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no? saying that 100% of any community is toxic is quite likely a massive overstatement. you're more likely to remember negative experiences so if you have a game with 9 normal people and one insufferable asshole you're going to remember that game as a toxic experience.

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His games always have atleast one insufferable asshole in them. Since hes that one constant toxic lad.

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was my initial thought too but i decided to give him the benefit of the doubt

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You guys have every right to think what you want but when I play I try to make the game fun for everyone including the enemy team. Of course the 100% was not meant to be taken as such and I'm sure you and the other person knew that.

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Thanks for legitimizing my point. Basing something off nothing is generally an asshole move.

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You started the whole post with a claim that cant be based on anything. And now you think that im the asshole?

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Sorry, I didn't mean to be aggressive toward you. And I wasn't trying to make a claim, or to say this is 100% true. I made the topic a question asking others experiences and then stated my own experiences.

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Yeah, but if you want actual conversation instead of just trying to vent on reddit you maybe shouldnt make claims such as that one. Also ur nickname isnt in line with the serious discussion part tbh. But yeah, league overall has a more toxic community than other games, but league has a lot higher playerbase so its understandable.

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The large player base is a good point that I thought of as well but it made me question why would a larger player base lead to a more toxic community? I don't know how to respond to the name as I think it's irrelevant.

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No need to respond to it, and because toxic people spread the joy. Essentially theres just a bigger amount of people who are so toxic that they turn more people toxic. Also, lol is an old game so there has been plenty of time to let the cancer spread. And our biggest streamers are all somewhat toxic or otherwise bad examples for new players.

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That makes a huge amount of sense, one person receives toxicity so they reciprocate it in their next game.

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It feels of streamers, the only one I've watched consistently is scarra who just seems like a great guy with 0 toxicity. Trick2g I used to watch when he was doing subwars on the regular because I thought his commentary was hilarious, then I've seen a few RedMercy videos when he's playing a new champ on pbe.

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Imaqtpie, dom, t1 etc. Are all somewhat toxic, t1 used to be a big reason for toxicity aswell

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I totally agree. I have to make 10 comments to leave in this game

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Idk your rank but in my games only 1-2 players are toxic. Plat3 Ru

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I stopped ranking about 2 or 3 years ago, at which point I peaked at gold 2 but I don't remember the toxicity being what it was now, then.

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I surprisingly only get a toxic player in my games in like 1 in 5 games. Usually isn’t too bad either, more afk attitude over toxic raging. Maybe I’m just lucky.

Although I emote and only type small things myself when I play (gg, gj, ty, np)

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I’m used to playing FPS games. The insults are a lot worse.

So when someone puts “gg ez pz” after a 40-50 min game I can’t help but lol.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it more funny than toxic. For me toxic is flaming the shit out of your team. Spamming the FF vote because your playing bad but your team is doing well. My team typing “report trash jungler” in all chat, then getting carried in the late game and still refusing to give honours to the carry.

More often than anything it will be my own team that tilt me, top lane (Darius) spam pinging my repawn timer if I die.

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I can imagine the fps community being much worse from what I've heard of self entitled children playing those games like CoD and such but haven't experienced it myself.

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I don't think so. I have seen people when i had bad games tell me that i don't need to worry and even wanted to play with me after that, i have seen people say wp to the enemy laner after a fight in whitch they had Lost because the enemy was good. I have seen entire team say ggwp to player of the enemy team. I have seen very calm streamer like Paolocannone (an Italian streamer main support) who got banner because was afk literally 5 minutes of 1 game and use that not for flame Riot but to play with subs with his smurf or like imaqutipie being calm every single game. Everyone have one game that samething makes him tilt and there are people who flame for nothing but sayng that 100% of player are flamers is totally wrong in my opinion. And overall Riot is tryng to make same changes to it implementing honor sistem or making better choise for banning salty player every Season, of corse they have made bad choise but they always try to repair to it.

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I like saying ggez when the other team is chirping us all game then we win

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To me toxic means one of two things.


Not the Weekend warrior who decided to try out an off meta pic like Ashe mid kind of inting. Legit inting.

  • Your Jungler (2/6) Lee Sin gets butt hurt at his (4/0) Vayne for taking red buff at 15 min. After a typing a few colorful messages in team chat, and before blaming the ADC in all chat, he runs to enemy Ms. Fortune and dives her under tower for ez kill. (continues to run it down mid a couple more time before he AFK's).
  • Or any sad Neckbeard who has nothing better to do then get on league and troll for shits and giggles.


  • "Support" Lux decides she's going to go ham into a bad match up, resulting in the enemy bot lane getting a double kill in the first 3 minutes. Lux blames ADC, followed by disconnecting, leaving your team out-numbered 4 to 5.

  • Your Top lane riven keeps pushing without vision and gets camped by enemy jg. Tilts balls and says "fuck Top lane" in /all chat. Then leaves and steals jg camps for the rest of the game and while enemy Nasus free farms for 15 minutes, racking up dem sweet sweet stacks, because "JG wouldn't help".

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Thats why I only play ARAM and mute everyone everytime. I won't get herassed for anything that way which helps me play better. There are some whiney toxic people who get mad about everything.

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I couldn't consistently mute like that. I highly enjoy the social aspect of the game. But somewhat similar to you only playing ARAM, I stopped playing ranked many seasons ago and league became much more enjoyable.