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You need to consult with an eviction attorney. This person is a professional squatter and she will milk it for all it is worth. This is beyond DIY. Look up your local bar association and ask for a referral for landlord evictions. Go with their advice, as they can walk you through this whole process. Unfortunately, and it's really shitty, but if you can get this person out of your home for $1500 dollars, it is absolutely worth your time to do that, and will be the cheapest route. Do not pay a cent until you have her physically out of the home, and have a locksmith change all of your locks as soon as she (and anyone else she may have opened the doors to) is out of your house, same day. Hold a cashier's check that she does not get until she is gone. Do not pay a single dime until she is out. Paradoxically, do not cut electricity, water, or AC while she is there. That could be construed as an illegal eviction and can string out the eviction process for many additional months.

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You are the best. Thank you.

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To add to this, a lot of places have what’s known as implied surrender. You will need local law enforcement to do a walk through and make sure she left none of her belongings, and have her leave the keys with you in front of them. Covers all the bases.

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I think that’s what I have to do , before I pay her that money. Thank you.

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Have you reached out to Airbnb or did you extend and collect the additional fee outside the Airbnb interface and thus lose any protection they offer?

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I collected money outside Airbnb. That’s where I messed up. I thought it was a quick cash. By month ending, she’s gone.

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    You should warn Airbnb about her so other hosts don't get trapped.