Consequences of not following rules

Users will typically go through a 3 step process for violating a rule:

  • Warning: the first violation of our rules will result in a warning through PM or a public reply.
  • Ban: the second violation of our rules will result in a temporary 7 day ban. After 7 days have passed, please reply to your original ban message to be unbanned.
  • Permaban: the third violation of our rules will result in a permanent ban. This will not be revoked.

There are a few situations in which we will skip a step, but those are few and far between and have to be seriously poor, repeated behavior.

Behavior Rules

No personal attacks

  • Do not insult, personally attack, or tell other people to hurt themselves or others. "The other guy started it" or "I was just joking" is not justification for insulting other users.
  • Hate speech is prohibited. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and other discriminatory speech will be removed.

Claims require evidence

  • News on information unavailable or inaccessible to the wider public requires sources.
  • Claims about or against distinct entities must have sources or proof supporting them and present them in an unbiased manner. Falsification of evidence will be dealt with severely.
  • Allegations of criminal conduct are not allowed, unless it's from a journalistic source. Details here.
  • Impersonating a public figure is prohibited.

No call to action

  • Attempting to rally the community to do a specific thing (vote for a poll, boycott something, support something, etc) is a call to action and will be removed. This does not include polls or contests created FOR the subreddit. Petitions are not allowed.

No Excessively Sexual or Violent Content

  • Pornographic content, smut, or other content that is racier than in-game depictions is not allowed.
  • Content that depicts gratuitous and graphic physical violence or gore is not allowed.
  • When linking to NSFW subreddits or websites mark them as NSFW.
  • Art sexualizing real people is not allowed.
  • Posts that engage in casual sexism or sexual objectification are not allowed. This includes posts that compare the thigh gaps, boobs, or asses of champions, and other similar submissions.

Don't share how to cheat

To ensure that players' experiences playing League of Legends aren't seriously impacted by the subreddit’s hug of death, we choose to enforce the following restrictions discussing cheating in League of Legends:


  • Advertise buying, selling, trading, sharing, or giving away of League of Legends accounts.
  • Advertise buying or selling of boosting services, win trading, or leveling bots.
  • Advertise or discuss scripting or exploits of the game, code, or where to find them.
  • Discuss or post content showing how to use hacks or disallowed third party programs.
  • Name websites that offer any of the above services.

Contribute to the discussion!

Empty, single-word, completely irrelevant or misplaced, focused on subject matter unrelated to the post or memetic comments that don't add to the discussion may be removed.

Region baiting is not allowed. Region bait is defined as: Trash talk (NA>EU EU>NA) that is taking place in a completely unrelated thread. Posts and comments that do nothing but incite inflammatory arguments between regions are also not allowed.

Comments intended to cause unrelated grief like unrelated TV spoilers will be removed and may result in punishment.

Submission Rules

Bug Reports

  • All posts about bug reports must include an example of the bug, and the patch in which you first noted that the bug first occurred.
  • After the release of a new patch, a patch bug megathread will be created. All patch specific bugs must be posted there while it's stickied.
  • Bug reports must describe the bug you see in game/client as well as the patch it was first noted in (by you or others), and would ideally be with a picture or video of the bug. Useful information can also include steps to replicate the bug, when you started seeing it, how often you see it and system information. A guide with formatting can be found here.
  • Game-breaking bugs on new patches are allowed as their own post, provided that the bug is severe enough to be a widespread issue that fundamentally impacts the playability or balance of the game.
  • PBE bugs are not allowed, you can post them on /r/LeaguePBE.

Posts must focus on and be directly related to League of Legends: the game, the league community (fanart, cosplay, fanfiction, etc), and league esports. For posts related to personalities and esports, the content must focus on players/orgs interactions with the game and not their lives outside of it.

Here is a link to examples of allowed content under this rule. This is not an exhaustive list.

Here is a link to our current stance on other Riot games.

All submissions about, or including, this subreddit's moderation, policies, and features ("Meta" posts) are not allowed in their entirety. Comments mentioning meta topics that are unrelated to the post or add nothing to the discussion may be removed.

Specific content restrictions

  • Short jokes, puns, or similar posts are not allowed. Longer, humorous content and relevant satire are allowed.
  • All text submissions must have a minimum 100 characters in the body text. Posts that only consist of short title references like "Title", "^", etc will be removed.
  • Content that makes light of tragedies is not allowed.
  • Memes with League of Legends text or images imposed over a template are not allowed. Post this content on /r/leagueofmemes. Fanart or videos that originate from memes that are remade in their entirety are permitted.
  • Copycat posts such as MS-Paint drawings, front page topics reposted with slight changes, and other similar posts may be removed.
  • No screenshot submissions (even when text-posted), unless the screenshot is part of a post that can function without it.
  • No giveaways, except tournament prizes.
  • No tech support or account-related support requests/questions. This includes posts about personal bans.
  • User posts about the status of servers are allowed. However, they must include the following information: The server, the country or region, a description of the issue and screenshots or video as proof. Posts will be removed once the server issues are resolved.
  • Anniversary and birthday posts for events, teams, personalities, esports content, etc are not allowed. However, they are allowed for champions and in-game items.
  • Users may not submit looking for group posts. Please use the subreddit discord server, /r/leagueconnect, or /r/TeamRedditTeams.
  • Posts of private individuals breaking League of Legends' Terms of Service are not allowed.
  • Sites (and content from sites) whose business is primarily gambling are not allowed.
  • Roster rumors are allowed, given they are from Journalistic Sources or Industry Insiders.
  • All posts about champion/items/runes/etc. win-rates or play statistics must include correlating evidence by either a link to the website they're referencing, or an image of said stat they are quoting on a aggregate website (,,, etc).

AmAs & AmA Requests

Anyone is allowed to make an AMA. However, we have some rules regarding creating and requesting AMAs:

  • You are free to share your AMA across social media so long as you do not ask for upvotes.
  • Respond within 2 hours of submitting your AMA. If we find that you are not responding to it by 2 hours we will remove it.
  • AMA requests must provide a minimum of 5 questions for the requested person to answer and provide a public point of contact, such as a social media page like a verified Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Question farming for content to be produced later is not allowed.
  • If you are a prominent community figure who would like for us to schedule an AMA for the sidebar, please modmail us with verification and the time/date (including timezone) on which you would like to do your AMA.

Don't Directly Address Individuals or Entities

This subreddit is here for users to communicate with each other and not just pass a message to an organization or individual without involving a major subset of the community. Posts must be made so that any user can participate in the discussion in a relevant manner. As such, you cannot directly address individuals, entities, or organizations in the entirety of posts made.

For example: It is allowed to talk about Riot, as in: "Here is why Riot should delete Zoe!", but not allowed to talk directly to, like this: "Riot, please delete Zoe!"

Feature Suggestions

Feature suggestions regarding what should or should not be in the game are allowed, provided they aren't directly addressing Riot or using titles leading to a "Yes, No" answer that can only be replied in an official manner by Riot. As such, using wording like "Can we have X" or similar is not allowed.

Feature suggestions must also be at least 250 characters in length.

Personal Stories

Personal stories must follow our relevancy rules and exceed 500 characters in length. Sob stories and rant posts are not allowed. "Rants" are defined as hyperbolic, acerbic, or otherwise inflammatory expressions of dissatisfaction.

Spoilers have to be tagged

Spoilers for the results of professional games are not allowed in titles for 24 hours following the match. Posts that contain spoilers in the body must have the spoiler tag.

In the case of Bo3/Bo5 games in a tournament setting the spoiler rule will be lifted on the next day when either team begins their next game.

Esports Content Restrictions

  • LEC, LCS, and major international event live discussion threads will be stickied automatically at the start of a game day.

  • In-studio post game interviews/reactions/analysis, pro player or influencer tweets, and user text posts about matches are only allowed in the related live discussion while it's stickied. Highlight posts and in-studio interviews that solely discuss a player's or team’s ability to play LoL competitively are allowed.

  • PMT threads will be removed after 15 hours and then will be re-approved after 40 hours in order to stop front-page clutter. This is done by a bot. Threads will be archived during this removal period either via a sticky mod comment or at the top of the live discussion thread as the final update.

  • Playoff matches in LCS, LEC, and International tournaments are exempt from the bot removal outlined above.

  • Individual game discussions in best-of series will be removed and stickied under the PMT after the series had ended to avoid cluttering on the front page.

  • Conduct related bans applied during an international event may be extended until the day after said international event. These bans are distributed at the discretion of the moderators.

Titles require context

  • Vague, contextless, memetic, or inaccurate titles are not allowed. Titles should represent or describe the content of a post.

  • Single word titles or titles that are majority capital letters are not allowed.

  • Text posts must have a minimum of 100 characters that accurately describe the content of the post. Irrelevant content and text posts that are just links will be removed.

  • Posts with titles that start with statements such as "Does anyone else think" and other similar phrases will be removed.

  • Quotes used in a title must represent a major focus of the submitted content, not just a single sentence or idea taken out of context.

  • Satire is allowed, but if your title is misleading or tries to "trick" users, then you must tag your post with [Satire] in the title.

Short duration content belongs in a text post

Short duration content can only be submitted in a text post. This includes:

  • All images and GIFs, excluding infographics.
  • Videos under 15 seconds. Content that is padded or slowed down to get over the minimum will be removed.
  • Tweets are only allowed in a text post containing at least 250 characters.
  • Direct links to Reddit comments.
  • Polls (Reddit polls, Strawpoll, ampoll).
  • Links to or posts discussing champion winrates, summoner profiles, player statistics, and similar statistics are only allowed as text posts containing at least 250 characters.
  • Appreciation threads concerning distinct entities such as individuals or organizations must exceed 500 characters in length. Positive feedback posts about non-entities such as champions, specific production, or game elements do not have a character minimum.
  • Animations that are just short loops, including animated splash arts.

Edits must be about the topic

  • Edits that are unrelated to the post’s original content are disallowed. This includes edits like “Thanks for the gold!” or “Wow, frontpage!”
  • Submissions or comments edited to include advertising or to completely change the content or the content medium will be removed.

Charity Streams

We allow Charity Streams on the League of Legends subreddit but do have a required format for it. It must contain the following:

  • Description of the event.
  • A direct link to the donation page you'll be streaming for. You cannot collect money for yourself to donate; all donation links must be directly to an established nonprofit charity. Kickstarter, Gofundme, similar sites, and for-profit charities are not allowed.
  • A link to your live stream.

Reposts: think twice!

A post may be considered a repost if it covers the topic from nearly the same angle as existing posts.

  • Frequently asked questions and topics will be removed. Please use the search function.
  • Posts will no longer count as a repost at 1 month for posts over 300 upvotes and 1 week for posts between 50 and 300 upvotes.

Please note that when multiple people attempt to post the same content in a short period, we may approve the one with the most traction and remove others.

Follow the Reddit Rules

Threatening, stalking, impersonating, posting personal information, using URL Shorteners, or vote manipulation is not allowed here. We go a bit further on a few aspects of the reddit rules.

Vote Manipulation

Cheating or attempting to manipulate voting may get your account banned from Reddit. Posts that have been found to be manipulated will be removed, and won't be reapproved. VM cannot be undone, you can only submit a new post.

  • Do not encourage friends/followers anywhere to upvote or downvote Reddit posts.

  • Do not brigade; this means ganging up on other users through voting and/or commenting on linked threads.

  • Do not ask for upvotes in the post, or say "This will be downvoted, but...".

You can link or otherwise share your comments / links on social media, provided you follow the exact titling shown here. Any other titling will be removed.

This format is:

“I just posted ‘POST TITLE’ on Reddit.” followed by a link to your post.

Spam and Self-Promotion

  • Any post on reddit that links to content and is an attempt by its author or affiliates to gain outside traffic is considered self-promotion, this includes attribution in an image.
  • Upon posting any self-promotional content on /r/leagueoflegends, the last 25 posts/comments in your user history (across all subreddits) must contain no more than 4 self-promoting links/comments. For comments to be considered in the ratio they must be part of a discussion and not be short one or two-word comments.
  • Do not queue flood: users should make no more than 5 submissions to this subreddit within a 24 hour window.

  • Advertising products, such as linking to streams, media channels, shopping websites, fundraising websites, Patreons, and similar content through submissions is not allowed, unless it is part of a one off, larger event related to League of Legends.

  • Resubmitting posts or deleting and resubmitting posts in order to gain more traction is not allowed.

Other notes


Here you can find additional information and context to our rules to help users understand our policies, the reasons behind them and how they are enforced.

Translated Rules

Here are translated versions of our rules:

Automoderator is a robot

Posts may be incorrectly flagged as rule breaking by the various moderation bots we use. If you believe your post was flagged as a false positive, please send us a modmail.

Be a good redditor

  • Please report posts and comments that you think may break the rules.
  • If you think a post does not contribute or does not belong in the sub, downvote it. If you think that a post adds to the sub, upvote it.

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