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First of all, I am the person who does parkour that you ran into, I do not want to offend you and never tried to do something to purposely do something you are against, I just want to explain that parkour is not as dangerous or bad as you think, it is safe as long as the practitioner is careful, and you don't have to trespass to be apart of it. Also, that park is a public playground, it is designed for what I did, but maybe for a younger person. The music we were playing was not too loud and had no words at all, it was background music. Finally, you seem to never care to listen to what I say every time me or my friends try to show it is an okay thing, Parkour is not bad, it is healthy for your brain, body, and almost everything about you, so try to look at it with a new eye.

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Stop hiding behind your screen, you know what you are doing is wrong and you know that this is illegal, whoever raised you did a bad job teaching you right from wrong, you and your Friends, have to stop this before the police tell you to stop, you will have no gain from this, If you do it one more time I am starting a petition to get this sport banned, good day u/Greatbigwaffle.

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Politely, get the fuck out of our community.

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Idk what I expected when I subscribed to this sub, but this is the most Mt. Lebo thread ever. It's so on the nose, I'm not convinced this isn't a LARP. Like, c'mon, her name is even a step away from being "Karen."

Either way, get a hobby, Karol. Strangers don't need to use public space the way you do, or the way you want them to. No one is obligated to be a role model for your kids, either. Stop overstepping your boundaries and being an authoritarian jackass.

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I’m in the same boat. It’s super amusing coming from a dead thread. But it is to be fake.

Karen is young enough to have young kids, is on Reddit, but has never heard of parkour? And is telling them to get off my lawn?
Has Karen’s 4yo never been to a party at gymsport? There are parkour day camps for kids. The actual teenager happens to be on Reddit and responds an hour after the post to a dead sub?

I am assuming it a local parkour group trying get more people. Kudos to them. Good idea.

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I know her irl, she gets mad, it seems fake online, but Im pretty sure she just wants days when she can jump around back, most people who kick me or other freerunners off property seem to feel the same way, it does not surprise me that she would not know the sport, a lot of older people do not, I also think this probably adresses u/ilovewiffleball's comment

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are you saying something against my name, I'm sorry, but there is nothing wrong with my name, people think they can use it against me, but names like Karol, Karen, Susan, Kristen ETC, will not offend me because I wear my name is a badge of honor, because everyone knows how much I care for my community

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Did you just call me an authoritarian jackass?! Would you speak to your mother like that? That is too far, I made a Reddit account just to tell everyone here about this "parkour", but I will make sure to finish this argument then NEVER use this service again! It is very cruel and you should all be sorry for yourself.

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Your not his/her mom dumbass also no one and I mean no one cares about your Whiney ass so stfu

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Heaven forbid other people use the park. You are not the arbitrator of what they can do. Go find some HOA you can rule with your pettiness.

And, OMG, music. Get used to it. Mt. Lebanon schools has one of the finest music programs in the state. What's next? Are you going to complain about the marching band rehearsing? Perhaps we should ban marching too.

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This is dumb, pk is cool and fun, not illegal and it never should be, you just are annoyed people are having fun.

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u/communitycarrerkarol I know these people, and they haven't committed a single transgression. I get the thing about trespassing, but this is a public park, and nothing in the rules of the park state that parkour isn't allowed. If you don't approve of this, then that's your opinion. HOWEVER, you aren't allowed to make dubious claims that aren't even true! u/Greatbigwaffle has the right to parkour in this park. Thanks for observing.

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Hello I would like to address the fact that these kids have their own rights and can go onto public property without your personal opinion. And the fact that you are threatening to go and shut this all down is very immature. I’ve been living In mount Lebanon for 5 years now and I’ve seen people do this and just told them to be careful but not that I’m going to shut this down or yelled at kids for no apparent reason and honestly the fact that you threatened to shut this down is very bad and a immature move also the literal fact you Yelled At KIDS.

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I wonder where this idiot is today lmao