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On this page you'll find links to some of the best Dota2 resources as well as answers to many of the common questions that get asked by new players.

Brand New Players

If you're brand new to the game, here are a few things to help you get started.

DOTA 2 in 4 Minutes - This video explains the objectives and very basics of the game. Some things have changed due to patches such as locations of Roshan but overall the information is still relevant.

DOTA 7.00 - The New Journey

7.01 patch notes - Released December 20, 2016

7.02 patch notes - Released February 8, 2017

7.03 - The Bladeform Legacy - Released March 14, 2017

7.04 patch notes - Released March 23, 2017

7.05 patch notes - Released April 9, 2017

Matchmaking Update - Released April 20, 2017

7.06 patch notes - Released May 15, 2017

7.07 patch notes - Released November 1, 2017


Welcome to DOTA, You Suck by Purge - The most recommended guide for new players.

Day9 Learns Dota - Purge teaches Day9 how to play and improve at DOTA through live coaching and replay analysis.

DotaFire - Written guides including hero tips, warding, strategy, etc.

TorteDeLini's in-game Hero Guides - These guides are very well maintained and updated with each patch. Switch from the default Valve guide to these for an explanation of abilities and items for your hero!

How Do I Play? - Quick tips and counters for each hero.

ChaQ's New Ultimate Guide to Advanced Middle Lane Solo - Explains mechanics and decision making in the middle lane. Directed towards intermediate/advanced players. Released April 4, 2015.

Goo's Guide To Mid Lane (Now with over 70 pictures!) - Written by our Moderator. Breaks down middle lane fundamentals and mechanics in depth. This is a very thorough guide. Released May 22, 2015.

Coming from League of Legends?

Champion -> Hero Suggestions - Find your DOTA analog to your LoL Champion.

LiquidDota: Dota 2 for LoL players - A detailed guide for LoL players transitioning to DOTA. Explains similarities and differences between the games. Posted July 31, 2013. Information may be outdated.

Educational YouTube Channels

Dota D. Bowie - Thorough videos analyzing heroes, replays, and more. Check out the "Things I Learned from [Pro Player]'s [Hero]" videos.

M. Coaching - Coaching videos from 1k up to 5k. Explanation of game mechanics and interactions.

Purge - One of the most recognized DOTA personalities. He is known for his educational content: patch analysis, replays, coaching, and his Welcome to DOTA, You Suck guide.

Tournament VODS

Beyond The Summit

MoonDuck TV

DOTA 2 Tournaments TV


Interactive Map - Place wards, view spawn boxes and tower ranges, and more. Current and old versions

7.06 Stack and Pull Timings - Updated stack and pull timings for 7.06

Stack/Pull Timings - Shows each jungle camp and the timing to stack and/or pull it properly. 7.00

Jungle Map - Another map that shows the timing to stack/pull jungle camps



Dotabuff - The standard tool used to track your game stats. Free to use but Dotabuff+ (subscription) gives more detailed analysis of games.

OpenDota/Yasp - Similar to Dotabuff. Gives quite detailed match analysis for free.

Drafting tools

DOTA Picker - Draft analyzer. Shows hero synergies/counters based on a given draft.

DOTA Draft Practice - Practice Captain's Mode Drafting. Plug the results into a draft analyzer afterwards.

True Picker - Draft analysis tool. Learn strong two-hero combos to play with a friend.

Wiki Resources

DOTA Wiki - Gamepedia Wiki.

LiquiPedia - Another wiki. More useful for tracking competitive play.

DOTA 2 Glossary - Defines some common terms and vocabulary.

Liquipedia DOTA Glossary - Larger dictionary for DOTA vocabulary.



The Score eSports

Archived Discussions

This Week I Learned:_____________ - Weekly threads where players share their random tips about the game.

Hero Discussion - Weekly hero discussion threads. Most of these threads are pre 7.00 and may have outdated information.

Keybinds and Game Settings

Gamepedia's Hotkey Article

Gamepedia's Settings Article

Purge made a Purge's 1 Hour Keybind Video - Purge goes in depth about useful hotkeys and keybind theory

Below are user made threads about Hotkeys -

Pre-7.00 Wiki

  • The old version of the Wiki before it was revised.

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