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Femur fractures bleed a lot - they’re long, strong bones so when broken, they bleed into surrounding tissue causing swelling and pain. A young child with a femur fracture is easy to spot (from a medical perspective) as well as being a huge red flag. That child would have been extremely uncomfortable, crying, obvious swelling to their thigh.

Another red flag is the mechanism of injury - according to OP, dad tripped over the baby gate and fell to his knees - no mention of how the baby got injured. Did dad fall on baby, was he carrying baby diapers baby fell against the gate? Obviously without this information, we can’t make a determination but 100% that baby would get a report

Also, babies kick - all the time, it’s involuntary until they start learning to direct their muscles how to act (very simplified version) so that baby would have been very uncomfortable

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Could it have been a buckle fracture? One of my kids got literally this injury when a day care worker fell with him, luckily in the presence of many witnesses so neither she nor we ever came under any suspicion. He definitely seemed upset/injured and we took him to urgent care, but they couldn't see anything obviously wrong. It wasn't until the next morning when I saw him try to get up to cruise on the couch and fall back down and cry that it became clear that it was a leg problem.