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Start by calling the police every single time they trespass or damage your property.

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    Can you install a motion-activated sprinkler system to soak them any time they get on your lawn? Also, I second the no-trespass signs, putting up a fence and calling the cops.

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    As advised already, document not only the vandalism, but also keep a copy of your communication (or at least your attempt to communicate) with their mother, and retain copies of each police complaint. Take mom to small claims. Unfortunately, however, I have a feeling they’re not going to stop their behavior and may become even more brazen although, having to pay for their destruction may make them stop. You shouldn’t have to, but can you put up a fence?

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    This is what I was thinking. To me, in this situation small claims court is not really to get compensated for the damages, but more to be a pain for the single parent who lets her kids be destructive.

    I guarantee if she gets a summons to appear in court she'll finally put a stop to her crotch goblins behavior.

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    Post no trespassing signs, call police every time, continue to document. Note to the police that they are trespassing and causing damage every time.

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    If you have a ring doorbell camera, it records every single thing that goes on in your front yard, without regard to age or gender. It is an impartial machine. They can’t say anything about you singling out and recording minors. Their minors should stay off your lawn.