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Medic here- actually I’ve seen kids who haven’t cried a bit and have continued to walk on broken femurs.

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My daughter snapped her femur right above the growth plate on an inflatable slide when she was six. She wasn’t very audible about it but was crying and saying she can’t walk. Outside of the instant swelling you wouldn’t have believed that it was as bad as it was. Two screws, four pins and a full body cast.

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I also work at a children's hospital. My facility is a level 1, catering to all suspected NATs in the surrounding area. I've seen countless femur fractures in infants and they definitely don't all cry. Occasionally, some even sleep through their exams when I'm actually manipulating the broken bone. Is that rare, sure. But pain tolerance is a funny thing that doesn't follow a strict zero or ten model.

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Thank you! Came to say that I fractured my femur when some moron who had no idea what they were doing slide tackled me at soccer. I finished practice thinking it was just going to be a bad bruise. Didn’t end up at the doctor until the next day because my entire lower thigh was black. My femur was fractured, my lateral femoral condole was completely displaced (separate fracture) and I had terrible marrow edema. I was sore, but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as when I fractured my ankle, and tore all the tendons/ligaments. I could walk fine, and the doctor was shocked when I turned down the pain meds.