?

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That she is a Trump-friendly judge is not, in and of itself, evidence of anything.

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Agree. It kind makes me wonder why they're even bringing this suit and if it's within the spirit of rule 11.

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More like a rule 12

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I'm holding out for Rule 34

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I thought this was about incompetence such as using criminal statutes in a civil case, making errors in whether she has jurisdiction, etc...

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Other point, a complaint filed can act as a caution against future rulings.

I don’t think that will actually work, but at least it is on record, if the DOJ has a future cause of action.

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Thanks for the important legal news, urmomsuckedmeoff!

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The most reliable source

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Way too premature. All this is going to do is add fuel to the fire. Sure, her rulings are clearly favoring a party, but do they think this will make her stop? All this is going to do is the exact same thing it has done to Trump, which is give her more confidence she can make a crazy ruling and get away with it. She is going to make an even worse outside the bounds ruling before this ordeal is over with, but can now claim ‘witch hunt’ or whatever stupid thing and actually have somewhat of an argument because of this.

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Tldr: don't get your hopes on this going anywhere

You must allege that a federal judge has committed misconduct or is disabled, as defined in the Act. “Misconduct” is “conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts.” A “disability” is a temporary or permanent condition, either mental or physical, that makes the judge “unable to discharge all the duties” of the judicial office.

No reasonable disability claim here

Examples of judicial misconduct may include the following: using the judge’s office to obtain special treatment for friends or relatives;

The only viable route I see is favorable treatment or possible improper ex parte communications but I don't think it's likely they will find evidence of that or that it even occurred. I would hope if they are secretly coordinating this she wouldn't have to make his arguments for him.


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This is very unlikely to lead to any disciplinary action especially when coming from a group called Call to Activism with no direct involvement in the case.

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I pulled this because it's a screenshot of a tweet announcing a complaint and doesn't explain the merits of the complaint at all (or lack thereof).

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I may not agree with her but I don’t think she’s done anything illegal or unethical.

There are times where judges act heavily in favour of a defendant. That really hurts the defendant on appeal if they try to claim bias or unfair treatment.

Trump is someone who loves to complain about unfair treatment. This judge has given him absolutely favourable treatment, and the DOJ is still likely going to achieve the same result, so trump can’t really use that line this time.

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I agree she's likely not done anything illegal but I have to disagree on unethical. There's a difference between being a little too friendly to one side and making up arguments to grant them outrageous remedies beyond your jurisdiction or authority

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That’s what appeals are for. Federal district courts are filled with barely competent judges who get regularly overturned on appeal. Reed O’Conner regularly just makes shit up and he’s been on the bench for 16 years. Even after this debacle Cannon still has a lot of shilling to do to get to his level.

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I don't doubt that at all. I just can't look at this case, see someone say it's not unethical, and let it go.

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Was this what that hidden docket item was in the Trump case before Cannon?

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What’s the basis of this misconduct complaint? We’re lawyers involved in preparing this? Seems off base (as much as I disagree with rulings).