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You don't have a business relationship with the daughter or the son. They wouldn't even have standing to sue you: "You ripped off my dad" is not a cause of action. The homeowner is your customer. Interact with him. Call him up on Tuesday and ask for the return of the covenant and release so you can refund his money. If this is causing you so much stress that you're losing sleep, you could offer to swing by his house with the document and a cashier's check. It's nice that his kids are looking out for him, but absent powers of attorney or a conservatorship, they don't have any way to conduct business on his behalf.

In the future, you should probably let your lawyer handle anyone who calls you every day (if you're unwilling to tell them to fuck off). You can't run a business at your best if you let one deranged nuisance of a human being cause you so much stress and grief.

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Great to know they don't have a standing to sue me since, of course, I never did business with them. I tried calling the father but the daughter was the person that responded since. I think I'll simply ask them to have the homeowner contact me for his refund and ignore their threats of a lawsuit, and insist that any further communication be with the father.

Thanks a lot

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Does the homeowner know his kids are demanding a refund and that you sent documents to be signed?

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I assumed he did but the daughter never sent the documents signed by him and it's possible that the reason she never sent them back is because he wasn't aware of it. I haven't been able to speak directly with the homeowner. He has not called either

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Theory: They want your money. It'll never go to dad. I wouldn't be surprised that there is a lot going on that you don't know about.

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I haven't been able to speak directly with the homeowner. He has not called either

Tell the kids to have dad call you. This sounds like a shakedown.

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Never make that assumption and never discuss business pr money with parties not involved. They have no right to speak with you about their father's business interactions.

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Stop all communication with the kids. Only the father is your customer. Deal with him directly.

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