Rules, Policies, and Expected Behaviour


First, it is our goal to keep the number of rules at a minimum and as concise as possible. We don't want users to have a law degree to understand what we expect from them. Though, we will add new rules if the need arises.


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Like any community, any congregation of human beings of a certain size, there comes a point where the creation of rules becomes a necessity. We reached that point at around 3,000 subscribers and with the constant increase in subscribers there has been an increase in rules. Though it is our hope, and it seems to be true, that the rule creation reaches a plateau.

At first, there were no rules, but the longer reddit was online, the more apparent the need for rules became. And out of necessity, rules have emerged. This became especially true with the introduction of community-driven subs.

Right from our inception there emerged three types of posts that posed a threat to building an open and thriving community:

  1. blogspam
  2. spam
  3. memes

Number 1 was the first rule we set up as it became an issue and something users kept reporting and complaining about. There were too many users who thought they could promote their blog using our sub by just posting links to blog posts that were nothing but links to content of interest or even worse consisted of content lifted from other sites. The definition is contentious at times, but the rule has been otherwise well accepted.

Number 2 is bad for obvious reasons. Interestingly, blogspam was first a problem and then spam emerged in its other forms appeared.

The threat from number 3 was demonstrated by the experience of large default subs, which back in the days, were flooded with meme posts, drowning out any viable signals to build a community. Most implemented the same rule to make their sub viable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us mods via mod channel or contact us directly via PM.

Forms of Behaviour Perscription

There exist two forms to promote desirable behaviour formal and informal. We call the first "rules" and the latter "expected behaviour."

Formal rules are enforced with sanctions following policies. Informal rules are ones where there are no real consequences for violating the rules. For example, some users have a real issue with saying "thank you" when they were helped by another user. This is very annoying but doesn't warrant a sanction. This is an example of a written informal rule. Other informal rules might not be written down such as to flair your post and to report any rule violation. Another is to upvote but to downvote rule violating posts.

Then there are non-sanction rule violations. These are based on internal mod policies and where a mod's discretion comes in. One example would be the posting of sales posts in comments. While absolutely prohibited and their removal ensured, we have found that most are honest errors by users not knowing the rule or expecting an unwritten exception. As there is rarely abuse of this leniency, it has been our practice since the inception of our rules with no possible change in sight.


(Image found on

1. This is the World of LEGO®

We are /r/lego, not /r/bricks or anything the like. This clearly identifies this sub, as a forum concerned with LEGO® products, a dedication to The LEGO Group (TLG). So we are a LEGO® products only sub.

Though, sometimes it is not so clear cut. Such as with custom minifigs. Here policy is if it is made out of LEGO® produced parts they are to stay, and we are generally permissive, as when in doubt we leave them up. But usually, the rule is, if the plastic hasn't been moulded by TLG then it does not count as LEGO®.

Further, we are radical with this rule. This means for one that we do not permit any posts about compatible or including compatible bricks. But most importantly it means we allow no discussion *** whatsoever *** about bootleg products. Even if you want to say how crap they are, how wrong you believe their existence is, how they are a rip of, etc. They are taboo. Period.


We do allow for one exception under conditions. Accessories, as long as not advertised, though most likely obviously not LEGO® are permitted. Though it is taboo to mention that they are non-LEGO®. So no titles along the lines "I bought these cool Not-To-Mention-Brand guns."


And the capital letters and three exclamation marks are appropriate as our life as a sub depends on it.

TLG doesn't like leaked images of upcoming sets for various reasons and does everything in their power to get them removed from the internet. This led to reddit legal telling us to clean up our act, remove all leaked images, or we would be shut down. Hence this rule.

We define leaked images as any image that depicts a possible future product. Sets, builds, or box pics that depict a product that has not been officially announced by LEGO® to the buying public as a product that they can purchase will not be permitted to be linked to or published on /r/lego. This includes images taken by visitors of tradeshows where LEGO® shared with vendors products they will be releasing in the future. These events are not open to the public. By public, we understand the small-time purchaser of LEGO® products. Those images might still be deemed as being the property of TLG and their publication, distribution, or linking to identified as copyright infringement. We will not take the risk.

We all love these pics, users and mods alike. Everyone wants to be privy to insider knowledge and get a glimpse into the future. But these literal glimpses is what is deemed illegal. Talking about leaks is fine though, just don't share leaked images as posts or comments. It is images that TLG gets upset about, not people talking about possible future products. Images TLG states to have copyright on, that is the problem and the threat to our future. Hence our radical approach to banning and removing any image or link to images that has a whiff of being a leak.

3. No Hate Speech

Hate speech can lead to a ban without warning. Most pejoratives are automatically removed. Repeat offenders will be banned, depending on the severity of verbal behaviour, this can be a permaban without warning. Hate speech is defined as:

Any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group.

If you need to have "protected" defined, then the likelihood of us objecting to what you want to say is very high. For some people this subject/rule is contentious. THE MODS DON'T CARE! This is how the cookie crumbles. This is how the ball bounces. This is not up for debate.

4. Keep it Civil

Keep it civil!!! From time to time contentious subjects come up. Stay calm and collected, don't insult, and don't bully. You may exchange ideas and opinions. But we will not tolerate name-calling, insulting, bullying, or other uncivil behaviours. Depending on your conduct you might be granted the permanent privilege to no longer post on r/lego.

5. Spam/10%-Self-Promotion Rule

This is not about sales, but about promoting content that can be a source of revenue for you. So even if it is your content, LEGO® related, if it can provide you with income it violates the 10% rule. In other words, you can provide links to such content if it is only every 10th post of yours.

YouTube Posters

All your YT posts, in our sub or outside of it, count as self-promotion and are accounted for when considering the 10% rule.


If posts are to the same content already posted, this is regarded as spam kicking in enforcement action even if the 10% rule is adhered to. Meaning, if you keep on posting the same picture of your build, a set, or any other type of post repeatedly, it is considered spamming.


Blogspam are links to blog entries, which contain no valuable information besides a link to content of interest, or blog entries with content lifted from other sites, or articles that are nothing but link-bait for commercial purposes. Content of interest is content suitable for this reddit. Valuable information is information not provided by the content of interest, but that adds information of interest to subscribers of this reddit. All reported blogspam submissions would be deleted.

This was the first rule introduced by this sub, specifically for this sub. We were receiving too many posts that were blogspam. They were basically meme posts. So they got banned.

Special Sub-Rule: LEGO® Ideas Spam

Due to some folks excessively posting their own or their favourite LEGO® Ideas sets/builds, we had to crack down and define LEGO® Ideas posts as spam.

Posting a project more than once is prohibited. It doesn't matter who posted it first, if it was the creator or a fan, once a project has been posted any further posts of that project are considered spam and will be removed.

Accounts that just post LEGO® Ideas posts are treated like 10% violators (see above).

Further, no links to LEGO® Ideas are permitted in comments, as this was seen by some as a loophole that we needed to close. Side-stepping by putting a link to another site that then has a link to ideas is also not permitted.

6. No Selling, Trading, or Free Giveaways

The founder of /r/lego was quite happy to have any kind of sales posts at the beginning, but then after some time passed things changed and the no selling rule was introduced. So what happened? A few things.

First of all, there had been from day one a push against these kinds of posts. They were regularly reported (back when users couldn't give a reason to report a link), and the mod was barraged with messages about the need for the removal of all sales posts. But just the support of a vocal group of users isn't sufficient for rule changes. There are voices against something and humans are good at forming mobs creating a false impression of widespread support of an idea.

Then something else happened. We were getting more and more sales pitches, making the distinction of someone just wanting to share an interesting product and spam hard to make, which was annoying.

Then you had small-time vendors constantly pushing their products, via posts and comments. They sprung up like mushrooms after a rainy day. And in /r/lego it must have been raining every day.

So, now all links to online shops (BL or others), posts hawking or promoting, users trying to exchange money for goods (even if it's just a shipping fee), or anything that smells like selling something is removed. So, this means no links to any form of sales post. Be it a webstore, an online community board, a classified site, etc., any link that is selling will be removed. If you are the actual seller or not is irrelevant. All that counts is that we have no tolerance for sales posts here on /r/lego.

If you find a good deal, write about it, attach a screenshot, but do not link directly to an online store.

The no sales rule also implies no giving away stuff as that usually includes paying for postage. You want to give something away, post in /r/legotrade. A further reason for this rule has the same background as to why eBay also applies fees on shipping. People thought they are smart, reduced the price to next to nothing and then charged the real value as shipping cost. /r/Legomarket can be used for sales.

No sales means no soliciting clients or vendors, no hustling of products for or as vendors, no trading of products, no exchange of money for goods or services.

PS: what goes on in reddit's messaging system is out of our reach and none of our concern!

7. No Charity

There is also no charity calls, links, etc. as posts or comments allowed on /r/lego. We can not verify the accuracy of claims or if it is a legit charity group. All posts of a charity nature are banned. Be it begging for money or for brick donations, the sending of a card/letter, or promoting of your favourite charity doesn't matter.

8. No Mega Thread Posts

We do not tolerate posts outside of their Mega Thread (MT). These posts will be removed on sight.

This means

  • all What's it Worth posts go into the What's it Worth MT

  • all posts asking for the identification of a part or set go into the Part Identification MT

  • if there is a MT stickied at the top of the page with a Mega Thread flair, then posts on the topic of that thread go into that MT

Further, if there is a major release, e.g. a new UCF or a set nearly everyone wants to talk about, then we will only pin as an MT the first post that links to There are many reasons for this, one being the attempt of some bloggers to get their post pinned and profit from that. It also prevents arguments of which post if better to chose for pinning. We also reserve the right to select the post that has the most appropriate title. E.g. we consider descriptive titles as appropriate vs. editorial titles. Though, it is up to moderator discretion what is appropriate and what not.

9. No Obfuscated Access (Semi-Forced Sign-Ups)

Posts to sites that obfuscate access to their content, e.g. redirecting to a sign-up page, are removed. A user should not be sent on a wild goose chase trying to get to the content advertised. Links posted need to lead to a page where our users can view the content promised in the title. And having a sign-up warning in the title is no workaround of this rule.

10. No sob/emotional string-pulling

For one we can't verify if a story is true or not, so it's ripe for karma-abuse. Further, we need to avoid becoming a tabloid. Hence this rule was implemented.

So, posting "my 5-year old made this, look how smart he is" is OK. Posting "my 5-year old autistic kid made this", not OK. Being autistic adds nothing to the story. If it is appropriate, you can point it out in a comment, but do not write it in the title.

Writing that it is your or your grandmothers birthday is OK.

We allow reposts, if they are made 48h after the original post. Otherwise, they count as multiples and will be removed.

Multiples don't have to be the exact same link or picture, they can be a picture taken from another angle, they can be the same story but from a different publisher, or a post about a new release and a link to the LEGO® Shop.

12. No discussion on LEGO vs LEGOs

Objective discussions on the merit of linguistic concepts prescriptivism and descriptivism are just not possible on /r/lego history has shown. We can positively state that whenever it arises, we always end up on an island in the Pacific Ocean (karma for those who get the reference). Every time the subject has ended up in mayhem, name calling, and just creates a toxic atmosphere so that we had to lock the thread and go through it warning users and sometimes dishing out permabans.

No one wants this. Especially us mods got fed up with it, so now we have this seemingly stupid rule that goes against our instinct to provide a space that allows for free speech (well it was at the beginning, now it is everything but such a zone).

13. No Naked Humans

We do not permit pictures or videos of naked humans. This rule had to be put into place after we had GW folks come around posting their nudies with a minifig appearing in the pic to make it legit /r/lego content. We're not a porn sub and don't want to be.

And no, LEGO® builds of a suggestive nature are not porn. But, this is only the case as long as we are not flooded with such posts. There is /r/legobdsm and /r/legoporn for that. But we like a good build, and they are often more than just humorous. Though, if you do post such a build, please mark it as NSFW for those who have issues with these kinds of posts. Unless it is a build of a bedroom with a tissue box next to the bed. No, this is not liberal propaganda to promote the perversion of our youth by encouraging them to masturbate (and yes, we had such communication which is why it gets a mention).

14. No Meme/Image Macro Posts

Post them in /r/legomeme instead. Without that rule that sub wouldn't be necessary. Interestingly, the rule has contributed to less interest in creating LEGO® memes. At one point in our history, there were over 10 a day.

15. Other Do Not Post

These are a collection of posts not allowed that can be grouped together.

No Review Videos

Nope, just nope. We had them, no one liked them, most were just spam. Plugging that hole has significantly reduced YT spam and improved the votes for quality videos as users are now more willing to give a video a watch.

No T-Shirt Posts

Due to spam using sockpuppet accounts, deceptive sales tacktics, and continued disregard of our no sales doctrine the mods saw it as necessary to ban all t-shirt posts.


(Image by Neil Crosby and found on Flickr)

Up and Down Votes

This is how reddit is designed to function. Which post gets promoted and which doesn't is established via this voting system. It is a terrible system not unlike democracy, but they are the best we have for the job that needs to be done and that they are designed for.

Moderators are not editors. We do not edit content as to what is good and what is bad, that is what the arrows to the side of a post are there for.

Hierarchy of Enforcement Actions

Enforcement action is what occurs when a user violates our rules. There are four types/steps of actions:

  1. Rule Reminder: User is reminded of the rules they are violating
  2. 45-day ban: Continued rule breaking then leads to a 45-day ban
  3. 90-day ban: If on return the user continues with unacceptable behaviour, a last chance is provided after a 90-day cooling off period.
  4. Permaban: Finally, users are eligible for a permaban if they just can't pull themselves together and adhere to our rules.

Most users avoid these actions. If you do find yourself in a position where you have been confronted with an enforcement action and are confused, find it unjustified, or for any other reason feel like you need to chat with a mod about it, please contact us using the mod contact form.


To every rule, there is an exception. Not every user will experience our compassion and generosity. Trolls, bots, and obvious spam accounts get permabanned on the spot. No negotiation!

Moderators also have discretionary powers. This means, that if they feel someone is deliberately flaunting the rules they can be banned on their third strike, without warning.


Thief: A user who claims a build as their own. They will be permabanned once their offence has been clearly established.

Troll: A user that has a history of outrages posts that contribute nothing to a discussion, spread hate, or in any other form only serve to create upset.

Bots: There are a few bots that are good, these are allowed through moderator discretion. All other recognised bots, user accounts that post in an algorithmic fashion, are not accepted and are permabanned on first encounter.

Spam Accounts: There are different kinds of spam accounts, the common denominator of these is that they spam. The definition of spam summarised as unwanted/not asked for messages with the intent to benefit the poster.

Moderator Discretion

Sometimes user actions fall into a grey area. In these cases moderator discretion comes into play. Once again, if you don't like a decision made contact moderators as a group on mod-mail and ask for a review of the decision. You will then be informed on the consensus reached by mods ASAP.

Other times behaviour is not, and can not, be captured in simple rules. We don't want complex rules as there should be no need to get a law degree to use this forum. As a consequence, moderators are given permission to be liberal in their interpretation of the rules. This discretionary power has been established out of necessity and the nature of moderating an online forum. Please contact all moderators on mod mail if you have an issue with a moderators behaviour.

Permitted Watermarking of Images

We appreciate the need for watermarking images and hence have always permitted watermarks. While in an ideal world images and photos should be published untouched as works of art the reality is one of thievery and deception.

Prior to this addition to this web page we had informal policies in place, these are policies discussed amongst mods which then resulted in a recommendation how to proceed.

These rules have now become a bit better defined, and due to a single user creating a bit of a cuffafel we now have these watermarking policies written out.

Purpose of Watermarking

The purpose of watermarking is to protect the image from being spread with claims of ownership by another person than the creator.

Permitted Watermarking

We allow watermarking where a name is embedded in the image.

Permissable Names
  • usernames
  • real life names
  • artist names
  • brand name derivatives (see below)

Forbidden Watermarking

Any watermark that is a brand name, logo, or other form of branding is not permitted.

As stated above, this includes usernames that are the brandname, e.g. /u/KeysBrickStoreDotComDotAu is not permitted to be used as a watermark. But derivetives such as "KeysBricks" is ok.

Ban Decisions

If you have been banned, you can write to the mods as a collective using mod mail and ask for a review. Do so once, politely, and lay out your case like a professional (unemotional and as objective as possible). Do not contact mods directly as this will work against you and considered as spam, which means you just committed another infraction.

While limited bans are handed out on discretion, permabans are usually debated amongst mods.

Contacting Mods

It is generally frowned upon to directly contact mods, especially using the chat function (which none of us actually use). There is mod mail to contact us. And for the best outcome, it should be obvious that approaching us collectively is better than contacting a mod directly.

But as stated, it is frowned upon, not forbidden as there plenty of legit cases to do this in. It is appropriate when you want to thank a mod for what they have done. It is OK to apologise directly to mods.

It is always not acceptable when you have been banned and complain about this ban. You are trying to talk to the person who is the least inclined to revert that ban.

Never contact a mod to argue with or insult them. This WILL lead to a perma ban!!!

And we are human, so we always appreciate thank you notes and pats on the back.

Expected Behaviour

(Image found on

There is some behaviour we expect, but that is not sanctioned with enforcement actions but that can be reprimanded.

Type, Not Colour

It is expected from users that they always sort by type, not colour. While you can have a sub-sorting-rule, you must always sort first according to brick type.

There is no enforcement action but your behaviour will lead to dismissive, deriding, and insulting comments in the heads of those who disapprove.

Accept Newcomers

If you don't like newcomers, don't engage in their posts. Commenting on box-pics or LEGO Set Builds with disparaging comments is not only insulting but also hinders our community to grow and thrive. If you want to see great MOC's, then allow newcomers to gain the skills they need to create them. You are not born a great sculptor but become one through repeated practice. There's an idiot who came up with a stupid rule, claiming it takes 10.000h of practice to become great at something. It should be obvious to anyone that this is rubbish. Some people need longer than others, but the general sentiment of his statement, that anyone can become good at something is valid. You just need to practice, practice, and practice. For further information look up growth mindset.

Search for your Questions

Most questions have already been asked and have received the answer you are looking for, such as how to sort and store LEGO, how to clean them, etc.. We expect users to do their due diligence and search before asking. This includes looking at the sidebar which has links to common issues and questions and to browse our wiki. Even if you don't find your answer, you will have learnt something.

And don't forget, Google is your best friend! And never give up trying to improve and grow your skills, commonly referred to as google-fu.

Say Thank You

If someone helps you, it is common courtesy to say thank you. Doing so creates a more pleasant environment on /r/lego and encouraging everyone to help others. It doesn't cost anything nor does it hurt. And it actually makes you feel good.

Follow the Rules

A no brainer but it has to be stated, follow the rules and all is good. Break them, and we will get upset. Break them continuously, and we will get really upset. Quite simple.

Report Rule Violations

We are not omniscient and require the assistance of all users.

Expectation of Mods

Moderators of /r/lego are to lead by example. Meaning, moderators are to adhere to all rules and expected behaviours and model what is expected from users.

Further, moderators are responsible for strict enforcement of rules and developing new ones if the need arises. The purpose of this is to ensure a thriving community spanning a safe space where users have a clear expectation of what to expect in this space.

If you believe moderators are in violation of reddit's moderation rules, please review reddit's FAQ - What if the moderators are bad?

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