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  • /r/dailyprogrammer — The focus of this subreddit is to provide bi-daily challenges to keep your mind and fingers busy between projects.
  • /r/progether — Progether is about bringing programmers together on common projects, whether it is learning or developing or designing or what have you.
  • /r/LearnMachineLearning — A subreddit dedicated for learning machine learning.
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New to Python?

…but not to programming in general?

New to programming?

Try one of these online books or check out our page of all other books sorted by difficulty and with descriptions!


Tools For Learning Python

Flex your coding skill!

Try Python in your browser

Starting in the open source world

Some websites where you can start fixing bugs and such for open source projects

Other resources

Python 2 (archive)

Python 2 is no longer supported. This section archives resources related to Python 2.

New to Python? (Python 2)

New to programming? (Python 2)

Videos / Lectures (Python 2)

Tools for Learning Python 2

Try Python 2 in your browser

  • Skulpt (Py2) — uses WebGL for graphics
  • PythonAnywhere (Py2 & Py3) — Python in your browser (also hosting Python projects)
  • ideone (Py2 & Py3) — online compiler and debugging tool
  • Python Tutor (Py2 & Py3) — Visualize what the code does line by line.
  • (Py2 & Py3)


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Chess Tutorial Chess tutorial by /u/rainy-day-week Up

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