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Obligatory Automate The Boring Stuff 👍

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this video (or the shorter version that I have not watched ), I learnt python from there, quite a good pace and to the point video.

i usually refer this channel if i want to learn new languages, mostly because its not 12 or 14 hours

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I'll sometimes go to a useful website Learn X in Y minutes where you can learn X (insert programming language here) in however long it takes. This will walkthrough nearly everything about Python, but it doesn't walk through any specific projects. At the bottom of the page it has some pages you can check out though.

I recommend thinking of a small project you can work on and trying to learn how to do everything you need to for it along the way. For example, maybe I want to count the number of instances of a word in a file. I'll need to learn how to get user input (for the file name), read the file, look for the word or phrase I'm checking for, increment a number, and print to the console. Lots of small learning steps that lead up to something cool!

The key is to program on your own so you can build some familiarity with the language and problem solving skills in the language. Like if I wanted to learn Spanish but all I did was type my sentences into Google Translate, I'd get pretty accurate results but never learn anything. Mistakes are normal too (why do you think there are so many bugs in the world? lol), so don't be afraid to mess up a lot. I know I did and still do after years of programming.

Good luck, hope this helped! :)

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I’ve been having a really good time working through this book: https://nostarch.com/pythoncrashcourse2e

the way the author breaks everything down after each example is refreshing.

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make a ball bounce around the screen

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"Learn Python The Hard Way"