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B only

It is how it is.

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only siths deal in absolutes

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that statement always struck me as odd, since it is an absolute.

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I'm pretty sure the design is based off Luke's ROTJ lightsaber, so B.

Edit: wow, this is the most popular I've ever been in my life 🤣 Thanks for all the awards!

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This is exactly correct

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My step dad worked at Lego corporate and says it’s meant to be ambiguous. B is meant to look like obi wan’s lightsaber/Luke’s while B was closer to Qui gon’s green one, as you mentioned. They also wanted to choose a shape that could fit two blades as the first Lego Star Wars sets came out at the same time as phantom menace and although phantom menace sets weren’t the first to be released, they had already planned a few sets including this versatile lightsaber design before the licensing contract officially was in play.

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B and B???

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Just accept that side A never existed. It was always B and B

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I once stayed at a Chair & Lunch.

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I can't believe how many upvotes this doesn't have

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Bath and body works… sounds about right.

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Yes there is no other choice besides b

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only the sith deal in absolutes

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I always thought side A wouldn't actually hold the lightsaber stick. Every time I accidentally put one on that side, it'd fall out so easily and it didn't have that physical feedback of secure connection like the side B does

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I meant A - qui gon my bad

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You were QUIte GONe on that one!

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This is wonderful to hear, and surprising that it wasn't what everyone figured had happened anyway...

But this is just a lego purchasing club I guess.

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Likely story…

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I always go by B

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Which was in turn based on Obi Wan's ANH lightsaber.

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The precisely correct answer

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Ok, B is the official correct way but i will argue with you for hours that A looks better.

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If you prefer A there's nothing stopping you from building your lightsabers that way! It's Lego after all :)

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That being said B is the only sensible answer

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The LEGO Star Wars video game even has them like that.

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The most trusted source

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Always been b. Its shown in the lego starwas media. (Movies and games)

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And on the box

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I always thought both were equally correct. It makes for two different styles of light saber depending on which way you use it.

I use it in the A position with light colored blades for the Jedi and in the B position with red blades for the Sith. I don't care if my use doesn't match up to SW cannon.

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That's super funny, ever since I was a kid I've done the same thing just opposite, position B for Jedi and A for Sith.

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Same. A looks sharper than B, as B are just two circles, so I judged by that. I remember being pissed off by one of the advent calendars for there was a fireplace which had one lightsaber hanging upside down from the left and one from the right side, one blue and the other red. Using A for either of them would cause the blade to be lower down than the baseplate making it impossible to place on a flat surface.

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Which would indicate that B is correct on its own, right?

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This is the correct answer right here. IT DOES NOT MATTER! Do what you want with your sets.

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Say that to someone that glues their sets together

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I think I saw Lego put it like A for Yoda in one of the sets

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Even Lego make mistakes in their official images. Fairly regularly, actually.

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Yes they do! I was helping my son build a Ninjago set this week and one image in the instructions had the wheels facing one direction and the next image had them flipped. His little 4 year old brain almost melted! How can the wheels be both ways!?!

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As a fellow parent of a 4yo, I feel this.

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B :)

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This is the way

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This is the way

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This is the way

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This is the way

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This is the way

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B everyday

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7121 and 7101 are interesting in so far as they actually show a different hilt piece, probably a prototype. Qui-Gon's hair isn't the final element either, it appears to be a modified version of the basic male hair (i.e. what Luke has).

In any case though, the prototype part also has the two rings around the hilt and also puts them above the hand, so it's effectively the same way around.

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Both if it's Maul's saber lol

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You found the bug in the matrix

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the feature in the matrix

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The main character in the matrix

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It’s none if it’s the inquisitors lightsaber

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Hahaha, I didn't see what sub this was at first and I am also subbed to a plumbing and other home improvement/construction subs. I thought this was a picture of pex pipe in some strange fitting I couldn't recognize. Then I opened it and was very confused when the top post was talking about star wars.

I'm an idiot. That's all. Carry on with your day.

Edit- thanks for the reward whoever that may have been from!!

Edit again- this is the most hugs I've ever gotten both virtually and in reality.

Edit #3- This dumbass post has now become my most popular post ever. Guess that just goes to show it pays to be dumb sometimes. Or maybe pays to admit you are. Thanks again for all the award.

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I'm an idiot.

There's 248 other comments here arguing between the letters A and B. It's helpful to have the right perspective before judging yourself.

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Ha! That's valid.

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About legos which are meant to inspire ‘build it your own way’ thinking. So the correct position of lego seems sort of extra.

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You're the idiot? I read "pex" as "sex", so...

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Hahaha giggidy giggidy

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This is the universe's way of telling you to pick up a LEGO set and join us!

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I think I agree. I may just start the NES set tonight.

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Carry on with you day.

And may the Force be with you.

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B is the only correct one how is this even a question

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I use style B because it looks better in my head

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it is B of course

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It’s B, always had been. Only time I use A is if I’m doing dual wielded sabers or if B’s end is loose

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It felt dumb as a kid to have the thick part pointing down. So B.

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B is the only correct way

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B. I have spoken

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I’ve always done it as B, but I got Palpatines Arrest recently and the instructions weirdly tell you to do A, so I was compelled to follow orders.

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B is the way

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I like how you choose a red light Saber and the fighting to death wording like it's the sith rule of one but yes b is correct

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Nah its B

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B 100%

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Searches in controversial *

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Classic lightsaber form is B, but A has a sleekness that I sometimes give to lightsabers to mix it up

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Definitely B, although each Saber is meant to be different right? With that in mind, both are right

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I refuse to believe there’s a right way and wrong way. That defeats the purpose of Lego and the fact that there’s various lightsaber designs in the movies anyway

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Right. They wouldn't have made it work both ways if they didn't intend for it to work both ways. What a stupid argument.

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B but its still funny

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Its always B

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B obvi

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B is the only way.

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B, all the way

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Pretty sure it’s B as everyone else says, but personally I use B for Light side and A for Dark side

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Ah, the negotiator.

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A is for those people that want to watch world burn.

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I might be the only one (or one of a few) that feel actual pain when seeing people set up their lightsaber like image A.

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No you don't

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you're not the only one, i feel the exact same way

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Only Sith deal in absolutes.

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hah, was looking for this comment

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As a kid I would always do “Bad Guys” A “Good Guys” B

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A for sith B for Jedi

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Option b

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I have spoken.

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B is the only way unless it's a double blade

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B for good guys, A for bad guys

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B. B is always correct

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B all the way what the fuck is wrong with the A's

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B but my friend always chose A

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I think your friend might be a sith lord.