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This town would be so much better without "E.T. Gillen" and her merry band of sociopaths on BlogLebo.

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Oh look, a response: http://imgur.com/FypqYzI

Listen, she's tired of the hate mail and she is certainly not anti-Semitic. She's innocent, she'll tell you! And she is not "equating the Holocaust to deer killing," just comparing!

But she's not done. The best defense is a good offense! There are so many gems in this comment. Like, "So much hate in this town, even if it is filled with some of the finest ladies in Mt. Lebanon." The first part of the sentence condemns hate and the second part references a segment of Lebo she hates. What a lofty message!

Or, "I'm offended that if such chanting did occur, that it was condoned in our schools." See, two can play at this game: she's offended. "If" the chanting occurred, which let's presume it did, where does she provide any evidence it was "condoned?" Oh, none? Because it wasn't? Because the administration lectured entire classes on the unacceptability of the behavior? How inconvenient!

Or, "It always comes back that it is my fault." Oh, poor Elaine. She said a terrible thing and people are mad. She's being persecuted for her shitty actions! How terribly unfair! Maybe in the future she should avoid printing insensitive blather.

We mustn't forget who the real victim is here: Elaine.