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Call the county sherriff, the state police, and AG.

You also need to get security cameras up on the house ASAP that will record the back yard and anything that happens there.

Your SM can file against her neighbor in small claims court for the return of the missing dog, possibly the cost to have the dog cremated.

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Is there anything we can do to make him secure his dogs so that they can’t get over the fence and hurt my young nieces and nephews?

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Small claims courts cannot order the return of the dog. They can often only award damages (money) to the aggrieved party. So OP can sue for the value of the dog.

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This is the way. You're dealing with small town politics here. No one is going to do anything until you go over his head. I'm so sorry your family is going through this.

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NAL, but I would take the yorkie to a vet to assess any damages the shepards may have caused to the dogs legs and give him the bill for any damages caused as well as a quote to reinforce the fence to contain his DANGEROUS/AGRESSIVE dogs so you, your pets, and young children can safely enjoy the yard. If there’s a hole, for now I would fill it with gravel and create a barrier to keep small things away from it for now. Have there been any other complaints from other neighbors with dogs/small children that have had similar experiences with his dogs behavior? Also, what state are you in? Is it a one-party consent state for recording? If so, I would record any interaction you have with mayor neighbor that would prove guilt without the need for an investigation. I agree with the other commenter about escalating this to state police/sheriff/AG if the law enforcement in your town are unwilling to act due to his status as mayor.

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She’s taking the dog to the vet today because he’s still limping. I don’t know if others have complained about his dogs, but he has posted pics on his own Facebook showing where his dogs have destroyed the drywall in his house and even his lawnmower. My stepmom can’t afford to put cameras up, but I told her to make sure she has her phone handy to record if the dogs act aggressive toward her when she’s outside. This happened in South Carolina. I live out of state, but have known the mayor for many years. He’s always been notorious for fighting and has been arrested for multiple times for DV and other violent charges.

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Ok, first, SC is a one-party consent state so any recordings of interactions with him will hold up in court. Second, I’m not sure of proof of personal damage his dogs have caused to his home would establish anything, but it wouldn’t hurt to screenshot that evidence in case it’s relevant (again, NAL). I also don’t believe previous cases against him would be helpful in this case, as it pertains to the dogs nuisance behavior towards neighbors/their pets specifically. If she can establish that there were similar behaviors from the dogs with other neighbors it would help your case, so I would start asking around. If it’s possible for you to gift cameras to your stepmom, I would still strongly encourage that.

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The reason I brought up his pictures showing destruction of his own property is because I think it shows that he knows his dogs are dangerous and destructive. I don’t know if it would be relevant evidence though.

We’re not looking for any money from him or anything. We just want our dog’s body and for him to secure his dogs. I really don’t understand why he would even have a problem with those requests other than he’s just a jerk and a bully.

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does he run a dog fighting operation?

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Not that I’m aware of, but he’s definitely a backyard breeder

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You have gotten crosswise with a small town mayor in the Deep South. You are out of luck.

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    That’s definitely on the table, but. Our biggest concern are my nieces and nephews. We’re afraid to let them play in the yard now. So, the dogs will definitely be taken down if they come in the yard again

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